Split – Kristina Lloyd

The previous book I’d read by this author, Asking for Trouble wasn’t really my cup of tea. However, I’m never one to judge on just one novel, so I’ve very happily read and reviewed Split. It’s the story of Kate Carter, who flees her hectic life and her boyfriend in London, and disappears to a remote Yorkshire village. It has an eerie feel to it, and Kate has no idea why she’s been drawn to this place, but she’s about to find out…

Kate has bagged herself a job at the puppet museum – working for a man called Jake. It becomes apparent on their first meeting that something is going to happen between them, it’s just a matter of time. Indeed, Kate ends up in Jake’s bed – and his heart. As Kate grows both physically and emotionally closer to Jake, she feels as though she is learning new things about herself and the possibilities brought about by different sexual experiences. Jake pushes her further than she’s ever been – with bondage, humiliation, and more.

Just as Kate is really beginning to feel secure with Jake and properly enjoy what they’re doing – he begins encouraging her to sleep with his brother, Eddie. Jake and Eddie are complete opposites – Jake a quietly spoken, intelligent man, and Eddie is all brawn and arrogance. And yet… Kate finds herself drawn to both men and is soon sleeping with them both, albeit not at the same time. But all that is about to change as Jake’s games grow in their intensity and danger – and Kate hears whispers about women disappearing from the village.

Beginning to get scared, and longing for home, Kate wants to leave, but isn’t sure she’s got the strength to tear herself away from the two men she is split between. Creepy ghosts and puppets all add to the eeriness of this erotic tale.

I found this a vast improvement over Asking for Trouble. But it was always a subject matter issue, as opposed to anything against Kristina Lloyd’s writing, which is fabulous. I loved the bondage and humiliation scenes in this book, and the deeply sexy scene in the church towards the end is enough to get anyone going! I really enjoyed this novel, and will definitely be reading more from this author in the future!

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