Sex Toy Review: Durex Play Very Cherry

There’s not really an awful lot you can say about a lubricant, is there? But I’ll have a go. Durex Play Very Cherry is a sugar-free, condom safe lube. As you’d expect from Durex, it’s high quality, the packaging is really nice and it’s got a pump lid, meaning no spillages if you knock it over or merely forget about it in the heat of the moment.

It tastes absolutely gorgeous, if you like cherries that is. The closest taste I can think of is the cherry sweets in Haribo Tangfastics, which happen to be my favourites! So this stuff is perfect for oral sex, or swirling over your partner’s body and licking off… just use your imagination, the possibilities are endless! It’s fabulous as a lubricant too, for handjobs or female masturbation. It lasts ages and doesn’t stain so as well as looking great and tasting great, it’s good value for money too! It’s widely available, but if you’re looking for a bargain, check out LoveHoney, who are currently selling it at £3.99. (Price correct at time of writing.)

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