Sex Toy Review: Philips Warm Intimate Massager with Candlelights

Philips Candlelights and Warm Vibrating MassagerThis is somewhat of a departure from the normal kind of things I review – it still vibrates but can genuinely be used in an ‘intimate’ fashion which doesn’t necessarily relate to sex. The Philips Warm Intimate Massager and Candlelights pack is a great gift idea. The set comes in a really nice box and looks classy.

Inside you’ll find the Warm Intimate Massager. It won’t be warm, of course, you have to plug it in for that! It comes with its own charger which you place it on to charge, and there’s also a button on the dock system which you press when you want the unit to be warmed up. The unit itself is shaped to be easily held and massaged over the body. It’s made from a smooth material so slides easily across the skin, and it can be used in the bath or shower, and also with massage oils and similar. There are four vibration levels and several different modes – the best thing to do is play around with the settings to see what you like best.

Tucked away next to the massager are the candlelights. These are FANTASTIC. They come with a charging base which you simply sit them on until they’re fully charged. You then have 20 hours worth of power. To turn on and off you tilt them to the side. The LED bulb means you can place them anywhere without worrying about fire hazards, particularly useful if you don’t have many empty surfaces in your house! The lights even flicker to look like real candles, really helping to set a sexy atmosphere in which to use the massager.

Overall, this is a fabulous set. I thought the candles were better than the massager, reason being the massager wasn’t overly powerful. It’s more effective on some areas of the body. For example, on more fleshy parts of you it’s likely to just feel pleasant – whereas if you have your partner run it up and down your spine, you’ll get the ‘ooooh’ factor. I imagine this is also a great little toy for people who experience back pain – especially because of the warming feature. I’ll certainly be trying it out next time I’m suffering.

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