Sunday Snog – Dodging

Sunday Snog

Smut by the SeaIn honour of Smut by the Sea, the event, which was yesterday, I’m posting a snog-tastic snippet from Smut by the Sea, which is an erotic anthology that I co-edited with Victoria Blisse. It also contains my story, Dodging.

“Wow,” he said, standing so close to me that we were almost touching, “you found a great place for us to be alone. Anyone would think you planned it!”

I was grateful that the shade from the cliffs hid my blush. I shrugged. “I come here a lot, is all. I’ve been exploring this beach since I could walk!”

“Well,” he replied, moving so I was trapped between his considerable frame and the chalky wall behind me, “I’m very glad you did.”

Then, he leaned down and kissed me. Part of me wanted to protest—hey, I’m meant to be seducing you, not the other way around!—but as his large, strong hands cupped my face and his warm slippery tongue demanded access to my mouth, I realised I didn’t care. The end result was going to be the same.

I closed my eyes and my head swam with dizzying lust as Finlay’s skilled mouth licked, sucked and nibbled at mine. His hands moved from my face and down my body, gripping my hips and pulling me closer to him. I felt the insistent press of his erection through his combats and a fresh burst of arousal zipped to my groin. At this rate I was going to melt into a puddle of sexy hormones on the sand and get washed away when the tide came in.

Since Finlay had made the first move, throwing me off my stride, my hands were still hanging uselessly by my sides. Realising I could be doing something far more interesting with them, I shucked my bag off my shoulder onto the sand, then reached up to grab the impressive biceps that had so captivated me when I’d first spotted him. I squeezed, enjoying the feel of hard muscle beneath warm skin, and wondering how best to take advantage of the great strength Finlay clearly had.

He pressed me harder into the cliff face, and I rolled my hips in response, desperate to get some friction on my neglected clit. A rumble of laughter came from deep inside his chest, and he slipped a hand between our bodies and cupped my pubic mound. I couldn’t help it, I ground against him like a horny teenager, wanting more, wanting his cock thrusting inside me and fucking us both into blissful oblivion. I pulled away from our kiss and said as much—though not nearly as eloquently. He laughed again.

“Far be it for me to deprive a lady. But first—” he backed away and undid my jeans, then pulled them and my thong down in one go, “—I want to eat your pussy.”

I wasn’t going to argue with that sexy sentiment, so I kicked off one of my shoes and helped Finlay as he slid the denim down and off my leg. Then he grabbed my ankle and hoisted it so my foot rested on his shoulder. I placed the flats of my hands against the rock behind me, bracing myself for what I hoped would be a true oral delight. I wasn’t disappointed.

You can get your hands on Smut by the Sea here.

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  1. Lisabet Sarai

    June 23, 2013 at 12:39 pm

    I loved this story, Lucy. Carny guys have always turned me on.

    Wish I could have joined you all by the sea. I’m sure you had a fabulous time!