Sunday Snog – In Search of Bookcases

Sunday Snog

Cougars and JackalsHere’s a saucy snippet from my story, In Search of Bookcases, which is a hot older man/younger woman story featured in Cougars and Jackals, from Xcite Books.

I simply stared at him.

‘Come on, Sophia. Help me out here. I went to all this trouble to get you here, the least you could do is let me know if I’m barking up the wrong tree or not. I thought you liked me, but my radar could be off.’

‘No.’ I said, more forcefully than I’d intended. He looked crushed, obviously getting the wrong end of the stick, ‘I mean, no, you’re not barking up the wrong tree. I like you, too. A lot.’

‘Well, I’m glad we got that cleared up. They were very nice knickers, by the way. I’m sure they don’t leave much to the imagination, though.’

‘Wouldn’t you like to know?’ I retorted, my embarrassment making me defensive.

‘Now you come to mention it, I’d love to. May I?’

I said nothing, just nodded. Declan put his burdens down on a randomly placed table and came to relieve me of mine – including the goddamn pen. Then he moved back towards me and took my face in his hands. As he leaned down to kiss me, I closed my eyes and slid my arms around his waist, relaxing into him.

Sliding my hands onto his buttocks, I pulled him to me, feeling his erection already straining against his jeans. I moaned into his mouth, and that noise seemed to flip a switch in us both. Our movements went from sensual to frenzied in a millisecond. Picking me up, Declan walked over to a rug on the floor and deposited me on it unceremoniously. Tugging off his T-shirt, he revealed a body that many a younger man would have been jealous of. He didn’t have a six-pack or pecs of steel, but he was toned and – I reached up to find out for myself – hard. He had a dusting of fine hair, and a treasure trail that led enticingly to his crown jewels.

You can get your hands on Cougars and Jackals here.

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