Sunday Snog – Miss Pemberton’s Drawers

Sunday Snog

Miss Pemberton's DrawersHere’s a saucy snippet from my story, Miss Pemberton’s Drawers, which appears in the Xcite Books anthology of the same name.

Careful not to crush her with his weight, Owen leaned down and captured Miss Pemberton’s swollen mouth in a kiss. Her eyes fluttered open and he saw them crinkle at the corners as she eagerly reciprocated. It was a chaste kiss—both of them were too breathless for anything more, and soon Owen pulled away and rolled onto the table next to her. She twisted her head to look at him, and they grinned at one another, basking in the afterglow of their respective orgasms.

After a few minutes, when he’d regained his presence of mind and the ability to speak, Owen said, “So, er, Miss Pemberton, was this a one-off thing, or what?”

“Bloody hell, don’t call me Miss Pemberton, you sound like one of my pupils! It’s Sally. And actually, if you’re willing, I was wondering if you’d like to check my drawers on a more regular basis.”

Owen laughed. “Is the sky blue? Though maybe we shouldn’t make fucking on school property a regular occurrence, eh? I need this job.”

“Agreed. Next time, Mr. Caretaker, you’ll have to make a home visit.”

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