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Audiobook Deal Alert! #indieaudiobookdeals #audiobookaddict #audiophile #audiobooksale #audiobooklover #audiobsession #spotify

🌟Audiobook Deal Alert!🌟

My Spotify audiobook is a Featured Listen on Indie Audiobook Deals this week! Check it out!🎧


Or you can use this link:


Happy Listening!
Lucy x

Spotify Premium Subscriber In the UK or Australia? Get My Audiobooks FR33! #spotify #audiobooks #audio #amlistening #loveaudiobooks

Hi lovelies,

I’m delighted to let you know that if you’re an eligible Spotify Premium Subscriber in the UK or Australia, you can now get 15 hours of monthly audiobook listening as part of your subscription, meaning you can access several of my audiobooks for FREE! So if you’re a member and haven’t yet dipped your toe into the audiobook world, or haven’t yet listened to any of mine, now’s the perfect time! Just click the respective banners below to be taken to that page on Spotify – and please don’t forget to leave a rating when you’re done 😉

By the way – if you’re not in either of those countries, or not a Premium Subscriber, you can still buy these books outright via Spotify.

Listen to Moonstone in Audiobook format

Listen to the Search and Rescue audiobook on Spotify

Listen to the Cut and Run audiobook via Spotify

Listen to the Safe and Sound audiobook via Spotify

Listen to The Long Night audiobook via Spotify

Listen to The Dreadnoughts Box Set audiobook via Spotify

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

Several of My Audiobooks are Now Available on Spotify! (@narrator_ella @voiceoffholland) #audiobooks #audio #amlistening #spotify

Hi lovelies,

I’m delighted to announce that you can now listen to several of my audiobooks via Spotify! If you’re a Spotify user, simply hop onto your app, pop my name in and search under audiobooks, and hey presto – there are the following audiobooks:


The Long Night

Search and Rescue

Cut and Run

Safe and Sound

Happy Listening (and be sure and leave a rating/review)!
Lucy x