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Completely FREE Audiobooks for Apple Books Users! #free #audio #audiobooks #applebooks #reverseharem #rh #rhromance #whychoose #audiobookmonth #juneisaudiobookmonth

Hi lovelies,

How flipping exciting is this?! As part of audiobook month, Apple have included two of my audiobooks in their free promotion! So if you listen to your audiobooks via Apple Books, then download your freebies today!

Moonstone on Apple Books

Search and Rescue on Apple Books

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

Amazing Book Promos for June! #books #amreading #amreadingromance

Hi folks,

Just dropping by with the usual complement of fabulous book promos to help you stuff your eReaders full of excellence. Just click the respective banners to check them out.

Happy Reading,
Lucy x

Want Audiobook Bargains? I’ve Got Some For You! #audiobooks #audio #amlistening #reverseharem #rh #rhromance #whychoose

Hi you lovely lot,

For those of you who like to listen to audiobooks, I have some excellent news. For a limited time, several of my audiobooks are discounted at various retailers. The discounts may vary or end at any time, so I’m just going to drop the links and advise you to double check for yourself before purchasing.

Here goes:

Moonstone: Apple | Barnes & Noble | Chirp | Google Play

The Long Night: Apple | Barnes & Noble | Chirp | Google Play

Search and Rescue: Apple | Barnes & Noble | Chirp | Google Play

Cut and Run: Apple | Barnes & Noble | Chirp | Google Play

Please do share these amazing deals with your audiobook-listening buddies! Audiobooks are expensive and time-consuming to produce, so the more I sell, the more likely it is I’ll be able to produce more in the future. It helps my wonderful, hard-working narrators, too.

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

New Reverse Harem Audiobooks! #bookfunnel #reverseharem #rh #rhromance #whychoose #audio #audiobooks #audible

Hi lovelies,

Are you searching for your next favourite reverse harem audiobooks? Look no further! These bestselling authors have teamed up to offer a delightful selection of new RH audiobooks released this year: https://books.bookfunnel.com/rhaudiobooks/zdlalokczi

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

June is Audiobook Month! (@narrator_ella) #audio #audiobooks #sale #discount #reverseharem #nookaudiobooks #apple #googleplay

Hi everyone!

Happy June! And just to make it even happier… for those of you who enjoy audiobooks, you’ll be pleased to find that June is audiobook month. Some of the retailers I’m partnered with are doing some amazing promotions and deals on audiobooks throughout the month, so now is the perfect time to stock up your audio library. My titles are up to a whopping 50% off!

Want to bag some bargains? Here are the deets (click the links to be taken to the purchase page):

Nook Audiobooks: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Apple Books: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Google Play: Moonstone | Search & Rescue | The Long Night

Happy Listening (and don’t forget to leave a review 😉 ) !

Lucy x

May’s Bookfunnel Promos #bookfunnel #books #audiobooks #amreading

Hi lovelies,

I hope all is well with you. I’m just back from an amazing week in Yorkshire – we walked MILES and have come home for a rest! Naturally, I have lots to get caught up with after being away from my computer, but in the meantime, here are May’s promotions for you:

Happy Reading and Listening!

Lucy x