Cheeky Spanking Stories is on Tour

Cheeky Spanking StoriesThe recently released anthology, Cheeky Spanking Stories, edited by Rachel Kramer Bussel is now on tour. And as part of that tour, I’m posting an excerpt from my story in the anthology, which also happens to be the first one! Exciting or what?


Excerpt from The Perfect Dom

Spank me. Is that an invitation?”

Shit. Mia had completely forgotten about him. Her flatmate, Katy, had asked if it was okay if her brother could stay on their sofa for a couple of nights. His own place was being fitted with a new bathroom and conditions over there weren’t exactly tantamount to hygiene. Mia had been rushing around in order to get to work and hadn’t really been paying attention, so she’d just agreed and then promptly forgotten.

Now, however, she was being treated to a huge and incredibly embarrassing reminder. Katy was on a nightshift at the hospital so when Mia had woken up at 9p.m.—her own body clock being on that of working in the club, though tonight was her night off—she’d deemed it safe to wander to the kitchen to get a drink in what she was wearing.

Big mistake. Alex was sitting on the sofa, an eyebrow quirked and a leering grin on his face. He held his iPad, and earphones hung around his neck. He’d obviously been watching a film or playing some ridiculous game before Mia had flipped the light on and sauntered through the living room in nothing but a skimpy vest and hotpants. The hotpants were, of course, what he was referring to. The fuchsia garment had SPANK ME emblazoned across the ass in large black lettering.

Mia gave Alex a look that would have turned a lesser man to stone. He, however, simply grinned even more widely, then said, “Well? Do you need a firm hand to that luscious butt of yours? Like a spanking, do you?”

Mia sighed. “Shut up, Alex. It’s none of your business. I’m just getting a drink. Get back to your damn gadget and leave me alone.”

“Oooh, someone’s defensive. I’m just saying, you must have them for a reason. A statement like that printed on your backside would definitely be construed as an invitation in my book.”

“Well, maybe it is an invitation, Alex. But it’s certainly not directed at you. Now if you’d kindly stop passing judgement on my non-existent sex life I’ll get my drink and get out of your way.”

Without giving him chance to reply, Mia flounced off into the kitchen and made herself a drink of squash. As she stood at the sink, Alex’s voice came from right behind her, startling her and making her drop the glass. Luckily, it fell a mere couple of inches into the sink, but it didn’t stop Mia turning furiously to Alex to give him a piece of her mind.

“What?!” Alex said, his hands spread wide in supplication as he received yet another cool stare. “All I said was that if the invitation was directed at me, I’d definitely take you up on it. And I’d do it right, too.”

Mia felt a mixture of embarrassment and anger colour and heat her face as Alex’s gaze assessed her from top to bottom. Much to her surprise, a further jolt of heat hit her groin and her nipples stiffened against the thin material of her vest top. She put it down to the fact that she was going through a dry patch. After all, if you go long enough without a good seeing to, people you wouldn’t normally consider start to look more and more attractive. Any port in a storm and all that. And as for Alex’s boast that he’d do it right, well…

“Really? I’d like to see you try.”

Fuck. Where had that come from? The look on Alex’s face told Mia that she had in fact said the words out loud. He was totally taken aback. He obviously hadn’t expected his blatant flirting to get him anywhere, and now she was challenging him.


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