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Hello and welcome to Evernight’s Love Scene Blog Hop. This is where participants are sharing love scenes either from published or upcoming Evernight Publishing books, or writing entirely new scenes revolving around characters from Evernight titles.

I’m sharing a super hot scene from my latest Evernight Publishing title – Out in the Cold, which was just released as part of the Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology. Alpha shifters… what could be better? Yum!

So, without further ado, here’s my love scene. Enjoy. Don’t forget to then scroll down and enter to win a cool prize in the Rafflecopter. For the grand prize, one lucky winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card for a night out to be randomly chosen from all blog comments – so be sure to leave a comment, including your email address in the body to be eligible. Then check out the rest of the sites taking part in the hop for more smokin’ hot scenes and fab prizes.

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“Screw your job. You’re with me now. You don’t need a job. But if you really want one, you need to find one that means you come home to me every night. Either that, or you can just work for me. I’ll pay you a decent wage. Now, let’s stop talking, eh?”


Kane rolled off Paul and got to his feet, quickly pulling off his clothes again and discarding them on the floor. A glance across the room assured him that Paul was doing the same. He waited, watched, as the other man’s delectable body was revealed once more. Broad shoulders, muscles to die for, a torso so lickable it should have been illegal. This time he didn’t try to hide that he was watching, or resist the lure. He simply stared, transfixed at Paul, his own cock lurching as he saw just how engorged Paul’s was. Their need for each other was completely and utterly mutual and apparent, and it was time to give in to it.

“Back on the bed,” Kane ordered, crossing to his bedside table and retrieving some lube. A condom was unnecessary—shifters couldn’t contract human diseases—but the lube was definitely needed. He was going to be more than a little hard on Paul, and he didn’t want to hurt him. Not badly, anyway. He was sure the other man could take a little discomfort.

Hopping onto the mattress, he tossed the little bottle down beside him, then reached for Paul, slipping his hand behind his neck once more, closing the gap between them fast. Their mouths were already open when their lips contacted, tongues seeking entry, seeking each other. Their respective moans mingled in the still air of the bedroom as their hands wandered, grasping, groping, stroking. Hungry, needy.

Palming Paul’s cock, Kane reveled in how hot and hard it was beneath his touch, like the softest velvet wrapped around the most rigid steel, and he wondered if he could make the other man climax just by fucking his arse—with no stimulation on his cock whatsoever. It was time to find out.

“On your back.” He wanted to watch Paul’s face as they screwed, especially if Paul climaxed—it would be amazing.

Nodding, Paul rolled onto his back and bent his knees, spreading his legs and presenting Kane with easy access to his arsehole. “Delicious,” Kane said, grabbing the bottle of lube and moving between Paul’s thighs. Flipping open the cap of lube, he spread a liberal amount over his fingers, then circled Paul’s hole. The other man gasped, flinched slightly, but didn’t try to move away. In fact, he seemed to welcome the action, jerking his hips, encouraging Kane. It was fucking hot.

After squirting more liquid onto his digits, he began to work them inside Paul, stretching him and making the passage slippery. Finally, he smeared some of the stuff onto his own shaft, making sure there was plenty on his bell end. Once he started, he didn’t want to stop, not for anything. So he had to get it right first time, to ease the passage so he could sink inside the man in one fell swoop, possess him, fuck him.

Flinging the bottle aside, he wiped his sticky hand on the duvet and crawled up so his and Paul’s torsos were aligned, and his cock was in position. Kane rocked his hips, sliding his shaft against Paul’s balls and cock, tantalizing them both, for a few seconds. Then he reached down and grasped the base of his dick, lined up so the head pressed against Paul’s ring. Then, glancing up at Paul’s face for confirmation, he pushed inside. The other man bore down, making the initial resistance much less, entry much easier. Kane soon popped past the tight circle of muscle and was inside.

Continuing to push inside, Kane’s eyes rolled back in his head as he was enveloped by an impossibly tight grip and a powerful sense of completion. He was sure it was something to do with the bite, with his animal side, but as he couldn’t answer any of the questions that arose, he concentrated instead on the sensation, and losing himself in it.

Once he was balls-deep inside his lover, it didn’t take long to lose himself. For as long as he could manage without driving himself insane, he pumped slowly in and out of Paul’s back passage, each dragging motion pushing him closer to climax. Leaning down, he captured the other man’s lips in a heated kiss, one that made their already short breaths even more ragged, even more halting. They moved together, lips and cock and arse, in unison, as though they’d been doing this for years, as though they knew each other inside out and back to front. Paul reached up and tangled his hands in his lover’s hair, pulling Kane harder onto his mouth, forcing their tongues deeper.

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