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I’ve had a few sneaky flings in my time. Nothing life-destroying, just a little naughty. I tried to capture a bit of that in Here For A Good Time (minus the sasquatch of a friend.) Their company retreat puts them in each other’s sights for a fling, but for Alexis and Kendrick, the excitement comes from sneaking around — beds, boats, back rooms.

I’d like to say my sneaky fling days are over, but as Alexis would probably say once she gave Kendrick a chance, never say  never.


Here For a Good TimeExcerpt:

‘Give it to me good,’ she said, pushing the words through her teeth. ‘Show me what you do to bad girls.’

His cock twitched and he lurched forward with a choking sound. It was the eye of the hurricane, the hushed, throbbing lull in which his belly heaved against her stinging ass and that glorious shaft pulsed.

‘Get that gag on now,’ she urged, and tipped her head back. ‘I don’t want to explain this to security.’

It wasn’t the only reason she wanted to be gagged. She wanted him to own her completely, including her voice.

She expected a hard ball, but instead her mouth was filled with a pliant sphere she could bite down on and with holes she could breathe through.

Behind the mask, Alexis squeezed her lids shut as he clamped down on her waist and resumed his punishing pace. He held back nothing, shoving deep and pulling out almost completely. She sucked one hard breath after another through her nose and pushed it out with a gurgle around the gag.

Just as the sting from one smack of his palm turned to heat, he delivered another one and sent her reeling. She’d never experienced anything like it. He’d tied her up and turned her into his hole to fuck.

Her climax erupted deep inside. It raced through her blood and rippled along her cunt, so powerful she saw gold and red bursting out of the nothingness behind the mask and rolled her eyes up into her head. Alexis screamed from the burning back of her throat. The gag did its job, stifling the lunacy that threatened to undo her.

The way she squeezed around him, she marvelled that he was able to keep going, but keep going he did. He gave her no reprieve. He worked into her pussy as unrestrained as ever, hand on her hip and fingers delivering smack after bruising smack on the ass.

‘This is what I do to bad girls,’ he said, his voice demonic. ‘I give them just what they have coming to them.’



When Alexis booked her work retreat at The Deveaux, the most she had to look forward to was a bit of spa time on the company dime, but flashy salesman Chris Kendrick has an even better suggestion. For years they’ve had a hot and cold working relationship with a bit of flirting mixed in, and now is the perfect time to get that spark out of their systems.

Three days hopping in and out of beds (and other convenient places) shows Alexis that Kendrick’s smooth demeanour is more than just talk, and that aromatherapy and soft-tissue massages have nothing on Kendrick’s firm hand.

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A.M. Hartnett began writing in 2006 and has published more than thirty short stories. Her work has appeared in more than a dozen anthologies, including Cleis Press’s Sudden Sex: 69 Sultry Short Stories (Ed. Alison Tyler), and The Big Book of Orgasm: 69 Sexy Stories (Ed. Rachel Kramer Bussel). She has also written three novellas and a novel as Annemarie Hartnett. For more information on her publications, please visit www.amhartnett.com

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