Guest Blogger: Dakota Trace

Wyk'sScavengerHuntBadge“Come on! Quit your lollygagging.”  I placed my hands on my hips. “And don’t even look at me that way. It was your dumbass that gave away the toy to Lucy.”

Livvy trudged in, a former shade of her vibrant self.  “Well, I wasn’t expecting you to drag me all the way back here. I thought that you and Wyk were going to be the ones retrieving the toys. Not me.”

“Excuse me? You thought you were going to get off scot free and have me do your dirty work. I don’t think so!”  I shoved the box of chocolate covered cherries at her. “Carry these and so help me God if you even take a single one, I’m going to break your fn’ fingers.”

Tossing her messy braid over her shoulder, Livvy pouted. “No need to be a bitch, slave. It’s not like you haven’t had to clean up my messes before.”

Counting to ten wasn’t going to do any good.  I just knew it. “I should be writing, Livvy. Not chasing all over half of kingdom come retrieving the toys you stole. You’re supposed to be my inspiration not my object of frustration.”

Livvy actually laughed at me. “Don’t you realize that they are one in the same? If I didn’t keep your life hopping you’d…”

“I’d actually get something done!”  I stomped further into the room, ignoring Livvy. “Okay peeps, we’ve made the long journey across the sea to Ms. Felthouse’s blog, so if you followed us from Sexy Erotic Xciting Reviews yesterday – Great!  If not, this is the scoop-” I pointed to the muse behind me, fiddling with the bow on the chocolates. “Don’t even think it, Livvy.  Anyway my muse decided it would be a good idea to hide the toys from Mistress Venus’s toy bag on several of her blogging friends’ sites.  So we’re out to find them.  That’s where you come in.  See the graphic below? Enter it into the rafflecopter thingie for a chance to win the grand prize basket. It includes a flogger, a pair of pleather cuffs, a sleep mask and a e-copy of Wyk’s Surrender. I’ll be announcing the winner on Wrap-up party on October 2nd.  We’ll be hanging out from 7pm-9pm CST on Facebook.”

“Don’t forget to mention the second prize, slave.”  Livvy edged the ribbon off.

LucyFelthouseCorsetWord“The second place prize will be a $10 gift certificate to one lucky person who collects the toys from all eight stops – so don’t forget to hit up the previous stops if you haven’t.” Seeing her slip off the ribbon from box, I come unglued. “Give me that!”  I snatched it away from her.  “This is supposed to be for Lucy. It’s part of the ransom to get back the toy you stashed here!”

Livvy stuck her lower lip out.  It should’ve looked utterly ridiculous with her fuchsia pink corset and leggings but as always she looked irresistible.

“Spoilsport.”  Livvy grumbled.

I strove for a patience I didn’t feel. “Anyway. The second part of the ransom is a quote from Wyk’s Surrender.”  (Keep track of these, because they will earn you entries for the door prize at the wrap up party :D)

Anyway, thank you Lucy for having me and Livvy stop by and enjoy the chocolates. If you have time, please check out the blurb below.”


“Yes, Mistress. I hope this will prepare me for what she needs.” ~Wyk’s admission to why he’s using 1NightStand.


DT_Wyk's Surrender_200She wants to mark him and make him hers…

Mistress “V” lusts after her boss. She wants him at her mercy, begging for her touch, but he only knows her as his very capable assistant Venus. When an off-hand comment dashes her hopes, the sexy domme turns to Madame Eve at 1Night Stand for help…

He isn’t sure he can handle the dark pleasure she promises…

Living up to his father’s expectations has driven Wyk Havas to the edge. His curvaceous assistant Venus wants to push him past those limits, and he’s damn near attracted enough to try. But Venus’s preference for men to submit to her threw him for a loop. Can a date from 1Night Stand show him if he’s able to submit to a woman?

Can Wyk truly surrender to Mistress V’s pleasure or were they doomed from the start?

Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Decadent Publishing


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  1. Dakota Trace

    September 25, 2013 at 12:31 pm

    Thanks for having us, Lucy. And putting up with my muse.


  2. June M.

    September 26, 2013 at 1:29 am

    I always love to see what kind of trouble Livvie has gotten up to these days 🙂

    • Dakota Trace

      September 26, 2013 at 2:09 am

      Thanks June. You know how LIvvy is. Always taking stuff that doesn’t belong to her and hording the chocolate. Thanks for stopping by.