Mid Week Tease: “I’m glad you made it.” #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! Here’s another tease from my new novel, Hiding in Plain Sight. I hope you’ll check it out – this book is getting some really great feedback!

Hiding in Plain SightMallory wasn’t the slightest bit surprised when the knock came at her hotel room door. Although she’d been subtle, simply scrawling her room number on an old receipt she’d fished from her handbag and leaving it on the table in the bar, it had still been a blatant invitation. Particularly since her drink had been on the house, therefore giving no reason for it to be charged to her room.

She’d figured if Erasmus was smart enough to get the hint, then he deserved to get laid. If not, well then it was his loss, wasn’t it? A man wasn’t a necessity for her. If she felt the need to get off, then her right hand would serve the purpose perfectly well.

Moving from her position by the window, where she’d been standing admiring the view of the city, she headed for the door. She made sure her silky robe was in position as she walked. Just because she’d basically issued an invitation for him to visit her room for sex, didn’t mean she wanted to look desperate, or as though she’d been waiting for him.

Peeping through the spy-hole—someone in her profession could never be too careful—she smiled when she saw her visitor was, in fact, the very one she’d been expecting. Keeping the smile on her face, she opened the door and immediately stood back to let him in. It wouldn’t do for him to be seen loitering outside. She wanted to screw him, not get him into trouble for consorting with the guests.

Clearly getting her drift, Erasmus glanced up and down the corridor before stepping over the threshold into her room. Apparently he was smart, because he’d brought a bottle of champagne and two glasses with him, having the twin bonuses of being his excuse for his presence in her room if anyone had seen him, and also… well, champagne was just always a good idea.

“Hi,” she said in his native language, closing the door behind him. “I’m glad you made it.”

He was halfway across the room when he tossed his reply over his shoulder. “Hi. Yes, me too. It’s been an… interesting day.” Placing the bottle and glasses down on the coffee table, he then turned to face her, the sexual interest obvious on his face as he took in her appearance. “I was very glad to find your… invitation.”

“And I’m pleased you accepted it.”

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