eBook Review: Eyes of Desire by Portia Da Costa

Another day, another delicious helping of smut from the fabulous Portia Da Costa. This isn’t a new release, but she’s so prolific that I’m having trouble keeping up!

Eyes of Desire is a short-ish story about a young woman called Megan. She’s staying in a friend’s country cottage whilst recovering from an eye operation.

Her vision is still not back to normal, so when a man enters the garden and seems to know his way around the place pretty well, Megan is confused. Because she can’t fully trust her senses, and feels vulnerable, she’s not sure whether he’s a perfectly nice man, or some kind of psycho killer.

Despite her reservations, Megan finds herself attracted to the mysterious Guy. But is he all that he seems? Is he trustworthy? Megan decides to find out…

This is just a quickie read, but it definitely hits the spot. As usual, Portia Da Costa hasn’t wasted a word and the result is a red-hot, yet very sweet story. Recommended.

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