Monica’s Secret – Saskia Walker

I’ve read quite a few of Saskia Walker’s stories and books now, and I have to say she is awesome. Ms. Walker writes in many sub-genres of erotica and yet she does all of them brilliantly. This dirty little tale is no exception.

Monica’s Secret is a novella from Total-E-Bound. The main character, Monica Evans, works in a posh hotel in London. She loves her job and does it well. However, when two bigwigs with something to do with head office come in and start snooping around, she’s not happy. And nor are the rest of the staff.

Trouble is, they seem to have latched on to her and insist that she be the one to show them round the hotel and introduce them to the inner workings of the hotel. Ever the professional, Monica gets on with it. But things become increasingly more difficult when she realises there’s a considerable spark between herself and the two guys – Owen and Alec. Needless to say, she can’t get involved. But they’re pretty determined. And that’s before they find out her little secret…

I’m not divulging any more as I don’t want to give any more away. However, let’s just say that Monica does get involved with the two gentleman in question… at the same time. And boy, is it hot! This isn’t some wham-bam-thank-you-ma’am threesome shenanigans though. There’s a brilliant storyline behind it and plenty of emotion, which just adds to the overall sexiness of the piece. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this and highly recommend you read it, too.

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