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Guest Blogger: Lisabet Sarai

Rajasthani MoonFirst Love By Lisabet Sarai

Anyone who takes a look at my back list  is likely to come away with at least one conclusion. I write in lot of different genres – so many that I ultimately had to resort to a multi-category index [http://www.lisabetsarai.com/books_index.html] to guide my readers.  Contemporary, historical, science fiction, steampunk, paranormal, gay, lesbian, ménage, suspense, even horror – I’ve written them all. Sometimes I mix things up, as in my most recent release Rajasthani Moon, a deliberate attempt to explore just how many genres I could cram into a single novel. However, I find myself returning again and again to my first love – BDSM. My debut novel Raw Silk focused on a woman’s gradual recognition and acceptance of her submissive desires. Fourteen years later, I still find myself fascinated (and aroused) by the emotional dynamics and physical challenges of BDSM.

Exciting as it is, though, you can only write the classic BDSM initiation scenario so many times before you long for something different. In Rajasthani Moon, I experiment with a different kind of BDSM fiction, less realistic and less serious than most of my stories about D/s.

For one thing, the book plays with abduction and interrogation scenarios. My secret agent heroine Cecily is kidnapped and sexually “tortured” by her captors. Although she apparently resists,  in fact she enjoys every minute of the process – as do the half brothers who inflict all those delightful indignities upon her. I hope that my readers who are used to my usual more nuanced and realistic BDSM will not be upset by the apparently non-consensual aspects of the story. The book is deliberately a bit over-the-top, designed to give readers a chance to experience and enjoy those juicy forbidden fantasies. In the real world, I subscribe wholeheartedly to the notion of consensuality. Cecily, though, lives in a fantastic imaginary universe where those rules don’t necessarily apply.

Then there’s the array of bizarre steam punk sex toys I’ve invented for my characters’ pleasure (and pain). I’ve got robotic rope, animated nipple clamps, electrical stimulators, dildos and plugs, all sorts of mechanisms that get applied to my heroine’s voluptuous flesh. In fact, I’m usually more interested in the psychological, emotional and spiritual aspects of a D/s relationship, but in Rajasthani Moon I got a bit carried away.

The core attraction of BDSM is still there, though – the release that comes from surrender to the Dom’s will. Cecily discovers some truths about herself over the course of the tale, and develops unexpected emotional connections that are rather inconvenient for a spy.

You’ll find the blurb and an X-rated excerpt below. I’m giving away a free copy of the BDSM anthology Switch (which includes my story Mastering Maya) to one person who leaves a comment on this post. In addition, I’m adding Lucy’s blog to my ongoing blog tour, so your comments also count as entries toward the grand prize of a $50 bookstore gift certificate. (For full details of the tour, go to http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com/2013/06/sunday-snog-more-delights-from.html.)  Please include your email address in your comment, so I can find you if you win!



Neither kink nor curse can stop a woman with a mission.

Cecily Harrowsmith, secret agent extraordinaire, is a woman on a mission. When the remote Indian kingdom of Rajasthan refused to remit its taxes to the Empire, Her Majesty imposed an embargo. Deprived of the energy-rich mineral viridium, essential for modern technology and development, Rajasthan was expected to quickly give in and resume its payments. Yet after three years, the rebellious principality still has not knuckled under. Cecily undertakes the difficult journey to that rugged, arid land in order to determine just how it has managed to survive, and if possible to convince the country to return to the Empire’s embrace. Instead, she’s taken captive by a brigand, who turns out to be the ruler’s half-brother Pratan, and delivered into the hands of the sexy but sadistic Rajah Amir, who expertly mingles torture and delight in his interrogation of the voluptuous interloper.

Cursed before birth by Amir’s jealous mother, Pratan changes to a ravening wolf whenever the moon is full. Cecily uncovers the counter-spell that can reverse the effects of the former queen’s hex and tries to trade that information for her freedom. Drawn to the fierce wolf-man and sympathising with his suffering, she volunteers to serve as the sacrifice required by the ritual—offering her body to the beast. In return, the Rajah reveal Rajasthan’s amazing secret source of energy. In the face of almost impossible odds, Cecily has accomplished the task entrusted to her by the Empire. But can she really bear to leave the virile half-brothers and their colourful land behind and return to the constraints of her life in England?

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At long last, the door rattled and then swung open. Sarita leapt from her seat, crossed the richly-patterned carpet, and sank to her knees in front of the entering Rajah.

“My Lord, I have done as you commanded. The spy awaits you.”

Amir took in Cecily’s shameful state in one astute glance. Amusement was evident in both his voice and his expression. “Excellent work, Sarita. I could hardly have done better myself.” He raised his favourite to her feet and bestowed a kiss upon her lips. She pressed her lithe body against his in an attempt to prolong the embrace, but he gently put her aside and strolled over to confront Cecily.

“She looks extremely fetching in bondage, just as I’d expected.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Cecily glimpsed the other woman’s deepening scowl.

“How are you feeling, Miss Harrowsmith?”

The mockery in his tone was not enough to prevent a surge of renewed lust, which she struggled to suppress. “I presume that’s a rhetorical question, Your Highness,” she replied after a moment. God, but his eyes are hypnotic! “Given that I’m stark naked and trussed up like a turkey about to be roasted.”

“Not entirely rhetorical.” The handsome Rajah circled around to inspect her from the rear. “It seems to me that you’re distinctly damp.” With a chuckle, he swept a finger down the length of her cleft, gathering her moisture. Her inner muscles clenched as sparks struck her clit. When he smeared her juices across her bum, she wanted to sink through the floor. “Based on the available evidence, I’d say that being bound excites you.”

“Nonsense—” she began. Her attempts at a cool, sarcastic response were interrupted by the ferocious slap he landed on her arse. “Ow! Oh…” The sting from his spank vanished, overwhelmed by the delicious sensation of his fingers playing in her cunny. “Oh…ah…”

“And it’s clear that, like many of your compatriots, you find corporal punishment arousing.”

“No—ow! That’s ridiculous…Ow! Ah! Ow!”

He alternated sharp blows to her buttocks with exquisite explorations of her cunt.

“Fondness for punishment is one of the many intriguing cultural phenomena I encountered during my sojourn in your dank country.” He circled her back hole with a slick finger, then probed gently. “I suppose that being exposed to those notions at a tender age might have shaped my own predilections in that regard.”

She tightened her sphincter, trying to keep him out, without success. Guilty pleasure rushed through her as he wiggled his digit just inside the entrance. “Oh—you…uh—you spent time in England? Ah…” Though he pulled out, the effects of his lewd touch continued to ripple through her body. Her sex gaped, hungry, dripping with excitement she couldn’t hide. If only he’d stop chattering and simply take her…

“I was schooled there. Pratan as well. My father believed in the value of knowing one’s enemy.”

“I’m not— We’re not—oh!—your enemy, Your Highness. Ow!”

The Rajah had pinched one of the welts raised by his brother’s whipping. “Hmm. We’ll see. Speaking of Pratan, it looks as though he did quite a job on you yesterday. Perhaps I should refrain from inflicting any further damage on your delectable bottom at present.”

Cecily bit back a moan of disappointment. She hung her head, appalled by her reaction. Her hair tumbled around her face, hiding her shame.

“Fear not, sweet Cecily. I have other ideas about what to do with you—equally nasty and painful, I guarantee.” He gave both her butt cheeks a solid squeeze, waking echoes of her previous beatings, then moved away.

She heard a lock click on some chest or cabinet behind her. He must be seeking some new instrument of punishment or humiliation. She shuddered, from fear or anticipation, or perhaps both at once.

“Where is Pratan?” she ventured as the noise of his rummaging continued. At the moment, she would have felt safer in the company of the bandit.

“He’s—um—indisposed at the moment. That is why I was delayed. Ah, here we are! Don’t worry. I fully intend to share you with my brother.”


Lisabet SaraiAbout Lisabet

Lisabet Sarai became addicted to words at an early age. She began reading when she was four. She wrote her first story at five years old and her first poem at seven. Since then, she has written plays, tutorials, scholarly articles, marketing brochures, software specifications, self-help books, press releases, a five-hundred page dissertation, and lots of erotica and erotic romance – nearly fifty single author titles, plus dozens of short stories in various erotic anthologies, including the Lambda winner Where the Girls Are and the IPPIE Best Erotic Book of 2011, Carnal Machines. Her gay scifi erotic romance Quarantine won a Rainbow Awards 2012 Honorable Mention.

Lisabet has more degrees than anyone would ever need, from prestigious educational institutions who would no doubt be deeply embarrassed by her chosen genre.  She has traveled widely and currently lives in Southeast Asia with her indulgent husband and two exceptional felines, where she pursues an alternative career that is completely unrelated to her creative writing.

For more information about Lisabet and her writing, visit her website (http://www.lisabetsarai.com) or her blog Beyond Romance (http://lisabetsarai.blogspot.com)

Guest Blogger: Sierra Cartwright

On His TermsCan you keep a secret?

I’ve got a confession to make.

Before I ever had the opportunity to experience a taste of BDSM, I was a voracious reader. That was in the days before electronic readers, when you had to go into a small, tucked-away section of a bookstore to find adult material. Often there were men browsing the same shelves. And I always loved carrying my purchases to the front of the store. The cash registers always felt like they were a long way off!

A lot of the material that I found didn’t appeal to me, but some of it did. I found the Story of O, along with the Marketplace series. I devoured these books and wanted more.

And here’s my secret…I wondered what it might be like to go through BDSM training.

In my fantasies, a trainer is a Dom with super powers. Rather than getting involved in a relationship, they’re committed to helping form a submissive’s thoughts and ideas as well as her actions. There was something about that dispassion and commitment that spoke to me on a very personal level.

In On His Terms, my latest book from Total-E-Bound, I was able to explore some of those dynamics. I took a very strong, ambitious heroine, Chelsea, and pitted her against a Dom of my dreams.

Master Alexander is a no-nonsense man. He’s a Dominant who used to train submissives. Chelsea has had a taste of submission, and she wants to capture the attention of Evan C, an up-and-coming rock star. Evan C is also a Dom who has found Chelsea’s skills to be lacking.

With the same determination that this PR go-getter has brought to every area of her life, Chelsea figures out a way to meet Master Alexander, determined to convince him to train her.

Chelsea soon learns that he’s not like most of the men she knows. She soon realises that being with him means that everything, everything, will be on his terms. He won’t settle for anything less than her abject surrender. He won’t let her off the hook until he knows her every bit as well as she knows herself.

As for Master Alexander, something about this particular woman intrigues him. Before her, he never had a problem training a sub just to hand her over to another man. But the more they interact, and the better he gets to know her, the less he wants to see her with Evan C, or any man for that matter…

I hope you enjoy this peek at the first interchange between Chelsea and Master Alexander, where she learns just how uncompromising he can be. (Oh, did I mention, he’s definitely a Dom who stole my heart?)


When one of the servers came near, Chelsea signalled for a glass of wine. She was going to need the fortification. She had no problem at all promoting others or her firm. But exposing her secrets? That required courage.

She took a long drink of her wine, then gripped the stem as if it were a lifeline. “I didn’t know I liked kink until one of my boyfriends blindfolded me.”

“What did you like about the experience?”

Several Doms and subs moved into the living room, and she looked around nervously.

“Eyes on me,” he instructed.

Damn. He was relentless. She caught a glimpse of what he might be like as a trainer, and it terrified her as much as it intrigued her.

“Or excuse yourself now.”

She looked up from where she’d been staring into the depths of her wine.

He missed nothing.

“I liked that I had no idea what would happen next. My hearing seemed heightened. And when he touched me, the sensation was magnified.”

“Go on.”

“One guy would sometimes swat my bottom when I passed him.” She had no idea this would be so embarrassing. There was nothing sexual about the conversation, rather, the facts were somewhat clinical. But that didn’t stop her from blushing. “Last Halloween, I attended a BDSM party. Compared to this…” She swept her hand around. The gathering at Master Damien’s house was for people who lived the lifestyle. “Well, most of us were just dabbling. We wore outfits we bought at the costume store, but afterwards my date tied me up for the first time. It was just to his bed, and he used a light whip on my ass. I liked it. Well, enough to explore more. I wanted more experiences, but he said it really hadn’t worked for him all that well. He didn’t like hurting me. Even though I promised him he hadn’t.”

“You’re telling me most vanilla guys aren’t interested in spanking an ass like that?”

She blinked.

“I noticed you when you first came in, and you wore that skirt hoping I would.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I did.” It was one size smaller than she bought for business meetings, and she’d never wear it out in public. The material hugged her rear so tight she was nervous about sitting down.

“So show me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Lift your skirt to your waist, turn around, spread your legs as far as you can, then bend over and grab your ankles.”

For a moment she could hardly breathe. He said nothing further, and he looked unconcerned, as if it didn’t matter to him one way or another whether she did as he said. She recognised it as a test, though.

He extended his hand to accept her glass. That was probably for the best—she was suddenly afraid of dropping it. He slid the stem onto the mantelpiece, then used his thumb to tip back his cowboy hat.


Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/On-His-Terms-Mastered-ebook/dp/B00CH41632

Amazon US: http://www.amazon.com/On-His-Terms-Mastered-ebook/dp/B00CH41632

Total-E-Bound (all formats) http://www.total-e-bound.com/product.asp?P_ID=2073

All Romance E-Books https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-onhisterms-1169415-147.html

UK Meet – A Meeting of Minds

Last Saturday I attended the UK Meet, a get-together for fans and writers of MM / FF, GLBT. It was the first time I’d really attended anything like it, so I didn’t really know what to expect. I’d already had some involvement with the organisers as I contributed to both anthologies that were put together for the meet, British Flash and Tea and Crumpet, but other than that I had no idea what to expect.

British FlashLuckily, my buddy Victoria Blisse was in attendance so I knew one person, at least! Us Northern birds would stick together. My OH kindly offered to play taxi, so we collected Ms. Blisse from Milton Keynes train station and the fun began! We got to the venue in plenty of time, which was fine because it gave us more time for chinwagging, which we’re ohhh, so very good at.

A while later, more and more people started to arrive and proceedings began. We all stood up in turn and gave a brief introduction of ourselves and whether we were readers, writers or both. Then there was some general chatter and we broke for lunch which gave us time to eat, of course, and also to talk and mingle with people. Victoria introduced me to Serena Yates, who I’d previously corresponded with by email, but was happy to meet and found her a delight to chat with. I chatted to a few others and had my fill of naughty foods, checked out the promo goodies on the table and generally soaked up the atmosphere.

Tea and CrumpetAfter lunch, Ms. Blisse herself chaired a panel on writer’s block, which was fabulous. In her usual chatty, friendly and humorous style, Victoria made her points in a fun way and had us all giggling. And very good points they were too – she made several suggestions on how to beat writer’s block, but rather than repeating them all, I’ll direct you to her blog post where she’s done a recap.

Next up were Total-E-Bound, who gave a fabulous presentation and basically consolidated my previous conceptions of them (which were very good) and made me even more eager to work with them. Claire and Heidi were very friendly and approachable, but also know what they’re talking about and give the impression of a company that knows what they’re doing and are eager to please both their authors and their customers. I look forward to visiting with them in September when they’re hosting an open day.

Following on from Total-E-Bound were a trio of historical writers, Erastes, Charlie Cochrane and Alex Beecroft, who gave excellent tips on writing historicals. Comments included the importance of research, not needing to go into silly amounts of detail, information on dialogue and dialect and more. I haven’t really considered writing a historical before, mainly because the idea of all the research and getting facts wrong frightens the life out of me, but the three writers on the panel certainly made it seem less daunting. So, never say never!

Clare London was up next, talking promo – my favourite! She made lots of very valid and interesting points on websites, Twitter, Facebook, forums and more. What I liked was her way of using visual aids to break up the presentation and also bring in a bit of humour and talking points. I know lots of people find promo daunting (hence setting up my business!) but Clare reminded people that it can be done, and successfully!

We ran out of time for the previously arranged panels, but I would say that the ones that did happen were informative and useful, and people definitely took things away from it. We were encouraged to ask questions which opened up discussion to the whole room and as a result, many ideas were thrown about. I certainly have some food for thought.

A mass signing session wrapped up the day for me, where I passed my contributor copy of Tea and Crumpet around to get it signed by the other authors and then had to dash to get lovely Victoria back to the train station on time.

Despite the fact the majority of the writers in attendance were m/m, I still felt the day was worth it for me. So much of the information was relevant to writing in general, and not specific genres, that it wouldn’t have mattered what I wrote.

Overall, it was a very positive experience for me, and I’d definitely like to attend next year’s meet, if they’ll have me!

eBook Review: Holly’s Intuition by Saskia Walker

Article first published as eBook Review: Holly’s Intuition by Saskia Walker on Blogcritics.

Holly's Intuition

Holly’s Intuition is the second book in the Erogenous Zones Series by Saskia Walker. I reviewed the first, Monica’s Secret, here.

This book can be read as a standalone, in my opinion, but you’ll have more idea of what certain references mean if you’ve read the first one, so I’d recommend it.

This story tells the tale of Holly. One day, her neighbour, Joshua has an accident and she rushes to his aid. It’s not a fatal accident and since it happened, Holly has had some kind of psychic connection with him. Confused and overwhelmed, Holly says nothing to him, but confides in her sisters, both of whom also have psychic abilities.

The worst thing about Holly’s connection with Josh is that it only seems to be activated when he’s have a rush of emotion; happiness, stress… or arousal. The result is her being able to see everything Josh is getting up to sexually, including having sex with the guy Holly thought was his flatmate. She quickly realises that they’re a lot more than just flatmates.

Both guys are incredibly attractive, and Holly can’t help but get aroused by the visions that fill her head, to the extent that she’s soon wishing she was sandwiched between them, being pleasured by both. It drives her crazy with both lust and confusion about why this has happened to her, and she has no idea what to do about it.

On the other side of the wall, Josh and his boyfriend Stewart have no idea that Holly is inadvertently watching their sex life. They have other things on their mind. Since recovering from the accident, Joshua is now feeling increasing pressure to ‘out’ himself to his family. A few short months ago Joshua had a girlfriend and no idea he liked men. All that changed when Stewart came along and despite knowing his feelings for Stewart, Josh is still incredibly conflicted and confused about his sexuality.

Stewart, on the other hand is openly bisexual and very happy and comfortable with his sexuality. To further confuse matters, both men are attracted to Holly and after a conversation, the boys decide to invite her over for dinner, completely oblivious to the fact that through her connection to Josh, she knows intimate details of their lives.

Holly accepts the dinner invitation, and immediately regrets it. She finds both men incredibly attractive and has seen them in very compromising positions. Also, the closer physically she is to Josh, the more she can sense his emotions. Holly’s playing with fire but can’t figure out a way to get out of it without upsetting someone.

The dinner party both complicates things and excites all three of them until they end up falling into a hot threesome. Holly’s confused to find that both men want her, as well as one another. What started as a hot threesome quickly scares and confuses Holly – she has no intention of coming between the couple and doesn’t want to get hurt herself.

What will she do next? Only one way to find out…

Wow – this is one hot book! Holly’s Intuition is the perfect mix of sexiness, character development and plot. I loved all three main characters and enjoyed how the story progressed. Sadly, it had to end, but I’m definitely living in hope that Ms. Walker will revisit these three at some point in the future! A brilliant read and one I’d recommend to erotica fans, particularly if you like m/m/f threesome tales.

Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks