Night Moves – Eden Bradley

Night Moves tells the tale of Kate’s naughty little secret. One of her favourite things to do is board trains, sneak into deserted compartments in the dead of night, and masturbate. On one such night, however, she doesn’t realise she’s actually not alone. The compartment she thought was empty is actually the temporary bedroom of Ian, a sexy traveller.

He catches sight of her doing the deed, and far from being horrified or disgusted, he’s turned on. Very much so. He says as much to Kate, and she quickly turns from embarrassed to aroused. There’s a spark between the pair of them, and Ian brings out even more of Kate’s wild side. Soon, the train is rocking even more than it would normally!

I really enjoyed this story. Eden Bradley isn’t an author I’d read before, but based on this, I’d definitely read more. It was a nice quick story. Not too quick, but not too long. It was incredibly sexy with a touch of romance, and the ending left me wanting to know what happened next. Will we ever find out? Who knows? Let’s hope so. Recommended.

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