Second Time Around – Portia Da Costa

I have read many of Portia Da Costa’s short stories and novels, but this one is a first – for I read it on my iPhone. Yes, that’s right – I have finally embraced digital books and am using several Apps on my phone to read ebooks. Portia’s Second Time Around is the first erotic book I have read on it, too!

This erotic story stars Willa and James. The pair were high school sweethearts and used to be married, but separated and went their separate ways. Some years later, they spot one another at a school reunion. Willa is surprised at how different James looks. He used to be quiet, laid back and a little cowardly. Now, however, he comes across as self assured and confident… and sexy. Willa discovers that she finds the ‘new James’ incredibly attractive. Luckily for her, he feels the same about her. The two are drawn to one another and it leads to them rediscovering the one part of their marriage that never went downhill… the sex.

I know what to expect from Portia’s writing, having read so much of it. Her characters are always gorgeous, horny and interesting. The storylines are unfailingly erotic, fun and lighthearted. Second Time Around is no exception. This titillating tale of two old lovers rediscovering one another will have you glued to the screen. My only disappointment was the ending – I wanted to find out what happened next!

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