Sunday Snog – City Nights: One Night in Paris

Sunday Snog

City Nights: One Night in ParisIt’s time for another Sunday Snog, yay! This time, I’m sharing a less traditional snog from my M/F erotic romance novella, City Nights: One Night in Paris. Let’s just say there are lips involved, but some are lower down than others… 😉 This follows on directly from last week’s snog.

Jacob couldn’t have been happier as sweet pussy juices flowed onto his lips and chin, and the beautiful woman producing them swore, panted and wriggled beneath him. He had to push down harder on her thighs to hold her still, otherwise she would have bucked his mouth right off of her. He sensed she was growing close to coming, so that was absolutely not an option.

Annabelle’s clit grew and he continued to suck and flick it with his tongue, while moving his right hand from her thigh and slipping it between them. He quickly sought entrance to her soaking hole and pushed inside, the copious wetness easing his passage. Her walls clenched around him, and his neglected cock gave a lurch as his brain made the connection between what she felt like around his fingers and what she would feel like around his shaft. God, he couldn’t wait to get inside this amazing woman.

Curving his fingers, he sought her G-spot and found it without too much trouble—the spongy bump on the inner wall of her pussy was also enlarged. Shifting his hand a little, he figured out the best position to stimulate it, then went to town. Rubbing and pressing at her G-spot, he continued to torment her clit, bringing her ever closer to climax.

Jacob was soon glad he was in a high-class hotel with thick walls, because Annabelle, it seemed, was a screamer. First, her swearing and blasphemy grew louder and more frequent, then, as her body clenched and gushed at his ministrations, beyond the point of no return, she fell momentarily silent. She froze for a second or two. Jacob continued what he was doing, concentrating hard on the simultaneous stimulation of her two pleasure spots, determined to give her a damn good time. An instant later, it paid off.

You can get your hands on City Nights: One Night in Paris here.

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