Sunday Snog – Ditched

Sunday Snog

DitchedHere’s a saucy snippet from Ditched, my first m/m story, which was released on Wednesday, and got a silver star on All Romance eBooks in less than 12 hours!

“Well,” Scott said, his grin widening, “that’s very interesting.”

“It is?” Stone frowned, still half-expecting the other man to punch him in the face. He’d never shown any inclination toward homophobia before, but then Stone had never told him he liked men before.

“Yes,” Scott moved closer still, until they were almost toe-to-toe, “because I happen to bat for both sides, too.”

Stone’s jaw almost hit the floor. Of all the words that could have come out of the other man’s mouth, he was not expecting that particular combination. He couldn’t believe it—Scott liked men, too? The blond, blue-eyed, muscular, towering hottie was bi? And even more strangely, it appeared that Scott was interested in him, too. Either that or he’d suddenly forgotten about the unspoken personal space rules between people who weren’t intimate.

“Y—you do?”

Instead of replying, Scott slipped his hand behind Stone’s head and pulled him in for a kiss. Stone’s semi immediately snapped to attention, and after spending a couple of seconds wondering if he’d somehow fallen asleep and was dreaming, he returned the other man’s kiss. A thought popped into his head that they might be caught—and the consequences would be so severe they didn’t even bear thinking about—but then he shoved it away, reasoning with himself that they were the only people on the plain for miles, and if the helicopter approached, they’d hear it before they could see it. Therefore, the people in the chopper wouldn’t be able to see them, either. And by the time they could, the two men would be standing meters apart, acting normal. Probably.

Having put his mind at rest, Stone relaxed and allowed himself to fully enjoy the kiss. And what a kiss it was. A combination of having fancied Scott for ages; thinking it would never happen because the other man was straight; and the fact they were effectively making out in work time made an already super-hot kiss positively explosive. His cock pressed insistently against the inside of his boxers and combats, a firm reminder he hadn’t used it in a while.

You can get your hands on Ditched here.

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  1. Victoria Blisse

    September 23, 2012 at 5:38 pm

    Phew, hot! Congrats on the first m/m and the silver star, mate!