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New Release: The Long Night #paranormal #PNR #vampire #uniform #romance #reverseharem #rh #rhromance #whychoose

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that my paranormal reverse harem romance, The Long Night, is now available as a standalone! The story remains the same as it was in the Duty Bound with Bite anthology, so if you read it there, there’s no need to buy it again – unless you want the version with this totally luscious cover, in which case I wouldn’t blame you one bit. Also, it was only available at Amazon previously, whereas now it’s also available at all other popular eBook retailers. I also hope to make it available in audiobook format sometime in the future. More info below.


Forever is a long time for a vampire… but is all that about to change for Lailah?

Lailah’s neighbour, Loulou, is well known for hosting wild, extravagant events, so as Lailah heads over there for the much-anticipated annual Halloween bash, she thinks she’s prepared for pretty much anything. Soon after arriving, though, she discovers Loulou has outdone herself—and presented Lailah, who, as well as being an actual vampire, has come in fancy dress as one, with the opportunity to have a little joke at her own expense.

What Lailah’s not prepared for, however, is the appearance of three gorgeous men in uniform. Their out-of-place getup piques Lailah’s curiosity, and as polite conversation turns to flirtation, Lailah gets the weirdest feeling nothing is ever going to be the same again.

But how will Luke, Leo and Jack react when they discover Lailah’s vampirism isn’t just for Halloween?

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Happy Reading!

Lucy x

New Release: Brothers in Arms Anthology

Hi fabulous folks,

I’m very happy to announce the release of the Brothers in Arms anthology from Pride Publishing, which contains my very first M/M/M story, An Interesting Find. It’s a M/M (or M/M/M in my story’s case!) military-themed collection (you probably won’t be surprised by this – most of you know how I love my military men!), and I’m nestled between the pages with Megan Slayer, Helena Maeve, Anna Lee and Thom Collins.

Here are the blurbs for our stories:

‘One Night With You’ by Megan Slayer

One night to find the man of his dreams in the least likely place…

Airman Tate Gibson thought going to a party at the local college with his friends would take his mind off of his troubles. He’ll head back to Korea in two days time—after the funeral of his baby sister. He’s always taken responsibility for her and he’s not ready to deal with her being gone. He wants a man to help him deal with his sadness and give him a reason to get through his deployment.

Raine crushed on his neighbor across the hallway, but once he spots the hunky airman his thoughts center on Tate. He wants to strip the handsome blue-eyed man down and lick him everywhere, but geeky guys like Raine never get the man. He’s stuck playing the perpetual wallflower.

Will one night tear them apart before things get hot or will it be enough to bring these two wounded souls together for a long-term engagement?

‘Spoil of War’ by Helena Maeve

One man’s prize is another’s nightmare.

When Briar’s partner Kai returns from the Federation’s latest skirmish with a handsome prisoner in tow, Briar is both envious and wary. It is common knowledge that the tribespeople of Ganymede are violent brutes who delight in murdering and enslaving their enemies, and Dallan can be no different.

As an officer with the Federation’s propaganda machine, Briar has produced plenty of material to substantiate the need to wage war in the asteroid belt. Kai, for his part, has slayed many enemies while on active duty and watched just as many of his friends perish in combat.

For a foe to save rather than end his life is unusual in the extreme. Sparing him the horrors of a prison camp seems like a fair exchange, even if the only alternative he can offer is thraldom.

‘Would You Wait For Me?’ by Anna Lee

Kip made a promise to Lucas that he’d come home to him after his tour overseas, but will Lucas be waiting for him like he promised?

Kip Foster is nearly finished with his tour overseas and is ready to leave the hot desert and constant threat of danger. He hopes to reunite with his lover, Lucas Danvers. When he calls to ask Lucas to meet him at their hotel however, Lucas breaks it off with him. Lucas no longer wants to be his dirty little secret. He says he’s waited long enough for Kip to make a choice and he hasn’t. Devastated, Kip realizes how much he loves Lucas and that if he’s to win him back he needs to do something big. He needs to not let hate and fear control his life. So he makes plans to start living life the way he wants to. Will Lucas still be waiting when he comes home though?

‘An Interesting Find’ by Lucy Felthouse

A relaxing summer holiday is turned upside down by an interesting find…

Nathan and Lee are on a relaxing summer holiday in the UK. They plan to do lots of walking and exploring in the beautiful English countryside. Naturally, typical British weather derails their plans on their first day, leaving them cooped up indoors with little to do but read.

When the weather clears, the men eagerly put on their hiking boots and head out for a walk. However, when they reach their destination—a pond a little distance from their holiday cottage—they make a shocking discovery. An odd-looking bundle of rags turns out to be an unconscious man. With no one else around, and no mobile phone signal to call for help, they manage to get the stranger back to their cottage to get him warm and dry, and figure out what to do next.

When their unexpected house guest regains consciousness, however, things just get more complicated. The stranger—a British soldier called Jonny—doesn’t want the authorities to be notified of his presence. As the three men try to come to some agreement, the sexual tension in the air becomes apparent, and suddenly the last thing on any of their minds is leaving the cottage…

‘Gods of Vengeance’ by Thom Collins

United in passion. Driven by vengeance.

Owen Hazard, a young farmer is dead. Murdered while he tried to prevent a robbery on his land. His older brother, Captain Mark Hazard, returns home for the funeral. Owen’s best friend, Riley runs the local pub. He has information about the night Owen was killed—he knows who was responsible. The police are doing nothing. Vengeance is their only option. United in their passion for each other and a thirst for revenge, Riley and Mark must take the law into their own hands if there’s to be any justice for Owen.

Reader Advisory: This story contains scenes of violence.

You can read an excerpt from my story and see the buy links here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/brothers-in-arms/

Add it to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/32291801-brothers-in-arms-anthology

Happy Reading!
Lucy x


Lily Harlem (@lily_harlem) Talks Men in Uniform

Hi Lucy

Thank you for inviting me and my threesome of hot guys over to play, it’s always fun to be here. You and I both share a love of uniform (Mmm, Uniform Behaviour) and I think it’s safe to say military outfits are pretty high up that list – oh yum!

In Who Dares Wins, my latest release, there are two soldiers, and one ‘civvy street’ guy. But these aren’t any old soldiers, oh, no, they’re elite SAS, the best of the best, the toughest of the tough. I love the rough and ready look of soldiers who have crawled through ditches, ran from enemy fire and hunkered down in dark and dangerous places. I also adore the spick and span attire worn on parade or during ceremony, but I like the dirty, sweaty, scarred and battle-worn look more.

I played with this idea in Who Dares Wins, when Jack (shop worker Ken’s lover) returns home after a secret mission. He’s keen to get naked with his sub, he’s hungry, (in more ways than one) tired and needs reminding of why he fights to stay alive in war-torn countries. What can be more exhilarating than having a lover like Jack return to your arms and then get all big, bad and masculine? I’d say that’s well worth the worry and the wait!

To make things even more fun in Who Dares Wins Jack brings home a colleague, Slider, another super-sexy, super-lustful, SAS soldier. You see, Ken made the confession to Jack, some time ago, that he’d love a ménage a trois. He wants to be shared by two men, ordered what to do, and satisfied until he passes out.

As an author playing with the dynamics of a threesome has always fascinated me and this book was no exception. I’ll be honest, it is mainly just one massive sex scene, but within that there are so many subtle and not-so-subtle power plays going on. Jack and Ken have a long-term, established and committed D/s relationship, Ken trusts Jack entirely, even when Jack hands him over to Slider to ‘play’ with. It of course couldn’t go entirely smoothly, and with all of that testosterone flying around there is a point where Jack has to rein Slider in and tell him to ease up on his sub. This makes for significant tension but far from detracting from the eroticism of the moment for Ken, it heightens his pleasure, because being looked after by a big, bad soldier is exactly what turns him on – oh, and who can blame him? Give me a Jack and a Slider any day and if they’re rough around the edges, grunt a little and demand satisfaction then all the better…

Thanks for reading

Lily x


Who Dares WinsWaiting for my SAS husband Jack to come home safe and sound is always a gut-wrenching, heart-twisting time. I have no idea where he is, what jungle swamp he may be lying out in or desert he might be marching across.

So naturally when he returns to me, our emotions can’t fail to run hot and our lust for each other cranks up to sky-high levels. But the one thing about Jack is he lives for the extreme and seizes the moment. I really should have known what would come of me telling him my wildest fantasies.

Oh, yes, he’s a guy who gets results…and when he brings home his colleague Slider, equally tough, equally rough, the pair of them can’t fail to hit the target. That target happens to be lucky old me and I head off on the ride of my life…

Reader Advisory: This book contains D/s scenes and a MMM ménage.

Available from:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
All Romance eBooks
Totally Bound

Sunday Snog – A Problem with Authority

Sunday Snog

Coming Together: In The TrenchesWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’m sharing another snippet from A Problem with Authority, which appears in Coming Together: In The Trenches. The anthology is available now in print and eBook format and is already selling well. Be warned, though, this is a seriously, seriously hot snog.

Capturing her lips once more, he poured everything he had into pleasuring her. A long, hard, sensual kiss. Varying movements on her bud, and alternate fast and shallow, then slow and deep pumps of his cock. He’d find out what worked for her and exploit it to the extreme. In the meantime, he had to hang on to his own orgasm. He would not come until she did. Absolutely not.

Soon, he found the perfect formula. Suckling on her bottom lip, he pressed hard on her clit and fucked her fast and furiously. Her moans grew louder, then quieter as she remembered where she was. It wouldn’t do either of them any good to get caught.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s internal walls gripped him so hard he thought she’d pull his cock off. The pressure was intense, constant. Then she pulled her face away from his, yanked the collar of her shirt into her mouth and bit down as she tumbled into bliss.

Want more information? Head here.

Also, don’t forget to head back to Blissekiss and see what other luscious lip to lip action other authors have posted. Yum!

Guest Blogger: Robert Buckley

The late military historian Sir John Keegan posed a question about soldiers in war: How do they do it? How do they function under horrific, terrifying stress? His conclusion in his landmark work, “Face of Battle,” was that soldiers don’t die for their country; they don’t sacrifice themselves, risking death and debilitating injury, for Mom, apple pie, or even the girl/boy next door. They do it for their friends, their band of brothers and recently sisters who face the same perils together. Platoons become families, as much as one’s biological family, and perhaps even more so.

Imagine the sense of betrayal, then, when a family member turns on you? I’ve been a frequent contributor to the Coming Together series. Can’t think of better ways to put licentious literature to work. When I found that “In The Trenches” would be dedicated to Protect Our Defenders, I was onboard in a heartbeat. They are the folks who are trying to expose and prevent sexual violence in the military. I can only hope that soon the culture that looks the other way when a soldier is violated will come around and see that everyone ought to have the right for defend his and her country, notwithstanding gender or sexual orientation, no more than having a different color skin precluded heroic service.

My story, “Once Upon a Thursday,” focuses on a military family too. During the American Civil War a squad of federal soldiers is assigned to protect a train of supply wagons. The wagons carry the makings of a feast for the first official Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Unfortunately, they get separated from the wagon train and become lost in the woods of Northern Virginia. Taking another cue from Keegan, who determined that the sphere of combat is actually very small and limited to the average soldier, my soldiers are lost, unable to see what’s ahead or behind them, even unsure of what direction to follow. But, as they blunder blindly through the forest they encounter another family, a young woman and seven elderly men, living in a ramshackle tobacco barn.

There is no logical reason for these people to be in the middle of nowhere, but really, there’s no logical reason why young men from faraway places should be blundering through there too. Like war itself, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

That these two groups join in a family feast speaks to the human need to make connections, especially in the midst of the chaos of war.

I am very proud to be in this anthology and in the company of some outstanding, imaginative writers.


Grab your copy of Coming Together: In The Trenches here.


Robert Buckley is a frequent contributor to the Coming Together series of anthologies, including a single-author “Coming Together Presents Robert Buckley.” His stories have also appeared in multiple editions of “Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica.” He is senior fiction editor for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association http://www.erotica-readers.com/ERA/index.htm, where many of his stories are archived.

Guest Blogger: Kimber Vale

Thanks so much, Lucy, for hosting me today!

I’m so excited to be here talking about Coming Together: In the Trenches. Let me just start by saying that I love Coming Together. They’ve given me the opportunity to say that I, Kimber Vale, write smut for a good cause. How awesome is that? All the proceeds from Coming Together anthologies go to a worthy cause of choice. The wonderful people behind the scenes donate their time and talent to edit, format, create lovely covers for, and publish these fantastic themed collections—and all in the name of charity. I’m so grateful for all they do, and always thrilled to see a Coming Together submission call that sparks a story idea or jibes with a tale I have sitting on my hard drive just waiting for a good home.

Coming Together is the best home.

So, this Veterans Day—and every day—please take the time to connect with those you know who have fought for our freedom. Please spare a thought or a prayer for those brave heroes who are no longer with us. And, if you love a spicy story about a man or woman in army green, please pick up Coming Together: In the Trenches. Sales of this collection benefit Protect Our Defenders, an organization which “educates the public and policymakers on the crisis of sexual violence in the military.”

The contributing authors to Coming Together: In the Trenches provided a sweet mix of historical, contemporary, and high-octane erotic romance for your reading pleasure. He’s a look at what’s inside:

Once Upon a Thursday by Robert Buckley
During the American Civil War a squad of Union soldiers gets lost in the woods of northern Virginia. They find their way to a forlorn tobacco shed wherein dwell an enigmatic woman and a group of elderly men who have no sense of time.

Half a Day from the Front by Skilja Peregrinarius
Claire works in an inn close enough to the front lines to hear the guns in the night. She can’t fight, so she does what she can to support those who do.

This is Me Holding You by Annabeth Leong
As Carin’s life as a soldier again calls her away from her family, her husband Jun searches for a way to bind her to him. In the final hours of her leave, he gifts her with ropes he made himself, twisted from milkweed he gathered while thinking of her.

When He Comes Home by Di Topaz
Natalie catches Vance’s eye at the beginning of her college career. After a four-year game of cat and mouse, she finally admits her feelings for him. Their newfound romance is interrupted when Vance decides to join the Army.

Report on the Heart by Yvette Hines
After a career as an Air Force public affairs sergeant, Maria Locket has separated from the military and moved close to her hometown, where the biggest story she figures will be the local society events. Her plans for a smooth future are interrupted by the unexpected appearance of someone she thought was gone forever.

A Problem with Authority by Lucy Felthouse
Corporal Roxanne Grey has bawled Private Jesse Bagnall out one too many times during drill instruction. Jesse complains to his friends about the Corporal’s mistreatment, loudly enough that she overhears his rant. Commanding him into the guardroom, Roxanne divulges some information which makes it very easy for the two of them to get back on an even keel.

Comando Especial by Kimber Vale
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Rojas commands Navy SEAL trained soldiers in a special anti-narcotics division of the Colombian military, facing deadly enemies on a regular basis. But when Alex’s ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord, the usual high-octane mission becomes personal. If Alex and Luz get out of the dangerous situation alive, Alex doesn’t plan to let Luz walk away a second time.

Dutch & Lobo by Aliyah Burke
A Marine finds passion in the jungle, enlisting the help of his lover to save a fellow Marine. Will Dutch ever see her again or will his memories be all he’s allowed of the mercenary Lobo?

So come on and get your fatigue freak on! We’ve done our part—now how about you? Read a book for the old Red, White, and Blue!

Kimber Vale writes romance of all stripes, from hetero sci-fi to hot man love. Find her M/M work published under K. Vale. Come for the sex. Stay for the story. www.kimbervale.com