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November’s Bookish Promotions #books #romancebooks #romancereads

Hi folks,

You know the drill by now – here are November’s fabulous bookish promos. Just click the banners to check out the ones you’re interested in and get reading 🙂

Happy Reading,
Lucy x

Binge Romance Reads to Your Heart’s Content With Kobo Plus (@kobo @kobodeals) #kobo #koboplus

Hi lovelies,

I know lots of you are binge readers. I also know that times are hard and people don’t always have lots of spare cash to spend on books. Which is why Kobo Plus is so amazing. For those of you not familiar with Kobo, they’re a retailer based out of Canada, but you can use their site from most countries, and Kobo Plus is available in the following countries: US, AU, CA, UK, IT, NZ, and NL. You don’t need a dedicated Kobo eReader (although they are available, if you’d like one), you can simply download the app to your phone or tablet ready to read wherever, whenever!

So what is Kobo Plus?

It’s a borrowing service similar to Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited – only better, and cheaper (and from an author’s perspective, brilliant, because we don’t have to be exclusive to Kobo)! For a monthly fee (and you can get a month’s free trial to check it out), you get access to as many titles as you’d like, with no restrictions. You can even pay a little bit more and add audiobooks, too (way cheaper than Audible)! There’s more info here if you’d like it, or directly on Kobo’s site.

Okay, you’ve piqued my interest. So whose books can I check out, then?

As well as almost all of my eBooks and a handful of my audiobooks, as part of a Kobo Plus subscription, you can also dive into amazing reads by authors such as Roxie Noir, Abbie Zanders, Erin Wright, Lynn Burke, Shelley Munro, Jill Westwood, Serena Bell, ReGina Welling, Abigail Keam, Sarah Wallace, Susan Griscom, Jackie Lau, Chelle Bliss, TB Mann, Madelynne Ellis, Jessica Marting, Joanne Wadsworth, Cecilia Randell, Demelza Carlton, Rebecca Hefner, Cat Johnson, Erika Wilde, Lauren Fraser and many, many more – all for just one amazing monthly price.

All right, so where do I go then?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you. I have two links for you. One is for the more visual shoppers among you – check out the yummy covers and get clicking: https://www.kobo.com/us/en/p/kobo-plus-romance-binge

And the other page is for those of you who like to pick and choose. It lists tropes and keywords so you can drill down into what you’d really like to read, here: https://www.koboplusromancebinge.com

These are hand-selected romances, put together to give you quick and easy access, and as such, the pages (not the books themselves, they’ll be in the Kobo Plus programme as long as the authors keep them there. Certainly in my case, I plan that to be indefinitely) are only available for a limited time. So if you plan to find out what all the fuss is all about – be quick!

Happy Bingeing!
Lucy x

Check Out These Amazing Audiobooks Available in Kobo Plus #kobo #koboplus #audio #audiobooks

Hi all,

I know there are an increasing number of people signing up for Kobo Plus, so I just wanted to let you know, as well as being able to read most of my eBooks there, you can also listen to some of my fabulous audiobooks there, as well as those of lots of other amazing authors.

Check them out here: Indie Audiobook Deals

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

Win a $75 Kobo Gift Card! #indieaudiobookdeals #audiobooklover #audiobooksarereading #audiobooksales #audiophile #audiobsessed #audiobookstagram #audiobooks #koboplus

🎁Giveaway Alert!🎁

Several bestselling indie authors have united to give away a $75 Kobo Gift Card for adding their audiobooks to your Kobo wishlist! Kobo is a fantastic site to find great audiobooks that can be listened to on Kobo’s free app. Good luck and wishing you lots of happy listening!

🎧Brought to you by Indie Audiobook Deals: https://linktr.ee/indieaudiobookdeals

Enter the giveaway → https://kingsumo.com/g/jofwvr/win-a-75-kobo-gift-card

Happy Listening!
Lucy x

Are You a Kobo Plus Subscriber? Check Out These Amazing Audiobooks! #audiobooks #audio #kobo #koboplus

Hi folks,

Are you a Kobo Plus subscriber? Looking for some amazing audiobooks to listen to as part of your subscription? Well, look no further. IndieAudiobooksDeals.com has got your back. Check out mine and a bunch of other fabulous authors’ audiobooks here: https://indieaudiobookdeals.com/

Happy Listening!
Lucy x