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Southern Adventures – Sextoys.co.uk HQ

The SexToys WarehouseIt was a hellish two hour journey which eventually ended up with me arriving at Sextoys.co.uk HQ in Luton. I know some of you are now wondering what on earth this has to do with the south, but it’s south for me! The reason I was heading to Sextoys.co.uk HQ is because the peeps there are interviewing various erotic writers (including K D Grace) to include on their fab website. I was asked, and in the spirit of doing things that scare and stretch me, I said yes.

I arrived at my destination feeling a little disgruntled and annoyed that I was a little late (due to roadworks and idiots crashing!), because I hate keeping people waiting. Luckily, when Cara and Ellie came down the stairs from their office to meet me, they didn’t seem to mind. They were happy and smiley and I immediately felt better, though still nervous about the fact I was about to be plonked in front of a camera.

An initial technical hitch ended up with Cara and I wandering around the room talking random gibberish into the mics to make sure everything was working OK. Then we chatted more sensibly to one another while Ellie finalised her set up. Then the show was on the road!

The GirlsCara quizzed me on my writing, existing and new releases, working techniques, erotica recommendations and more. I answered her questions, all the while remembering not to look at the camera, to keep smiling and to stop saying ‘erm’ all the time! Later, Ellie assured me that they’d be able to edit some things out, so hopefully I’ll come across as articulate at the very least. I heaved a sigh of relief when it was over (this is not a reflection on Cara and Ellie – I was terrified and hate being in front of a video camera), and Cara gave me a tour of the HQ, including their warehouses and offices, where I got to meet some of the other lovely people that keep the place running smoothly.

Journey aside, it was a fun experience and I didn’t really want to leave as Cara and I were having a nice chat. Alas, I had places to go, people to see, etc… so my adventure was over and now I wait with baited breath to see the ‘final cut.’ I’ll let you know as soon I do!

Thanks to Cara, Ellie and the guys at Sextoys.co.uk HQ for having me xxx

P.S. In other news, A Bit of Rough has now started rolling out to other eBook retailers, including All Romance eBooks and Amazon. Check out the book page for an up to date list of retailers.