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Stirring Up Glory (Stirred by Love #2) by Kacey Hammell (@kaceyhammell)

Stirring Up GloryBlurb:

She’s not the one he wants…

Drew McKenna is obsessed with the woman who saved his family’s business. She’s the last woman he should want, but his dreams are flooded with the sultry, sexy woman who gets under his skin. He’d not prepared to end their lengthy riff just so he can give into his desire to have the gorgeous woman under him.

But she is the one he needs…

Glory Pierce gave up on Drew the second he flung vicious insults her way. The harder she tries to forget how deep those scars run, however, the more he invades her thoughts. When tragedy strikes, Glory is forced to put aside her anger and work with the man she despises. But as they mix business with pleasure, the heat between them reaches fever pitch, secrets are revealed, and passions are stirred up in ways neither of them can ignore.

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And of course, Book 1, Stirring Up Dirty is always available at all online bookstores.




He tossed the phone to her, awed as the sheet she’d covered herself with dipped low, baring her bountiful cleavage. He started back toward the side. “Shit,” he yelled as he stubbed his toe.

“Are you okay?” She moved toward the edge of the bed.

Drew frowned as he kneeled. “What the hell?” he dragged the open wooden box out further.

“Oh, no!” she exclaimed. “Drew, leave that, please.”

“I don’t think so, baby.” The lid fell open the rest of the way when he stopped towing it across the floor.

“Jesus,” he groused. “This is … so many cocks, Glory.” He lifted his gaze to hers, his brow arched.

Heat rushed over Glory’s face. “Um …”

“I’d have investments in batteries if I were you.” Hell, he’d watched his past girlfriends use dildos and loved every single second of it. To find a treasure trove of at least a dozen under their bed, well, it was a first.

“Don’t be sarcastic. I never leave it out. Shit.”

He glanced at the chest, baffled by the different colors and sizes. Her past words of knowing how to take care of herself came to mind. “You use these after visits to Controlled Iris, don’t you?” His dick hardened as he imagined her so turned on from being at the mansion that she’d undress and shove a vibrator in her cunt as soon as she returned home. Sweat dotted along his upper lip.

“I’m sorry you had to see that. Let me put it away.” She swung her legs over the side of the bed.

“Stay. Leave it,” he ordered.

Eyes wide, she halted. He picked up one, studied it, and picked up another. He didn’t comprehend the need for so many.

“Oh, for heaven’s sake. Sometimes a gal needs more than one,” she replied with feigned bravado.

Drew stared at her, his eyebrow raised as he lifted two of her particular favorite dildos in each fist. “What a variety. Have a favorite?” he asked as serious as possible, amused by her hidden goodies.

She pinned him with a narrowed gaze, annoyance and ire crossing her face. Oh, he loved to see fire building in her eyes when he goaded her.

“Well, if you must know, Mr. Nosey. The glass blue one there, with the small to large beads is exciting. It fills me easy at first, and as my arousal builds, I can take more of it.” Drew swallowed hard, thrilled at her response but unsure if he could control himself with the suddenly sexy and graphic images exploding in his head. “And, the red one, which I call Sticky Red, has the largest girth and takes the crown as the ultimate delight. It sticks to any surface, but to plastic the best. I ride it.” Drew breathed deep as she leaned closer to him, hovering at the edge of the bed. The sheet fell from her tits, revealing more skin, but not everything he wanted to see as she held a quarter of it against her. “I ride it hard. On that chair over there,” she pointed and his gaze followed. A dark green plastic chair sat at the small vanity table where makeup lined the surface. “I love the freedom to use it whenever I want.”

His gaze met the fiery blue of hers. She was breathtaking. And he needed to see her on the edge. Needed to see that freedom.

“Show me,” he ordered, and held the red dildo out to her.

Startled, she sat up, baring her to him. “What?”

Drew sidled the few feet to the chair on his knees, and turned the chair around to face him. He contemplated the dildo in his hand, and the puzzle pieces fit together quick. Licking his left hand a couple times, he dampened the suction part and slammed the dildo on the chair to stick. After tugging on the bottom of it a few times, ensuring it was a strong hold, he moved back to the side of the bed.

His hands clasping her around the waist, he hauled her to her feet, and cupped her tits.

A loud gasp rushed from her. “Drew,” she exclaimed, her heart racing.

He kneaded the boon in front of him, leaned forward and pressed his lips to her chest. The sweet and salty nectar from her skin filled his mouth. Delicious and potent, desire rushed over him.

He cruised along her skin, his lips finding every freckle and mole, his tongue savoring every lick and nibble. Shifting lower, he flicked her nipple. Glory purred, her back arching against his palm where he held her upright. His dick shifted behind his shorts, twitching in eagerness to be free. He suckled each nipple, moving from one to the other, his teeth biting and his tongue soothing the sting.

“Oh my,” she groaned as he flicked the bud. “Oh, Drew.”

He lifted his head. The light caressed her skin in a glow that took his breath away. A golden goddess from her blonde head to her cute toes. “Show me, baby. I want to watch you in ecstasy.”

“But—” her gaze dropped, downcast, and she tried to scoot away from him.

“It’s okay, I promise. Don’t think, just imagine. Has anyone ever watched you pleasure yourself?” God, he prayed she said no.

Her gaze searched his until she shook her head. Drew breathed a sigh of relief.

“I promise I’ll keep your secrets. What happens in here will forever stay between us. Call it fulfilling a fantasy for me.” Drew waited, his heart pounding as Glory glanced at him, toward the chair, and back again. Uncertainty and fear clouded her eyes.

“Show me what you enjoy most. Show me what it takes to please you,” he crooned.


Praise for Stirring Up Glory:

“a hot and sexy read.” ~ SJ Maylee, author of Assassins and Sweetheart series
“Do you like reading erotic romance with hot scorching scenes, then you should definitely check out Stirring Up Glory! You won’t be disappointed!” Nicole, Top 100 Amazon Reviewer


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Mom of three, Kacey lives her own happily ever after with her perfect hero in Ontario, Canada.

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