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Sex Toy Review: Ann Summers Touch Shaft Vibrator

Ann Summers Touch Shaft Vibrator

Ann Summers is pretty much Rampant Rabbit Central, so although rabbits are fab, it was nice to receive something different. And the Touch Shaft Vibrator is certainly that.

The idea of the toy is that you just switch it on, put it up ‘there’ and let it work its magic. As you can see from the above pic, there are three bands which are touch sensitive, so the deeper it goes, the more intense the vibrations. It’s cool, clever and waterproof. You’ll also need 4xAAA batteries.

The only downside is that its design means that it’s not ideal for clitoral stimulation as if the bands aren’t surrounded by something, they’re not activated. So even when its switched on, if you’re just holding the black part at the bottom, nothing happens. Of course you could hold the vibe in such a way that your hand activates it,  but it may not be the most comfortable.

This is a high quality, unique toy – but if you’re a clitoral orgasm kind of a gal, you might be better off sticking with a trusty rabbit.

Head on over to Ann Summers and check out their range.

Sex Toy Review: Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe

Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit Thruster DeluxeRabbits have come a long way… with each new release there’s a orgasm-inducing new feature, and this one is no exception.

The latest release from Ann Summers is the Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe! Its predecessor, the Rampant Rabbit Thruster was a best-seller – so this updated model promises to make even more vibe-loving ladies eager to part with their hard-earned cash. With its brand new thrusting technology, this model of vibrator sure is out to impress.

The first toy to feature thrusting technology so powerful it ‘feels like the real thing’, the Rampant Rabbit Thruster Deluxe boasts 3 unique thrusting modes and a clitoral stimulator with 3 intense vibration settings. All this combined with a 6 inch length and 5 inch girth, this bad boy earns every penny of its £49 price tag.

I have to say, though, that this toy is more suitable for size queens. The girth is large to the point of uncomfortable, so if you prefer a slimmer vibrator, then this isn’t for you. Either way, don’t forget the lube 😉

Grab yours now from AnnSummers.com

See it in action: