In the Pages of a Good Book is One!

Blog-Invite-300x264In the Pages of a Good Book is celebrating its one year anniversary! Congratulations!

The celebration involves a blog hop around the theme of friendship. So I’m going to share a little snippet from Letters to a War Zone, which is an m/m military erotic romance novella. As the title hints, my characters write to each other, establishing a good friendship long before they even meet in the flesh…


“Hi,” he said, hoping his voice didn’t really sound as high-pitched as it had seemed to his own ears. “Great to see you. Come on in. Do you have any more bags I can get from the car for you?”

“Hi, Bailey. Great to see you, too. And nope, this is it.” He stepped over the threshold and put his case and bag down next to him, then held out his hand.

Bailey closed the door and took Nick’s hand, and they shook heartily. It felt odd, doing something so normal, so innocent as shaking hands, when what Bailey really wanted to do was something much ruder. Nick was even hotter in the flesh than he was in his photograph, and his looks, voice and personality combined were perfection. Then he had to go and wear the damn uniform, didn’t he? He could admit it only to himself, but deep down, part of the reason he’d started the whole pen pal thing in the first place was because he was a fan of men in uniform. And Nick was most definitely a fine example.

“Run out of clean civvies?” he said, before he could stop himself. Why? Why had he drawn attention to the uniform? Idiot.

Nick laughed. “Not quite, but as you can see, I’ve packed light and I wanted to make sure I’ve enough clean clothes for tomorrow and for the holiday. I may have to find a launderette at some point while we’re away.”

“So you’re wearing the uniform all day?” Now his voice definitely had a higher pitch than it should do.

“Yeah, why? Have you got a problem with it?”

“N-no, quite the opposite, actually.”


I hope you enjoyed that snippet! If you want to check out the rest of the book, go here. And add it to your Goodreads shelves here.

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Happy Reading,

Lucy x

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