Turning Stereotypes on Their Ear by Sara Brookes (@sara_brookes)

WMS_blogtourI enjoy writing “different” stories that turn stereotypes on their ear. Riding Irish is no exception. This time, the girl is the one with the questionable past and the guy is the “good” guy. That isn’t to say Kane doesn’t have his darkness. At first, he struggles with the desires being near Avery causes him to experience. But have no fear, dearest reader, he comes around. *ahem*



“You okay?”

She nodded, her arms still around his shoulders as she stood. Satisfied she’d recovered enough, he reached over and pooled liquid soap into his palm.

The strong fragrance of oakmoss filled the shower area.

Water pounded on his back as he wrapped his hand around her ankle and began washing her. He worked slowly, taking his time to thoroughly mark her in a different way.

She’d spend the rest of the day smelling like his soap.

“Insatiable in bed. Damn good with your hands—among other things—and you have a kick-ass shower.” She whistled as he skimmed his hands up her thigh and grazed his thumb over the side of her knee. Her eyes narrowed as she pushed her hand through his wet hair and tugged so his face tilted upward. “You, Mr. O’Hanlon, are lethal.”

He grinned up at her as his soap-slicked thumb brushed against her mound. “That’s the general idea.”


Riding IrishBlurb:

Mayhem is a way of life for Avery. The last thing she needs is a complication like Kane. The medal-winning swimmer who comes to her rescue is the ultimate golden boy. Everything this woman from the wrong side of the tracks shouldn’t want and everything she can’t stop thinking about. But emotion—and vulnerability—are liabilities she can’t afford.

Kane can’t understand why he experiences such dark, forbidden and kinky desires when he is around Avery. But her touch sparks a hunger deep inside him, and unleashes an erotic discovery where pain becomes pleasure. Their uninhibited passion reveals Kane’s dominant nature.

As Avery submits to Kane, exploring boundaries and pushing limits, she discovers a life she never expected. The unlikely pair forge a bond so tight, their unyielding trust gives way to a love like no other. But Avery’s brothers—members of Oahu’s most notorious motorcycle club—have other plans. Now Avery is forced to make a decision where her loyalty resides—with her family or with a lover who brings peace to the chaos surrounding her.

Warning: Ignition point hits hard and fast for this Dom and sub as an Irishman discovers his delightful talent for breath control, spankings and clothespins. You may just want laundry day to come more often.

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Author Bio:

Sara Brookes is an award-winning author who has always been fascinated by the strange, the unusual, the twisted and the lost (tortured heroes are her personal favorite). She is an action movie junkie, addicted to coffee and has been known to stay up until the wee hours of the morning playing RPG video games. Despite all this, she is a romantic at heart and is always a sucker for an excellent love story. Born and bred in Virginia, Sara still lives there with her husband and daughter.

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