Mid Week Tease: That had been incredibly exciting… #MWTease

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Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m sharing another excerpt from my M/F hot contemporary romance novella, Fast Lust, from the British Bad Boys Boxed Set. It’s now available exclusively in the Kindle Unlimited programme, so you can read it as part of that if you’re a subscriber. Alternatively you can 1-click from Amazon in the usual way.

British Bad Boys Boxed SetBy the time the practice race had finished, Gloria’s mouth was dry and her heart pounding. She gulped down some of her water, swallowing hard as she shook her head incredulously. That had been incredibly exciting, and it wasn’t even a proper race! She’d had a great view of the straight from the box, and had watched much of the rest of the action on a nearby TV screen. And boy had there been some action; crazy speed, tight corners, skidding, breakdowns, near-misses… basically, these racers had some serious brass balls—and that included the sole woman, who’d already gained Gloria’s life-long admiration.

Gloria just couldn’t imagine how much courage it took to screech around tracks so fast. Pushing a car to eighty miles per hour on the motorway was about as speed demon-like as she ever got. And that was only if it was quiet. These people quite literally put their lives on the line for their sport. She shuddered, hoping nothing of the sort would happen this weekend. That was not something she ever wanted to see.

Pulling herself out of her thoughts, she returned her attention to what was going on. Now the race was over, she needed to go and find her potential interviewee.

Getting to her feet, she flashed a polite smile to the other spectators she’d shared the bank of seats with—only a handful, probably because the bulk of the spectators would only be at the track on the Sunday, for the main races—and returned her empty glass to the bar. She thanked the handsome barman, tipping him a wink when he said “Any time”, his tone a tad lascivious. She had no intention of doing any more than flirting with him, but it couldn’t hurt to keep him on side, given she’d probably be seeing more of him over the next couple of days. If it meant she got served more quickly when the place got busy, then that was just a bonus.

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