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New Release: The Best of Lexie Bay – Volume Two

The Best of Lexie Bay Volume TwoIntroduction:

Hi, I’m Lexie and I’m so excited to share with you that I am back in the erotic writing world. I’ve been writing part time on and off since 2010 but, in 2023, after several years of focusing on my day job, I decided to quit and throw myself back into writing full time. I’m working on lots of exciting projects right now but before I release anything new, I wanted to pull together all the stories I’ve had published in different anthologies over the years. I released The Best of Lexie Bay – Volume One at the end of last year and now I’m back with Volume Two which covers the second half of my writing career, before my day job took over.

I hope you enjoy it!


Relive more of Lexie’s short stories in this second anthology, where you’ll discover new delights at an award ceremony after party, enjoy the heat with a hot summer fling and bring out your voyeuristic side at a masquerade ball that takes a turn to the dark side. You’ll find millionaires, Doms and bad boys, get a taste for the wild side and discover some very interesting kinks!

Lose yourself in Lexie’s fantasy world and get hot under the collar with “The Best of Lexie Bay – Volume Two”. Nine stories, originally published between 2013 and 2017, now all in one place for a whole night of pleasure.

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Excerpt from Masquerade:

Valtteri took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, lifting her face to his. His lips were so close and Scarlett tried to kiss him. He pulled away a little, teasing her and then gave in to their mutual desire and pressed his lips gently against hers. Scarlett relaxed as his tongue explored her mouth, his familiarity making her feel safe. Valtteri would never let anyone hurt her. He might like to frighten her a little but she was his and he guarded her fiercely.

“I think you’ll enjoy tonight, little one,” he whispered. “As I said, I know exactly what you like and I am going to give it to you. Call it an early Christmas present. Of course you know that I will enjoy every minute of it too.”

“Valtteri,” she whispered, her eyes dark with longing. “Will you keep me safe?”

“My sweet baby, I will always keep you safe, you have nothing to fear from me. You are mine and somehow, I appear to be yours. No-one has ever filled my thoughts like you do.”

His admission made her smile.

“Who are these people?”

Valtteri looked around at the beautiful people gathered around them. “These Scarlett are my loyal subjects. They have been with me for a very long time and they have seen many girls come and go. I have not cared before but tonight I need you to pass the initiation. It is not enough for me to love you; I need them to accept you too.”

“I’m scared,” Scarlett said, trying to swallow the desire to run even though she knew she could not.

“Let the fear push you on to experience everything you’ve ever wanted. We will help you fulfil your desires…. and ours.”

The light flickered on the walls of the vast room and Scarlett felt a curl of fear as Valtteri walked away from her and the group started to move closer. Shadows fell across the floor and Scarlett realised that many of them were holding what at first glance looked like implements of torture. She trawled her mind to think what Valtteri could have pulled from the depths of her imagination while they had been fucking. She was sure that this was when he had been in her head. She had always felt so close to him when he was inside her, more than with anyone else. She wondered what he was. What they all were. Because as this evening unfolded it was becoming more apparent that they were definitely not human.

The mask obscured a lot of her vision as she tried to see more of her surroundings. Valtteri pulled a lever and the cross rose a couple of inches into the air and spun a slow 360 degrees. There weren’t as many… she hesitated to say people… as she’d first thought but lining the walls, where there had been huge pictures, there were now mirrors. Scarlett watched herself rotate, her tattered dress floating around her. She admired her reflection, the black of her dress and hair highlighting her ivory skin which shimmered in the firelight. But even her skin looked warm against the iridescence of the figures around her.

She caught the eye of a tall blonde standing next to a mirror. She was holding a small flogger with only a few tails and distinctive pointy ends and Scarlett held her gaze as she moved past her. A flash of fantasy made her juices flow and she hoped beyond hope that Valtteri had incorporated her desire for pain. He knew how much she enjoyed it. She could almost feel the sting of the whip on her skin and before she could even look for Valtteri to see his face, the girl was in front of her and the cross stopped spinning and tipped backwards a little, exposing Scarlett’s pussy further. The girl leaned over until she was so close Scarlett should be able to feel her breath on her face, but there was nothing but the glow of her eyes and the smooth plumpness of her pouting lips.


Author Bio:

Lexie lives in Brighton with her family. Her favourite thing is to write stories with a HEA, infused with that dizzy feeling of falling in love, but she also has a naughty side so her stories stay true to her original romantic dream while exploring the erotic, the kinky and sometimes the darker side of love and lust.

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Celebrating Our Queen V #BeMoreV #CharityFundraiser #VasculitisUK

Hi lovelies,

We’d love you to join us for a virtual event to celebrate the life & work of the author Victoria Blisse ✨💜✨

Victoria Blisse, also known as the Queen of Smut, Reverend to the kinky and the Writer in Residence at Cocktails and F**k Tales, recently passed on after an untimely battle with ill health. This curated event aims to bring her words to life and help raise funds for vasculitis research.

Snuggle up at home with your favourite beverages and snacks. Dress up or wear PJs. Enjoy Victoria’s erotic stories, chosen and performed by her friends & fellow authors. These smutty works are filled with passion, love, and laughter – sure to bring warmth and amusement!

This spicy book reading event will be hosted by Alix Fox.


💜 Lucy Felthouse
💜 Kay Jaybee
💜 Stephanie Robb
💜 Tabitha Rayne
💜 Renee Christine
💜 Zak Jane Keir
💜 Ashley Lister
💜 Lexie Bay

*Performers are subject to change

Tickets are £5 (plus fees) and all proceeds will go to Vasculitis UK – https://bit.ly/bemorev

We hope to see you there,
Lucy x

Sexy Just Got Rich is on Sale! #99c #99p #sale #bookbargain

Hi lovelies,

Just swinging by to let you know that Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires is on sale for just 99c/p for a limited time! So if you want to bag a sexy bookish bargain, click the relevant link below:

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Happy Reading,

Lucy x

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Hi everyone,

Amazing news – the Brit Babes anthology, Sexy Just Got Kinky, is currently on sale for just 99c/p. But be quick – the sale ends this Friday!

Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:

Tantalise your dark side with kinks to make you think. From lovers behind bars to lone ladies behind the lens—fisticuffs and feathers, lilos and lube, scissors and sticks, whips, canes and bondage, there’s sure to be a kink within these pages to whet your appetite, tickle your fancies and heat up cold nights.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy quick, and please tell all your friends!
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Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Mid Week Tease: “I’m not here to have fun. I’m here to work.” #MWTease

mid-week-tease-buttonHi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m sharing another excerpt from my M/F hot contemporary romance novella, Fast Lust, from the British Bad Boys Boxed Set. This follows on directly from last week’s tease. The set is available to read in Kindle Unlimited, or to buy from Amazon – but only until the 11th August. So if you haven’t checked it out yet and want to – don’t delay! This will probably also be my last tease from this book – I’ll be sharing something new next week.

British Bad Boys Boxed SetThis time, she didn’t miss the opportunity to glare at him. Much to her annoyance, he didn’t wilt beneath its power. “You know damn well what I meant. Christ, are you always such a smart arse?”

“Yes,” he said simply, throwing her completely off-kilter. The mischievous twinkle in his eye did nothing to dispel that sensation, either. He was managing to be unnerving, irritating and attractive all at once—which just annoyed her even more. She didn’t know whether she wanted to slap him or snog him.

She sighed and rolled her eyes. Reaching into her bag, she then pulled out her smart phone and fired up the dictation app. “You’re okay with me recording this, right? We’ll cover a lot more ground, much quicker, if I don’t have to take notes.”

Rafe gave a casual shrug, as though he really didn’t give a shit—about the recording, about the interview, or about her. “Fine by me.”

“Great.” She forced her lips to form a smile, when what she really wanted to do was grimace. Or drop her head into her hands with despair. God, he was going to be hard work, she just knew it. His story had better be bloody well worth it. She pressed the ‘record’ button and shifted her gaze to meet his. The quiet intensity in his eyes nearly caused her to stumble at the first hurdle, before she’d even spoken, but she managed to hold it together—barely. “So! Thank you, Rafe Donovan, for agreeing to speak with me. Can you tell me about yourself, please? A bio, if you like. A bit of background I can pull on for people that have never heard of you.”

“Like you, you mean?” he replied, quirking an eyebrow.

Well, fuck. He got the measure of me quickly. “We’re not here to talk about me, Rafe,” she said sweetly, desperate to turn the focus back on to him. “I’m writing a sports column, so please tell me all the things my readers will want to hear about. Start with the basics.”

He huffed out a heavy breath. “All right, all right. God, you’re no fun, Gloria.”

“I’m not here to have fun. I’m here to work.”

Get your copy of British Bad Boys Boxed Set here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/british-bad-boys/

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Mid Week Tease: “Right then, where would you like to start, Gloria?” #MWTease

mid-week-tease-buttonHi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! I’m sharing another excerpt from my M/F hot contemporary romance novella, Fast Lust, from the British Bad Boys Boxed Set. This follows on directly from last week’s tease. The set is now available exclusively in the Kindle Unlimited programme, so you can read it as part of that if you’re a subscriber. Alternatively you can 1-click from Amazon in the usual way.

British Bad Boys Boxed SetChrist—what the hell was going on with her? She didn’t normally get all hot under the collar for guys like Rafe Donovan—arrogant arseholes. He might look nice, but it didn’t change the fact he was a bit of a twat. She had to bite back a smirk as a potential headline flashed into her brain—British Superbikes: No Sponsorship for Arrogant Arsehole Competitor.

Snapping back into professional mode, she gave him a saccharine smile. “I should be the one asking the questions, Rafe. Do you mind if I call you Rafe? And is there somewhere quiet we can go for a chat? Can you take the time? I know you have another practice race later on.”

After being led along at what felt like a breakneck pace to her much shorter legs for a good ten minutes, they arrived at a black van with Rafe Donovan Racing Team written on the side. She’d been regretting asking if there was somewhere quiet they could go for approximately nine and a half of those ten minutes, and now she seriously wished she could take it back. All she’d wanted was to get away from the stares of his two buddies and talk privately. Honestly, stepping outside the garage would have done the job. But apparently Rafe had taken her request very seriously, and here they were.

Jingling the keys he’d retrieved from one of the other men before they’d left, he pressed a button on the fob. There was a bleep, and the lights flashed once. Rafe turned to her and indicated the van with a jerk of his thumb. “Quiet enough for you?”

For once he wasn’t smirking, and his tone wasn’t sarcastic, so she responded politely, “Yes, I’m sure this will be fine. Thank you.”

“Great. Come on, then. I do have a bit of time, but not loads as I need to get back to my brothers so we can finish the tune up on my bike before my next race.”

So she’d been right about them being related, then. His brothers were a fair bit older than him, by the looks of it—she’d internally pegged him as around her age—mid-twenties. “Okay, no problem.” He’d opened the passenger side door for her, and she climbed in, her face reddening as she realised he’d remained behind her as she got into the vehicle—no doubt affording himself quite the close-up view of her backside in her tight jeans. At least she wasn’t wearing a skirt.

She sat down as quickly as she could and turned to glare at him, but he was already making his way around the front of the van. With some difficulty, she reached out and grasped the door handle, then tugged the door shut, turning down the volume of the bikes roaring around the track.

A clunk and a creak as the driver’s door was opened, then the van dipped on its suspension as Rafe joined her in the front. He slammed the door and flashed her a smile. “Right then, where would you like to start, Gloria? That’s an… unusual name for a woman your age, by the way. Pretty, but unusual.”

Raising her eyebrows, she shot back, “I could say the same.”

“What? That my name’s a pretty but unusual one for a woman of my age?”

Get your copy of British Bad Boys Boxed Set here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/british-bad-boys/

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