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No Charge for Miss Pemberton’s Drawers

Miss Pemberton's DrawersEveryone likes a freebie, so why not grab yourself a copy of Miss Pemberton’s Drawers from Amazon? It’s free on Amazon UK and Amazon US from the 7th – 11th November.

Here’s a taster from my story:

Owen whistled as he worked. He wasn’t sounding a particular tune—he was just making a noise, really, to mask the silence. This was the first time the children had been off since he’d started work in the school, so he was used to constant din in the building. Even during lessons he had always been able to hear the murmur of voices from classrooms, toilets flushing and someone’s footsteps as they click-clacked down a lonely corridor. But now, there was nothing, except for the occasional groans and creaks one always hears in a building.

It was eerie. As an ex-army private, he’d always had a pretty noisy workplace—some times more than others. But, he reminded himself, that’s why he was here. He’d been injured in active service, and although it wasn’t bad enough—thank God—to put him in a wheelchair or even on crutches, it was enough that he couldn’t be on the front line any longer. He’d been offered an office job in the army, but there was no way he wanted to do that. He’d never be able to cope with sitting behind a desk, knowing his friends and colleagues were out there on manoeuvres. It just wasn’t him, so he’d left the army and gotten a simple job that wouldn’t be too taxing and would earn him a few quid while he figured out what to do next. Therefore, he was currently in the position of caretaker in a secondary school and was pottering around during the school holidays, finding things that needed to be fixed, replaced or painted.

Thankfully, there was plenty to be getting on with, or he’d have been bored out of his mind, particularly with there being nobody around to talk to. At least in term time he exchanged the odd word with the teachers and other staff, and put up with good-natured jibing from the cockier kids. Though that had soon stopped when they found out he was an ex-soldier. He didn’t know if it was fear or respect that kept them quiet, but either way he was pleased—he never knew how to respond, anyway. If he told them off or answered back they might go running to the Head, and although he knew the school wouldn’t take the kids seriously, he’d rather not draw any attention to himself. He just wanted to get on with his job with the minimum of fuss while he figured out his future plans. So that’s what he did. Kept his head down, remained polite with the teachers and staff, ignored the kids as much as possible.

Grab your copy, and don’t forget to tell all your friends! Amazon UK | Amazon US.

Road Trip is Free!

Road TripExcellent news! Road Trip, a mini-anthology from Xcite Books containing my super hot sugar daddy story, In Search of Bookcases, is currently free!

Here are the blurbs for the stories included:

Road Trip

Emma’s never had such good sex as when, in her university days, she found herself being banged, up against the wall in a grotty flat with an unknowing fellow student just a few feet away. Now that she’s older, wiser and worried about creasing her business suit, can a younger man persuade her to risk everything for a quickie in a public place?

In Search Of Bookcases

Sophia works in an upmarket London department store. Enter Declan, a hot older man – he’s sexy, available and loaded, but down to earth too. As she helps him to furnish his luxury home, his purchasing frenzy is littered with flirting and double entendres, so when Declan leaves, Sophia’s left feeling more than a little flustered. But when she realises he’s left something behind, Sophia does the decent thing and returns it to him, with some seriously sexy results.

Motion of the Ocean

Seduction isn’t part of the plan for newly-divorced Suzanne when she accepts an invitation for a relaxing weekend at the ocean – then she meets Mark, the 22-year-old son of a close friend. His hard young body proves to be too great a temptation and, using the pretext of a moonlight swim, she shows him a few of the tricks that only a more experienced older woman can offer.

The Gaze

Dale is an old cuss who works construction. At nearly 50 years old, this grizzled man is surprised to engage the attention of a 19-year-old boy, who gazes at him from the bus stop day after day. After nearly three weeks of scrutiny, it’s Dale who finds the confidence to finally make the first move.

I’ve Got My Eyes On You

Who is the young man who repeatedly appears in the same places as Eleanor? As a woman in her late forties, she should be flattered. But is he just an admirer or could he be a stalker? Eleanor determines to find out. Her efforts lead her down the road to some unexpected revelations, not least concerning her own sexuality.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself some hot erotica for FREE here: Amazon UK | Amazon US

You can also read an extract from my story here.

Double Vision

Sexy SoldierBecky and Paul shared most things – as an open-minded married couple, this included sexual fantasies, many of which they acted out. A Lance Corporal in the British Army, Paul did wonders for Becky’s uniform fetish. However, as much as she loved and trusted Paul, Becky had never divulged her number one fantasy.

Tonight, however, Becky had decided to bite the figurative bullet. Paul would be home in about 20 minutes. She pulled the new negligee out of her top drawer and slid it over her shoulders, letting the fantasy unfold in her mind. She imagined Paul, with several other men dressed in uniform, surrounding her.

Becky pulled the matching skimpy panties up, wondering how damp they might become before he even came home. The squaddies in her fantasy moved in on her, quickly pulling her clothes from her. She imagined eager, masculine hands caressing her skin, her limbs, her breasts.

She walked around her marital bedroom, lighting candles, imagining the sordid positions her military gang of lovers would assume. They might force her to her knees, here, at the end of the bed, each taking pleasure in her mouth. They would bend her over the front of the low dresser here, taking turns entering her.

Becky sat on the end of the bed and pulled on her tallest heels, picturing her own body lying prone, her lovers touching, kissing, and fucking her. She indulged in her fantasy for only a moment more before she stood to look in the mirror and assess the finished product.

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The Great Outdoors – Now Available on Smashwords.com!

The Great Outdoors19th May 2010 – Exciting news – my mini-book, The Great Outdoors, is available now on Smashwords.com! Containing two erotic short stories based around the outdoors, the eBook is just $3.99, which works out at roughly £2.70!

Just to get you in the mood, here’s a small sample of what to expect when you (hopefully) buy your copy:

Now Karla was truly dumbfounded. Here she was, relaxing after a busy week at work and trying to forget her troubles – or rather lack of them – with the opposite sex, when suddenly a live sex show was playing out in front of her!

Karla didn’t know what to do. She thought it would be rather too late to announce her presence as they’d been at it long enough for her to have said something by now. No, she should just say nothing and sit it out, hoping and praying that they didn’t look up and see her perched in the trees. The girl was really going for it by now, pumping away at his cock like a woman possessed. Her boyfriend was obviously enjoying himself, he’d clearly forgotten where he was and was moaning and groaning as he tangled his hands in her hair and thrust his member deeper down her throat.

So, go on, what are you waiting for? Grab your copy of The Great Outdoors now – and please let me know what you think!


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Fancy Some Sex on the Beach?

Then look no further! To celebrate the release of their new range, Cocktales, Xcite Books are giving you the chance to download a FREE story. The new ebooks are called All Night Long, Between the Sheets and Sex on the Beach. The free story is extracted from Sex on the Beach and is entitled Catch of the Day, by Chrissie Bentley.

The three ebooks contain stories from huge names in erotica, including:

  • Charlotte Stein
  • Kay Jaybee
  • Kat Black
  • Roger Frank Selby
  • Elizabeth Coldwell
  • Rachel Kramer Bussel
  • Heidi Champa

So, why not head over there and grab yours now?! At just £2.99 each they won’t break the bank.

FREE Smut!

Confessions Volume 112th April 2010 – Hey everyone, check this out! Those wonderful peeps at Xcite Books (who have kindly published several of my stories) are giving away a freebie! Hot erotic eBook Confessions Volume 1 is currently available for FREE! Yes, free!

Here’s a snippet of what to expect:

The only thing more thrilling than scoring with a sexy woman who plays hard to get is discovering a girl’s secret desires. So in the first of three new Xcite treasuries of true stories, Miranda Forbes has collected the unexpected seductions of headstrong girls, and revelations of the shameful cravings in ordinary women.

So, what are you waiting for? Head on over to their site and get yours now!