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A Week to Go…

I Kissed A GirlIt’s just one week until I’m published by Black Lace! Yes, that’s right, the publisher I always aimed for but then sadly closed their doors before I got chance is back. And they have some fabulous titles coming out – re-releases of their classic titles, new titles and titles they’ve licensed from other publishers. Which is why I can now say I’m published by Black Lace. They’re publishing some titles from Ravenous Romance, including I Kissed a Girl, which is a combination of I Kissed a Girl and I Kissed a Girl II, which both have my stories. Therefore the BL version has two of my dirty tales! Woohoo!

So, yes, it’s just a week until this luscious lesbian book hits the UK shelves. It’s available for pre-order, and it looks like people are grabbing their copies already, if the Amazon charts are anything to go by.

My stories (as are all the others in the book), Show Me Yours and Nimble Fingers are about virgin lesbians. One is about two girls who have a disagreement but make up over a dildo, and the second is about a woman who goes to a bar and finds herself attracted to the guitarist in the band, much to her astonishment.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re in the UK, head to Amazon and pre-order your paperback or Kindle copy now – and look out for it in the shops!