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Caught in the Act is Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audio #audiobook #audible

Hi folks,

I’m just swinging by quickly (things are hectic here!) to let you know that my dirty little voyeurism/menage story, Caught in the Act, is now available in audiobook format. The narrator has done a great job capturing this erotic tale and I hope you’ll consider checking it out. I have more audiobooks coming soon, too, so watch this space!

Here’s the blurb:

Police Constable David Beckett is just a normal guy, living a quiet life. His only excitement comes from his job—and even that’s not exactly been a barrel of laughs just lately. That is until his colleagues burst into the office one morning, full of tales from the night shift. Tales that cause Dave’s curiosity to get the better of him. Some idle surfing on the Internet opens up a whole world that Dave never knew existed—and he’s fascinated. After watching an amateur video, things escalate quickly and Dave finds himself drawn into a kinky lifestyle that could cost him his reputation—and his job.

Here are the audio links:

Audible UK
Audible US
Amazon UK
Amazon US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

New Release: Multi-Orgasmic – A Collection of Erotic Short Stories #ku #kindleunlimited

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce my next release! Multi-Orgasmic is a solo anthology, containing twenty one erotic short stories for your enjoyment. Here’s the skinny:

Multi-OrgasmicFrom the pen of award-winning erotica author Lucy Felthouse comes a collection of short stories and flash fiction sure to hit the spot.

There’s something for everyone nestling between the pages of this sexy anthology. From spanking to voyeurism, bondage to pegging, solo loving to ménage, with a sprinkling of femdom, maledom and magic, fans of M/F erotic stories will soon discover why this book is described as multi-orgasmic.

Enjoy twenty one titillating tales, over 52,000 words of naughtiness packed into one steamy read.

Please note: Many of the stories in this book have been previously published in anthologies and online, but three of the tales are brand new and never-seen-before!

It’s only available on Amazon currently, which means that it is FREE for Kindle Unlimited members, or you can own it forever for a bargain price.

Buy links here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/multi-orgasmic/

Add to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23457636-multi-orgasmic

Happy Reading!

Lucy x

New Release: Watching Me, Watching You

I’ve been lucky enough to get another one of my stories published in an Xcite Books anthology. Watching Me, Watching You is out in paperback and eBook format now, and contains my voyeuristic tale, Private Performance. It’s about a woman who becomes so obsessed with a male dancer that she goes to every single one of his shows in London. Eventually, her persistence pays off…

Here’s the book blurb:

Love to watch? All eyes are on the action in this collection of twenty steamy stories about voyeurs, exhibitionists, risky business and wife and husband watchers.

Neighbours peep in through windows and over the garden fence hoping for a candid glimpse and maybe more, a waitress with a fetish for flashing is given a very public punishment, and a male stripper puts on a show that his number-one fan will never forget. Horny honeymooners outrage a resort with their blatant antics, while a private detective enjoys the perks of his job when he’s hired by a vampish client. Elsewhere, an alien visitor learns that Earthling orgies can be out of this world, an ethereal being seeks sexual energy to feed off, and a busy career woman gets the thrill-ride of her life on the Tube – with five gorgeous men!

Sneak a peek between the covers and see for yourself how hot a little sexy spying can be …

Get your copy of Watching Me, Watching You here.

Happy Reading! x

If You Liked X, Then You’ll Like Y

Just lately, I’ve seen lots of authors saying that if people liked Fifty Shades of Grey, then they’ll like one of their books. It’s a great way of getting people interested in their work, but since my only BDSM titles are Punish Me Good and Naughty Delivery, I don’t think I have enough material to jump on that particular bandwagon. I have no idea if my titles are similar to Fifty Shades of Grey or not because I haven’t read it yet, though it’s sitting on my Kindle, waiting for me to finish The Hunger Games trilogy.

However, what I do know are my own books. And I also know which ones seem to sell the most. Therefore I’m going to do some “If You Liked X, Then You’ll Like Y” type stuff myself. So here goes…

If you liked:

Bite with Height

Then you’ll like:

The Cottage in the Woods

While the Boys Are Away

Weekend at Wilderhope Manor


If you liked:

Brick Dust & Bedsprings

Then you’ll like:

A Menu with a Difference

Caught in the Act


If you liked:

Susie White and the Right Hand Man

Then you’ll like:

Love Through Time

Succubus Comes Home

Loose Ends


If you liked:

A Bit of Rough

Then you’ll like:

The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors Vol 2

The Best of Lucy Felthouse


So there you have it! I’ve covered lesbian, bisexual, straight and menage stuff, voyeurism, paranormal, erotica and erotic romance. There’s a little bit of something in there for everyone – and plenty more on its way! 😉

New Release: Immoral Views edited by Kojo Black

Immoral ViewsI have been very excited about this project for some time, and I’m delighted to finally be able to announce it! Immoral Views is here!

Immoral Views is an anthology put together by Kojo Black and contains stories from yours truly, Kay Jaybee, Lexie Bay, K D Grace and Rebecca Bond. It’s based around the theme of voyeurism and has been illustrated by the uber talented Florian Meacci.

Here’s a little more about it:

Kojo Black has compiled five titillating tales from erotica’s sultriest mistresses! Sweetmeats Press proudly presents a deliciously dissolute anthology of voyeurism –Immoral Views. Illustrated by Florian Meacci.

The Circus by Kay Jaybee
The line is blurred between spectator and performer in a theatre of pleasure and pain!

Inside Looking Out by Lexie Bay
Adventurous Izzy spans two continents in a search for her perverted Prince Charming.

Alloted Views by K.D. Grace
A nosey gardener is treated to a raunchy ritual through her bedroom window.

Painted Pussycat by Rebecca Bond
An innocent student is welcomed into the Circle of Ink where tattoos, bondage and exhibitionism are all part of her initiation.

Caught in the Act by Lucy Felthouse
And finally, a young policeman risks his reputation and his job for the adrenaline rush of sex alfresco!

Sound tempting? Of course it does! Check out the book page on my site for an excerpt from my story as well as the buy links. Bear in mind, though, that not all of the eBook versions of Immoral Views will carry the illustrations, dependent on the retailer’s rules. The paperback, however, definitely carries the illustrations and will be available from the 7th November. If you can’t wait to get your hands on the seriously smutty stories, though, then get yourself over to Smashwords pronto! 😉


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The Workout Part One

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Relieved, he shuffled to the nearest bench and sat down, the cold black leather a shocking contrast to the heat radiating from his body. He sighed and wiped his damp forehead on the towel draped around his neck. Continue reading