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Hi everyone,

What do you think to this luscious cover, created by the cover art whizz that is Posh Gosh of Totally Bound Publishing? I think it’s amazing! The Over the Knee anthology is due to hit the shelves in October. It contains my story, Properly, Or Not At All, as well as tales from Ashe Barker, Lily Harlem, Katy Swann, Wendi Zwaduk and Dolly Watt.

Here’s a taster of what my story’s about:

Tristan and Jayme are not only devoted husband and wife, they are also Dominant and submissive, with a particular penchant for spanking. They’ve been playing delicious kinky games for the fifteen years they’ve been together and couldn’t be happier. However, when Tristan develops a health issue that means he can’t redden his wife’s backside for a while, it puts both of them under a lot of strain. It’s a big part of their sex life, and one they’ll miss badly.

They try to find a way around their unfortunate predicament, but it’s not easy. In the end, Tristan declares that he will either spank Jayme’s bottom properly, or not at all.

The prospect of no spanking at all dismays Jayme, but she has no other choice. Or does she? Continuing to put her mind towards the issue, she indulges in some solo experimentation, with mixed results.

But how will Tristan feel when he finds out his wife has gone behind his back?

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

2015 BDSM Blog Hop

BDSMhop2015buttonHi everyone,

I’m delighted to be taking part in the BDSM Blog Hop again! Last time I talked about why I write BDSM. This time, I’d like to talk about having some fun with BDSM.

For those of you that don’t know, I’m part of a group of writers called The Brit Babes. We also have our own fantastic street team. Naturally, one of the unavoidable topics amongst erotica and erotic romance writers is Fifty Shades of Grey. Since we release one anthology a year, we decided to make this year’s a twist on BDSM and billionaires. The result is Sexy Just Got Rich: Brit Babes Do Billionaires.

My story is called The Next Big Thing and has a real twist on the theme. I decided to have the character in my story write “the next big thing” after Fifty Shades of Grey and be utterly gobsmacked by the result. It’s a femdom erotic romance, and I really had fun playing around with this particular theme and putting a unique spin on it. So did my fellow Brit Babes, and the anthology is 90,000 words of kinky naughtiness. It’s also on sale at the moment, for just $0.99/99p in eBook format – so now couldn’t be a better time to check it out!

Please be sure and enter my giveaway, then scroll down and check out the rest of the blogs on the hop!

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

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The Gonzo Collection by Daddy X #bdsmerotica #spanking #bondage #submission

The Gonzo CollectionBlurb

“… the only people who really know (the Edge) are the ones who have gone over.” –Hunter S. Thompson, Gonzo journalist.

Take a ride with Daddy over the edge. You won’t forget the distinctively drawn (and extremely horny) characters you’ll meet between these pages. An eighteen year old carnival hand nurses a crush for his gorgeous blond employer. A voyeur and his exhibitionist girlfriend find a window to peek through. A woman awaits her man while crouched naked on the floor, rear end pointed toward the door. An attempted rape is thwarted. A spy bites the dust. A man dates and mates with a fifty-foot woman. Mood and a sense of atmosphere bring it all to life in these twenty one gems of erotic excess.

Available from: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Barnes & Noble | Excessica | Kobo


Excerpt From “Carnival Ride” (Rated PG)

All that night, Tim thought Lulu seemed changed from the previous years. Tired, he thought. Distracted. Maybe getting over some illness. He stuck around, nervous, while she counted the receipts after closing at midnight. Nobody had won anything.

“Does he hit you?” he blurted out, surprising himself that he’d actually said what he’d imagined so many times.

“Don’t you worry, Tim. I’ll be fine,” she said, stashing two twenties in a compartment in her wallet, then putting the rest in a tin strongbox.

In the past Hoyt would take it all.

“How’d we do?”

“Always good opening night,” she replied. “It usually gets less, after they see they ain’t gonna win anything. Embarrasses ‘em to lose.”

“Does it bother you, Lulu? Ripping people off all the time?”

“Nah. See how they flock in? Every friggin’ year. Year in, year out, they come to get took. These hot summer nights—like the moths flittin’ around them lights, Tim—all they think about is gettin’ drunk and gettin’ laid.”

“Yeah,” he chuckled. “That’s the way it is for guys, for sure.”

“The girls are lookin’ for it too, honey,” she pointed across the dusty lot. “Still a few floatin’ around. There’s a couple of cuties over on that last Ferris wheel ride, son. You’s off work now. Go hang by the gate where they get off.”

“I’d just as soon talk to you.”

“Aww, you sure are a good one, Tim. You want a cold beer? I got some over in the trailer.”

“I’ll follow you,” he said hopefully.

“Nope. You better stay here,” she winked. “No telling who’s watching. Don’t want no rumors gettin’ back to ol’ Hoyt.”

While Lulu sashayed to her trailer, Tim waited alone at the booth, watching her illuminated figure slink into the humid black void surrounding the strings of harsh bulbs.  Thinking how he could get her somewhere. Somewhere alone.


DaddyXHeadShotAbout the Author

Daddy X always wanted to be a dirty old man.

He survived the 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s, and George W. Bush. He maintained an (almost) steady trajectory through Catholic school, a paper route, muskrat trapping, a steel mill, Bucks County, the Haight Ashbury, North Beach, the SF bar business, drug addiction, alcoholism, a stroke, hep C, cancer, a liver transplant, a year of chemo, a stickup at his art gallery while tied to a desk (not as cool as it sounds), a triple bypass, heart attack…and George W. Bush.

Now he’s old, and it’s time to get dirty.

He’s been with Momma X (greatest editor on earth) for fifty years, but she thinks his stuff is too skievy to deal with. They live in northern California with a ninety pound lop-eared hound (17” wingspan) and two cats.  Daddy is also published in anthologies by Naughty Nights Press, House of Erotica and most recently in Cleis Press’ Best Bondage 2015.


Live and Let Live #FreedomHop

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to be taking part in the Freedom Hop, which is a celebration of our freedom to live, love and read. For those of you that stop by here regularly, you’ll know this means a lot to me. I’m very much of the opinion that as long as they’re not hurting anyone else, people should be free to be with whoever they like. Live and let live.

Here’s a snippet from my M/M erotic romance, Native Tongue, which features a couple of gorgeous guys who know better than most about the effects of not being free… be sure to check it out, then scroll down and enter the giveaway (by the way, I’m away from the computer this week, so I’ll be drawing my winner on the 12th July), then check out the rest of the blogs on the hop. Enjoy :)


“Thank fuck you live alone.” At that, Wilkes fully closed the gap between them, put his hands on Balkhi’s shoulders and pushed him roughly against the door.

Letting out a squeak of surprise, Balkhi’s eyes widened.

Wilkes didn’t stop to look into them. Instead, he moulded his body against his lover’s, cupped his face and moved in for a kiss. The first kiss, the first physical contact of any kind that they’d had in weeks, and it was obvious how much they both needed it. Balkhi’s mouth opened immediately to admit Wilkes’ tongue, and he wallowed in all the emotions coursing through him; lust, need, relief… Delicious sensations followed; the scratch of Balkhi’s goatee against Wilkes’ clean-shaven face, the heat of Balkhi’s mouth, the swirl and thrust of his tongue, the press of his erection against Wilkes’ own.

Fucking hell, I’ve missed this.

It occurred to him that really, he hadn’t missed it per se, because the two of them had never had it quite like this before. Always, without exception, they’d been worried about being discovered. They’d never had true privacy, never had the luxury of being together without looking over their shoulders, or at the very least, being conscious of making too much noise. God, this was almost going to be like their first time all over again. They’d be able to let go completely. Wilkes had a feeling it was going to be utterly mind-blowing.

Despite this, he was determined not to rush things. Yes, he wanted nothing more than for the two of them to get naked and horizontal, then hot and sweaty, but he also wanted for them to take their time. To tease, to torment, to explore each other’s bodies in minute detail. Technically, they’d been having sex for months, but certainly not as frequently as they’d have liked, and the vast majority of the times they’d been together had been snatched, rushed moments. This time, it would be different.


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Mid Week Tease: Then, unexpectedly, there was silence. #MWTease

MWTease15Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week, I’m sharing another tease from Native Tongue, my M/M erotic romance novella. Enjoy!

Native TongueJust pulled into a parking space downstairs. I’m here! H x

Balkhi would have to buzz him into the building—apparently they’d had issues with anti-social behaviour in the past, so the only people that could access the building now, even the communal areas, were those with keys.

Returning his phone to his pocket, Wilkes began gathering his belongings from the front of the car, before exiting and moving around to the boot. Popping it open, he retrieved his weekend bag, then closed up and locked the vehicle. Looking around—fortunately the car park was well-lit, so he could see where he was going—he spotted one of the doors that stood between him and his boyfriend. He strode purposefully towards it, not wanting to waste any more time—they only had the weekend together.

As he reached the outer door, he realised he wouldn’t need to be buzzed in, after all. Standing just on the other side, visible through the glass, was Balkhi. The Afghan swung the door open so quickly that Wilkes had to jump back to avoid being smacked in the face.

Balkhi gasped. “Shit, sorry!”

“It’s okay,” Wilkes replied, shrugging.

Then, unexpectedly, there was silence. Wilkes’ heart pounded again. Crap—what was going on? Since when did the two of them have nothing to say to each other? Then he realised—it wasn’t that they had nothing to say, it was that they had so much to say that apparently neither of them could decide how to begin. There was also the fact they were in public to consider.

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Vanquished by Allyson Young


In the future, Earth negotiated a treaty with the Shadalla, only to wage another war with the Juxtant. Together, humans and Shadalla defeat that mortal enemy, but corruption and greed always prevails.

Vayne Palldyn, Sovereign of the planet Nibiru, is determined that his species not become extinct, and will take revenge on those who unleashed that genetic bio weapon. His kind has kidnapped human women before, and despite the Treaty none returned to Earth—the Shadalla have a biological advantage in seducing Chosen mates.

Honorably discharged warrior Neira Grekhov boards the starship Astris, seeking peace but succumbing to soul sickness. Until the Astris is boarded by pirates.

Spying Neira ferociously defending her fellow passengers, Vayne pursues her, as his Chosen. Neira resists, and despite healing her emotionally the Sovereign wonders if he must concede defeat at the hands of this infuriating woman.

Then the stars align and truths are discovered…

Available from: Amazon UK | Amazon US | All Romance eBooks | BookStrand | Evernight Publishing



Daggers at the ready, the three pirates once again approached the doors. Vayne spied a young, fair-haired male standing wide-eyed, his mouth dropping open as Barek, Duff and their Captain charged from the lift. Vayne followed on their heels, wincing as they mowed the young man down with a hit to the head. Then all chaos descended.

A significantly smaller figure, dressed completely in black, waded into the triangle of pirates. It laid Barek low with well-placed blows to his knees and an uppercut to his jaw as he fell to the ground. The baton inflicting the punishment flashed in a blur of movement to match the warrior’s whirling grace. Vayne was already moving to assist when the fighting dervish dealt with Duff, body moving with grace and deadly intent, bringing the pirate down with punishment to his kidneys. Short black hair gleamed in the harsh lighting as the warrior spun to take on Captain Ristos.

Vayne used his shocker, nearly catching one slender, black clad shoulder as their opponent made contact with Ristos’ ribcage, the baton making a dull, wet sound. But the little warrior whirled out of range, turning to renew the attack, and the bolt spent itself harmlessly against the bulkhead. Vayne’s cock filled and stood at full attention, causing him considerable discomfort in his tight-fitting space uniform. By the shades of Turco, it was a female. He locked eyes with orbs a brilliant shade of the golden gemstones so prized on his planet before she charged, moving gracefully on the balls of her bare feet.

“He dies!” Duff’s howl cut through the tension as Vayne prepared to defend himself, and the female halted, stumbling as she did so. Duff held his weapon at the young male’s throat, vicious intent written across his features.

“No, don’t,” the lithe beauty called out, and Vayne watched, transfixed, as she dropped to her knees, carefully laying down the lethal weapon she used so efficiently. She then clasped her hands behind her neck.

Nothing in her posture spoke of true submission, but it didn’t matter to Vayne’s cock. That appendage throbbed painfully and he was at a loss as to how to calm it. Never had he ever… Vayne struggled to make his body move. Ristos moved first.

Kicking aside the baton, he gestured to Duff, who released his hold on the still-unconscious young male. Was this woman attached to the man? Vayne shook his head. It didn’t matter. She was now his.

“Secure her.”

Ristos bent and clipped a pair of solar cuffs around the woman’s wrists, and Vayne approved of how efficient the captain was, yet afforded the little female respect. He wasn’t the only male to appreciate her attempt to defend this deck. The restraints emitted slight whirring sounds as they engaged. Charged by any light source, they were virtually impervious to tampering and would open only to the owner’s print. Vayne pulled the control from the captain’s hand, entered his own print to replace that of Ristos’, then crushed the control beneath his boot.

As desperate as the Shadalla were, their scientists had confirmed the compatibility of Earth females to breed and bear their children, and some of his species’ males had actually found their chosen. Gone was Vayne’s need to merely pick a female out of the women on this ship, using careful parameters to ensure she was suited for his position, able to bear his children, and of a nature and appearance to stimulate his desires in order to put those offspring in her belly. Royal concubines weren’t unheard of, after all, and the odds of him finding a chosen were slight. But he couldn’t look any further, impossibly drawn to this imperious warrior at his feet. And should he ever be fortunate enough to find an actual chosen mate, this lovely woman would retain concubine status, regardless.

“Bring the men out. Offer. I’ll send my exec to scrutinize the females.” He wasn’t that overwhelmed to forget he had a duty to other men in his service.

He reached down and fit a hand under the elbow of the female, and his world turned upside down. The physical attraction had been immediate, granted. But the instant he touched her and her scent enveloped him, his brain exploded with a revelation he’d only experienced once in his life—and a very subdued and pale version at that. One manipulated by science. Vayne didn’t need another minute with her to understand the symptoms and wished to shout his joy out loud. She was a chosen and not his future concubine. She came up with the lightness of gossamer, and only his quick reflexes saved him from a knee to the groin as he turned to catch the blow on his thigh. Little spitfire.



Author Bio:

Allyson Young lives in cottage country in Manitoba, Canada with her husband of many years and numerous pets. She worked in the human services all across Canada and has seen the best and worst of what people bring to the table. Allyson has written for years, mostly short stories and poetry, published in small newspapers and the like, although her work appeared in her high school yearbooks too! After reading an erotic romance, quite by accident, she decided to try her hand at penning erotica.

Allyson will write until whatever she has inside her is satisfied- when all the heroes man up and all the heroines get what they deserve. Love isn’t always sweet, and Allyson favours the darker side of romance.

Come and Get Your Love by Tina Donahue (@tinadonahue) #erotica #romance #giveaway

Come and Get Your LoveBlurb:

Their desire wasn’t supposed to be real…

With millions willed to her in an incentive trust, Lissa can get the dough to start her own country music label when she meets one of the no-contest clauses. Namely, reach middle age in twenty years, work in the hated family business for a decade, or marry someone not in the music biz.

Marriage it is, at least for a year to satisfy her greedy brother who wants the inheritance.

Enter Cass, a hot Texas rancher who dampens Lissa’s panties. With a pile of medical bills from his brother’s accident, Cass agrees to wed Lissa. She’s sweet to look at, surprisingly pleasant for an Atlanta debutante, and makes his jeans feel tight as hell despite their no-sex contract.

Uh-huh. The devil’s in the details. Longing gazes turn to tender intimacy and wild nights with pretend feeling all too real.

Damn shame it may be too late with her brother gunning for them both.

Available from: Amazon UK | Amazon US


Teaser One


Lissa trembled slightly at his approach, delight mingling with uncertainty that she was actually going to do this.

He stopped near enough to touch but not to intimidate. “Nice to meet you.”

The world shifted slightly at the quiet thunder of his voice, rumbling and deep, unbelievably sexy. However, Lissa also heard caution.

Before either of them bolted, she offered her hand. “Mr. Bronson.”

“Please, call me Cass. We are engaged, right?”

He had a beautiful smile. His teasing wasn’t bad either. “We are. So you best call me Lissa.”

“Lissa it is.” His hand swallowed hers, his skin warm and dry, palm deliciously calloused.

Lissa’s knees wavered, and her pussy creamed. Good lord, he felt good and smelled awesome. Something fresh and woodsy with a hint of vanilla. Old Spice? She leaned closer to get another whiff, the top of her head coming only to his shoulder. His pecs strained against his tee with his breath.

She never knew a man’s chest or shoulders could be so broad or his hair so freaking perfect. Thick, shiny, a warm chocolaty color falling in tousled waves over his forehead. His brows were also dark, his skin bronzed from the sun, eyes a surprising shade of gray with laugh lines at the corners and an inner fire that stole her breath.

What in the world would he be like in bed when he unleashed his passion? How did he behave with a woman he really liked and truly wanted?

So much longing pulsed through Lissa, she couldn’t think.

Auggie cleared his throat loudly.

Ignoring the intrusive noise, Cass ran his thumb over hers, making Lissa’s teeth tingle.

“We should go inside and get the legalities taken care of,” Auggie mumbled.

With his reminder that this was merely a deal, not a love match, Lissa finally eased her hand from Cass’.

After regarding her for a tantalizingly long moment, Cass inclined his head to the house. “We can talk in the kitchen.”

Auggie took Lissa’s arm to keep her from following, possibly drooling. Leaning into her, he whispered, “It’s only for a year. Remember that. It will end.”

Of course, it would. Auggie didn’t have to keep reminding her of the obvious. Even if this hadn’t been a business arrangement, Cass wasn’t going to fall in love with her. None of the other men in her life had, except for Auggie. The guys Lissa had dated and foolishly hoped she’d share a future with were interested in her pedigree or wealth, not what she had to offer as a person.

Suppressing a sigh, she gave Cass a nervous smile as he held the front door open. “Thank you.”

He regarded her with easy warmth. “My pleasure.”

Damn, he was hot and nice. The whole enchilada. Once inside the house, Lissa calmed her wayward lust by taking in the front parlor that boasted polished hardwood floors along with Victorian knickknacks and furniture. The room smelled lemony fresh and clean, genuinely loved.

She smiled. “What a beautiful place.”

“Grandma and Mom did all the decorating.”

He was directly behind her, sending Lissa’s pulse into a sprint from his voice and proximity. If Lissa hadn’t known better, she would have sworn she felt his body heat. “They did a great job.”

“Thanks. Kitchen’s this way.”

Lissa and Auggie followed him through a hall with snug rooms on either side, all with high ceilings and vintage furniture. The kitchen was as immaculate as the rest of the house, the appliances old but well cared for.

Although she’d grown up in one sumptuous Atlanta mansion after another, they’d always seemed like museum displays to Lissa. None a real home where people actually lived and loved.

This was a place where she could easily picture Cass as a child. A tall boy, to be sure, but one who had run down the narrow halls, whooping and hollering as he waved his baby Stetson. Thinking of that, she grinned.

“Lis?” Auggie said, pulling out a chair for her. He had their laptops on the kitchen table next to where Cass had his.

“Would you like some ice tea, Dr. Pepper, milk?” Cass hung his Stetson on a hook. “Or would you prefer something stronger?”

Lissa stopped tapping her feet against the floor and gave him a brief glance. A longer one would have had her grinning like a fool or whistling a happy tune. “Nothing for me, thanks.”

“Mr. St. Claire?”

“I’m fine.” Auggie finished setting up his computer.

Cass sank into the chair next to hers, facing Lissa as he stretched his legs to the side, crossing them at the ankles.

A wave of his fragrance rolled over Lissa, this time tinged with musk that made her head swim. She wondered what size boots he wore. Crossing her legs, she lifted her big toe, gently touching the side of his jeans.

“Ready?” Auggie asked.

Reminded of what had brought her there, Lissa suddenly wasn’t. She lowered her foot from Cass’ jeans.  “No.”

Teaser Four


Tina Donahue Banner


I’m an award-winning, bestselling novelist in erotic, paranormal, contemporary and historical romance for Kensington, Samhain Publishing, Ellora’s Cave, Siren Publishing, Booktrope, Luminosity, and indie. Yay! Booklist, Publisher’s Weekly, Romantic Times and numerous online sites have praised my work, and trust me, I’m forever grateful for that. I’ve had my books reach finals in the EPIC competition, one title was named Book of the Year at a review site, and others have won awards in RWA-sponsored contests. I’m actually featured in the 2012 Novel & Short Story Writer’s Market. Talk about feeling like a freaking star. Before my writing career, I was the editor of an award–winning Midwestern newspaper and worked in Story Direction for a Hollywood production company. Outside of being an admitted and unrepentant chocoholic, I’ve flown a single-engine plane (scary stuff), rewired an old house using an electricity for dummies book, and have been known to moan like Meg Ryan in When Harry Met Sally whenever I’m eating anything Mexican or Italian. Yeah, I like to eat (burp).

You can check me out here – yes, I am everywhere!  :)

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