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Desert-Heat_teaser1Here’s a delicious treat for you all… an exclusive excerpt from my m/m military erotic romance novella, Desert Heat, which will be released on the 13th October as part of the Unconditional Surrender boxed set. Be sure to pre-order your copy now to ensure you get it at a bargain price, as we’ll be raising the price after release. When you’ve checked out the excerpt, be sure to scroll down and check out the giveaway details, too!



Closing his eyes, he forced himself to relax and let his brain do what it wanted. Naturally, it veered straight back to Balkhi. Balkhi as Wilkes had first met him, in dish-dash and flip-flops. Balkhi in British Army uniform and sturdy boots. Finally, Balkhi in nothing but a smile, his long, lean body hard and tempting. His dark skin shone in the light, shifting over muscles and sinews as Balkhi waited for Wilkes to make a move.

“Touch your cock,” Wilkes said in his fantasy, while in real life his hand tugged down his boxer shorts and released his own. “Touch it for me. Stroke it. Squeeze it.” Each sentence mirrored his own actions, and within seconds his shaft was as hard as fantasy-Balkhi’s, which was now tipped with pre-cum.

Balkhi did as he was asked, his long fingers wrapping firmly around his dick, shifting up and down. The skin around his knuckles paled slightly as he obeyed the last command—squeeze it. His pupils were so large that his eyes looked almost black, and his bottom lip jutted out temptingly as he panted. Wilkes wanted to nip it between his teeth, make Balkhi gasp with the sharp bolt of pain, then pull the plump flesh into his mouth and suck it all better.

Remembering it was all in his head and that he could do whatever the hell he damn well wanted, Wilkes acted on his impulse. Balkhi tasted and felt as good as he looked, and Wilkes pumped his cock harder and faster, wishing he didn’t have to keep quiet. Not that anyone would do anything if they noticed what sounded like come-noises emanating from the boss’ tent, but no doubt he’d have the piss taken out of him at some point for being heard tossing off. And, knowing his luck, they’d bring it up in front of Balkhi, and then Wilkes would die of embarrassment on the spot.

Dropping to his knees, Wilkes hurriedly shoved Balkhi’s hand away from his shaft and took a moment to study it. Just like the man it belonged to, it was not too big, not too small, and yet far from average. Circumcised, the head was fully visible; nothing was hidden beneath folds of skin. Reaching out, Wilkes wrapped his fingers around it, unable to stop the grin that spread across his face as it hardened further beneath his touch.

Shifting a little to get the perfect grip, Wilkes then began to masturbate Balkhi, in long, steady strokes, squeezing just a little harder as he got to the base, releasing the tension as his hand traveled up the length. Then he reversed the technique, playing around to see what Balkhi liked best, what made him gasp, what made him moan. Everything seemed to have the desired effect, so Wilkes picked up speed and grew rougher with his strokes, delighted when more clear liquid beaded at the dark purple head.

Unable to resist, he stuck out his tongue and tasted it. A hiss escaped from between Balkhi’s teeth. Wilkes did it again, and again, poking his tongue deep into the slit, pulling out more of the salty liquid and drinking it down eagerly. God, he wanted to make him come in his mouth, make his cock throb between his lips and his balls empty their load down his throat.

Making sure his mouth was plenty wet, Wilkes licked his lips then sunk them onto Balkhi’s cock. It tasted good, so fucking good. Clean, musky, salty. Masculine. Wilkes had barely started and already he was hooked.

Concentrating on the head for a while, he got it soaked with saliva, letting it dribble down the shaft and onto his fingers. Then he used his hand to pump the base while his lips, teeth and tongue teased the tip, gradually working down and down until he needed to move his hand out of the way. Continuing on, Wilkes pulled in a deep breath through his nostrils, willing himself to relax as the head of Balkhi’s cock flirted with his gag reflex. Pushing through the initial discomfort, he swallowed, taking it in, gratified to hear Balkhi’s yelp, and feel desperate fingers grip his scalp.

Fuck, he felt powerful and vulnerable all at once, and it was perfect. Utterly perfect. Working his throat around Balkhi’s cock, he hoped it would be enough to make him come. His hands now free, he reached down and began teasing Balkhi’s balls, rolling them gently in the soft sac, tugging, squeezing lightly. A strangled sound came from above, and Wilkes smiled in his head.


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And, as promised, here’s an awesome giveaway to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the repeal of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell law. Full details and Rafflecopter at EM Lynley’s place: http://www.emlynley.com/blog/2014/09/celebrate-dadt-repealed/

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Sunday Snog – Stately Pleasures

Sunday Snog

Stately PleasuresIt’s time for another Sunday Snog, yay! This week, I’m sharing a sexy snog from Stately Pleasures, my M/F/M BDSM erotic romance novel from Xcite Books. I’m having to recycle some older snogs, I’m afraid, as I’ve got a bit of a break between releases. I hope you’ll forgive me – I’m working on new books, promise ;)

It seemed Ethan really was eager to help out, as he got to the ballroom only a couple of minutes after she did. ‘So, where do you want me?’

Several possible responses went through her mind, and every single one of them was sexual, involving him being in a state of undress. Instead, she gave him a wicked grin and said nothing.

‘You naughty girl.’ He crossed the room towards her. ‘But I suppose had the roles been reversed, I’d have had a similar response.’

‘Can you blame me?’ Alice said. ‘Especially since it’s been a while since we last … you know.’

Ethan gave a little growl. ‘And don’t I know it? Things have been crazy, haven’t they?’ He glanced at his watch. ‘You know, we could probably make up for it a little bit now, before the place opens.’

She raised her eyebrows. ‘Are you serious? Here? Now?’

Ethan moved closer to her, then pulled her into his arms. She could feel his cock beginning to stir in his trousers. ‘I can’t think of anything better, can you?’

Without giving her a chance to reply, he leant down, slanting his mouth over hers. She responded, wrapping her arms around him and opening her mouth to allow his tongue entrance. As always, she thoroughly enjoyed kissing him. He was damn good at it, with his wicked lips, versatile tongue, and plenty of knowledge of what to do with them. The large, strong hands that were currently inching up her dress went a long way in ramping up her arousal too.

She shifted her own hands down to grab his arse, pulling him more tightly to her. The insistent press of his now fully erect cock against her stomach made her hungry for it. For him. Pulling away from their kiss, she sucked in a hasty breath. ‘H-how long have we got?’

Grabbing her wrist and pushing her hand onto the bulge of his crotch, he replied, ‘Long enough.’

You can get your hands on Stately Pleasures here.

Add it to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20718063-stately-pleasures

Also, don’t forget to head back to Blissekiss and see what other luscious lip to lip action other authors have posted. Yum!


My Sexy Saturday #39 – Our Sexy Romance #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is our sexy romance. I’m sharing an excerpt from Stately Pleasures, my M/F/M BDSM erotic romance novel.

Alice walked over to give him a playful swipe. She never got the chance. He grabbed her wrist and pulled her so she was pressed up against him. With his free hand he gripped her chin and captured her lips in a smouldering kiss that turned her pussy molten within seconds. She succumbed to him, returning his kiss for a minute or so before pulling away and murmuring, ‘That sounds like a perfect plan to me. In fact, I can’t think of anything better.’

‘I’m glad to hear it,’ Jeremy said. ‘We’ve waited for you for a very long time, and we hated the thought of having to let you go. Now we don’t have to, I’m a very, very happy man.’

‘That makes two of us,’ Ethan said from close behind her. She turned in Jeremy’s arms to face her other lover, reached up and slipped her arms around his neck. He bent and kissed her, his skilful lips and tongue sending her pussy into a complete meltdown.

Sandwiched between the two sweetest, kindest, most attractive men she’d ever met, Alice sent her heartfelt thanks to whatever deity might be listening. She was the luckiest girl in the damn world.

‘Hey, Alice,’ Jeremy murmured into her ear.

She didn’t pull away from Ethan. Instead she made a “uh-huh?” noise into his mouth, knowing Jeremy would hear it.

‘I love you.’

You can buy Stately Pleasures here.

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Seduced by the Daredevil by Jorja Lovett

Thanks for hosting me today, and sharing in the new release madness! Seduced by the Daredevil is available now and is a bit of a departure from my usual style. It started life as a medical romance, but there are definitely moments of rom com in there, as you can see from the excerpt…

Seduced by the DaredevilBlurb

Sparks fly when ‘Miss Stuffy Knickers’ Andrea Bolan meets her match in daredevil Matt King. There’s nothing quite like a passionate kiss to motivate a girl to jump off a building in the name of charity. With her inhibitions left far behind she begins to see the benefits of no-strings fun and sets her sights on her sexy abseiling instructor, but things don’t go exactly to plan.

Adrenaline junkie Matt fights his demons by living his life on the edge and an uptight dietitian definitely isn’t his usual type. But, when they’re thrown together at work there’s no denying the chemistry. Lust is easy for him to deal with, but he doesn’t do commitment.

A sizzling affair catches them both by surprise but if they’re not careful their pasts might just cost them any chance of future happiness.



Matt was eternally grateful he had bought the apartment close by, overlooking the River Lagan. He had enough trouble keeping his hands off Andrea for the duration of the five-minute journey. Small talk with a driver in no obvious hurry was the last thing he wanted, with seduction on his mind. He held it together until they pulled up outside the apartment block.

“Cheers, mate.” He threw a few notes through the window and pulled a giggling Andrea from the passenger seat.

Lust fuelled their journey and they half-ran to the entrance of the exclusive new complex. The few steps leading to his front door were taken in such a frenzied rush to reach their destination that Andrea stumbled on those impossibly high heels.

“Are you okay?” On autopilot, he knelt down to her crumpled position on the step and carefully removed her shoe to check for any swelling.

“I’m fine.” She giggled again and held up the broken heel of her shoe.

“Thank goodness that’s the only casualty,” he said, and swept her, and the broken stiletto, up into his arms to carry her the rest of the way. With one hand fiddling with the lock and the other cradling Andrea close to him, who said men couldn’t multitask?

Once inside, he set her back onto her feet and closed the door shut with the force of his body pinning hers against it. He wanted her naked, and that damn sweater which had teased him all day needed to go. Andrea didn’t resist when he lifted it to reveal the bounty beneath, but tugged at his T-shirt in response until pressing his naked skin to hers became as necessary as breathing. He impatiently hiked her top higher to strip her completely of it.

“Hold on a sec.” Andrea’s muffled voice came from the tangle of blue wool wedged around her head. He yanked until her head popped free, leaving that once-silky hair a veritable bird’s nest.

“That’s better,” she said. “Now you.”

He broke contact to get rid of the barrier, and those few seconds let him drink in the sight of her. In a white bra and jeans, hair mussed, and lips swollen from his tending, she was a far cry from the priss-miss he’d first encountered.

Man, what a turn-on.

The rapid rise and fall of her chest mesmerized him, but restrictive cotton denied him the full effect of her voluptuous cleavage. Eager to free her from all conservative binds, his fingers sought to unhook the fastening of her bra. A well-rehearsed tug and flick failed to open the catch, and he distracted her with a passionate kiss while he worked on it. First with one hand, then with two, he pushed and pulled to no avail.

Finally, he had to admit defeat. “I can’t get this bloody thing open, Andie.”

Resisting the urge to rip it off, Matt waited while she reached to undo it herself. She whipped her underwear off to release her pert breasts into view, and slung it in his direction. The bra catapulted directly into his face, the tail end popping him in the eye. Instinctively he clutched his eye and stifled a verbal wince.

“I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.” Through a watery haze, he saw her hand fly to her mouth in horror.

“Don’t worry, Andie. It’s not your fault.” He tried to blink back the watery sting to ease her guilt, but full apology mode had already kicked in.

“That was a stupid thing to do. I don’t know what I was thinking.”

His one good eye saw her bend to retrieve the makeshift weapon. She stood up and accidentally head-butted him between the legs, his groin suffering the next hit. His tongue nearly didn’t make it either, he bit it so hard to stop from crying out. The crippling agony doubled him in two and he fought to breathe through it. When, oh when, had his tried and tested methods of seduction turned into a comedy of errors?

“Why don’t we take this somewhere safer? Like the bedroom?” he asked in shallow bursts amid ragged breaths.

Andrea placed a self-conscious arm across her chest and limped to his bedroom, one foot shoeless and the other wobbling on a stiletto. He followed when the ache down below receded enough to allow movement.

Buy Links:

All Romance eBooks | Amazon US | Amazon UK | Bookstrand | Evernight Publishing


Author Bio

Jorja Lovett is a British author with both Irish and Scottish roots, which makes for a very dry sense of humour. Writing since she was old enough to wield a pen, it wasn’t until she joined her crit group, UCW, that she pursued her passion seriously.

Now, with Joe Manganiello as her permanent muse, if she can leave the pause button on her Magic Mike dvd long enough, she hopes to spend the rest of her days writing steamy romances.

Author Links: Blog, Facebook, Twitter, Website


Wicked Flower by Carlene Love Flores

Wicked FlowerHi everyone! Thanks for opening up your cyber doors to the Sin Pointe tour bus, Lucy! I hope you and your friends all had a nice hot summer, romantically speaking that is. Mine ended on a steamy note with the release of Book 5 in my Sin Pointe series, Wicked Flower. This is Stefan Calderon’s story. He’s the bass playing lead singer of Sin Pointe and he was a very patient man who waited all this time for me to work up the nerve to write his story down. It wasn’t always easy to type the words coming out of his delectably naughty mouth, but I did it and looking back now, his moments are some of my favorites of the series. While we’re out and about, visiting in the cyber world with all you lovelies, I thought it would be fun to share a few faves. So thank you so much for having us and here is the first time Stefan showed us his soft, protective side. This one pops up back in the very first Sin Pointe novel, Sidewalk Flower. The heroine of that story, Trista—also the Sin Pointe personal assistant—wants nothing more than to have a quiet flight to the next tour gig and forget about the man breaking her heart. Stefan, of course, has a better plan for the heartbreaker…

“When do we land?” Stefan nudged her from across the aisle way. He was stretched out across two white leather seats. “Trista? You’re ignoring me. You know how I get when I’m ignored.” He pulled at one of her straggler curls.

“Ouch, Stefan. I’m not in the mood.” She looked at the time on her cell phone, glad to have some other reason to stare at it. “Seven hours, thirty minutes.”

Stefan pierced her with his dark brown eyes. “Trista, it’s gonna be a long six months, it’s all I’m sayin’. You want me to kick his ass for you?” He grinned and his eyes returned to their warm shade of chocolate.

Even though she loved him and he knew it, she ignored him coldly. Successfully. Stefan shrugged it off and closed his eyes to get some sleep but not before he leaned all the way across the aisle and plunked a kiss on her forehead.

And here is the Wicked Flower blurb:

epeditorsesal1s~Editor’s Pick

Sin Pointe front man Stefan Calderon is playing a very dangerous game and his mom’s live-in caretaker, Dani Foster, just landed right smack in the middle of it.

Practically strangers when Stefan rolls into his small hometown looking to patch things up with Mom, his and Dani’s worlds collide with a hot and intense hook up. He knows right away this woman will make the perfect partner for his two weeks in town. But when she realizes whose son he is, and what he’s there to do, sexy times come to an abrupt halt.

That is until they come up with a solution. Rules. Every game needs them. The question isn’t if they’ll break them, but when and how hard.

It’s a wickedly delicious game, one neither of them intends to lose.


Thanks again for letting me share with you today. If you’d like to spend more time with Stefan in his own book, you can find Wicked Flower at these lovely places:

Evernight Amazon US / Amazon UK / All Romance eBooks / BookStrand


Wanna add Wicked Flower to your Goodreads Shelf? You rock and thanks! https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23121017-wicked-flower



Carlene Love Flores is a big fan of the stars (especially Orion), honest music (especially Depeche Mode), and her traveling family (no favorites there-she loves them all). These things inspire her intimate style of romance writing. She feels honored to be a member of Washington DC Romance Writers (WRWDC), Romance Writers of America and the Waterworld Mermaids. Carlene currently lives in the San Diego area where she can often be found listening to live music and looking up at the sky on clear nights.  If she could touch someone’s heart with her writing the way others have done for her, she’d say truly there never lived a luckier girl.

Find Carlene Here, she’d love to hear from you:

Website  http://carlenelove.com/

Publisher  http://www.evernightpublishing.com/carlene-love-flores/

Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/6887320.Carlene_Love_Flores

Facebook  https://www.facebook.com/carlene.l.flores

Twitter  https://twitter.com/cloveflores


Mid Week Tease: “She’d never been so scared in her life” #MWTease

MidWeekTease2Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease. This week I’m sharing another tease from Timeless Desire, my paranormal erotic romance short story which released today – hurrah! This snippet follows on directly from last week’s.

Timeless DesireShe’d just put her feet back onto the floor after her third trip up the ladder when she felt something touch her right leg, down by her ankle. She wore trousers, so if it had been some kind of insect it was doubtful she’d have felt it. Besides, it was moving up and down, as though stroking her. Still looking forward at the ladder and grasping its handrails, Emily was frozen in place. She couldn’t move, speak, scream or even bring herself to look around.

She’d never been so scared in her life. The stroking sensation crept higher and higher until it reached her hip. Finally, something in Emily snapped and she screamed at the top of her lungs, lurched away from the ladder and ran out of the library.

Driven by nothing other than fear and the urge to get away from the library, Emily tore down the corridor, deciding on the spur of the moment that she was going to go and find George. She had no idea where his office was, but it couldn’t be that difficult to find. However, before she’d gotten much farther, George rounded the corner into the corridor, jogging toward her. His expression was one of confusion and concern and when he reached her, he put his hands on her shoulders, looking into her eyes.

You can get your copy of Timeless Desire here: http://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/timeless-desire/

And add it to your Goodreads shelves here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/22911436-timeless-desire

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Scream! For the Cure

Scream (6)

What it is:

The first-ever Scream! For the Cure is a multi-genre, multi-author online auction to benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer, hosted on the official Scream! For the Cure blog.

Beginning October 5th readers will have an opportunity to bid for baskets. The categories are Erotic Romance, Urban Fantasy, YA & Adult paranormal romance, and Horror/Suspense. We’ll be showcasing the baskets the week they go up for auction—detailing what’s in each basket and the contributing authors—with the auctions taking place on that Friday. In-between, we’ll also have guest posts on the blog from different authors and bloggers talking about their personal struggles with cancer, some who’ve battled the disease themselves, and some who have witnessed the ongoing struggle through someone else. It’ll also be a forum for people to talk about their experiences and maybe share some uplifting stories as well. Check out the official Scream ! For the Cure blog for more details!


Who it helps:

Stand Up 2 Cancer is one of leaders in supporting cancer research, and 100% of donations goes directly to research to end this horrible disease.


Auction Dates:

October 10

October 17

October 24

October 31

I'm Screaming for the Cure