My Sexy Saturday #64 – Their Sexy Talk #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress. This week I’m sharing another snippet from my M/M erotic romance story, Fired Up, which appears in Uniform Fetish: Manlove Edition – it follows on directly from last week’s. I’ll likely switch to something new next week.

“Straight ahead at the top of the stairs,” Greg said with a grin.

Without replying, Lucas headed for the door in question, opened it and maneuvered them both through without hitting either of them on anything. Kicking the door shut behind them, he crossed over to the bed and lowered Greg to the mattress.

“You don’t have to be quite so gentle, you know. I’m not saying that dropping me out of a second story window is a good idea, but you can toss me onto the bed without doing any damage.”

“Quit your sarcasm and get naked,” Lucas growled. “You said it yourself, we’ve got some lost time to make up for.”

Greg did as commanded, and did it way faster than Lucas expected. He was gazing at his friend’s naked body before he’d really prepared himself. And damn, it looked just as good as he remembered … better, actually, given the erection that stood proudly from its nest of tight curls. He’d never seen that before. His mouth actually watered a little as he drank in the sight—the lithe yet muscled form, the long, thick cock, and the wide grin plastered on his face.

“Your turn, hot fireman,” Greg said, raking his gaze up and down Lucas’s body. “Though at some point, we’ve gotta figure out a way for us to screw while you’re wearing the uniform. It’s fucking sexy. But right now, I want your skin against mine, your mouth on mine, your cock inside me.”

Lucas’s response was to shrug off his heavy jacket and let it fall to the floor. Then he removed his boots one by one, where they thumped onto the carpet. Next came his braces—the thick straps which held up his trousers—which he tugged off his shoulders before undoing his fly and shoving his trousers to his ankles. Stepping out of them, he shot a glance at Greg, who was watching him with a predatory expression on his face. He indicated Lucas should continue.

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Saturday Spankings #46 – “You want me to use this on you?” #SatSpanks

Saturday Spankings-467x200Hi everyone,

It’s time for another Saturday Spankings, which is where authors post eight-ish sentences of a spanking on their blogs. I’m including another snippet from erotica anthology, Multi-OrgasmicThis follows on from last week’s.

Closing the drawer, she then turned, moving her hand behind her this time. Moving towards her husband, she stood right in front of him, so their chests were almost brushing against one another. Then she reached around and pushed the paddle into his hand.

“I think you can work out the rest.”

Dean lifted his arm and looked at what he held. His eyebrows almost disappeared into his hairline. He shifted his glance back to her. “You want me to use this on you?”

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Jacey Holbrand Discusses Cooper’s Condition (@JaceyHolbrand)

Cooper's ConditionThank you for having me on your blog! I’m happy to be here today to let readers know about my newest release, “Cooper’s Condition”, from my series, The Agency. This series follows a couple, Evan and Seth, and their friends and co-workers as they deal with aliens and the ramifications of their encounters. There’s intrigue, lots of hunky guys, hot sex and men getting knocked up.

Yep, you read that right.

Some men get pregnant.

But you’ll have to read the stories to find out who’s affected, how and what happens. ;) The stories can be read as standalones but for maximum reading enjoyment they should be read in order: “The Encounter”, “Breeding Seth”, “Cooper’s Condition”.

For now, here’s some information on “Cooper’s Condition”.



Cooper Hanes has met the love of his life, Doctor Micha Levi, and the chemistry between them is instant and hot. Yet life takes a turn when they go on a fateful trip.

Alien abduction. Experimentation.

Cooper’s left to deal with the greatest challenge of the ordeal.

Being pregnant.

Can their lives and love survive the aftermath of the encounter and the changes that come with Cooper’s condition?

A gay erotic sci-fi story.



Micha’s expressions were so flirtatious and seductive, Cooper’s knees weakened for a moment, but he was able to gather his wits in spite of his raging libido causing him to go all moony eyed. He held out his hand. “I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself earlier. Cooper Hanes.”

“Micha Levi. Sorry I didn’t stick around to talk, but Doctor Lee and I don’t quite see eye to eye on certain issues, and we find it’s much easier to stay out of each other’s way.”

When the doctor shook his hand, a pinch of electricity bit into Cooper’s palm. The sexual magnetism he felt between them intensified. “No problem. Totally understand.”

“So, Cooper, are you new at the hospital?” Micha returned the dumbbells he’d been using to the rack. “How long have you known Doctor Lee?”

“I’m just there to consult on a couple of cases, help out the athletes who got a bit busted up and need some extra special TLC. Doctor Lee was one of my instructors in college so we go way back.” When he caught Micha wrinkling his nose, he added, “Professionally speaking, that is. I’ve only known him in the educational and work environments. For the most part I work out of the offices of Triumph Physical Therapy. I usually work out at the gym near there or the one near my apartment, but I didn’t feel like driving and losing my motivation along the way.” God, Cooper, stop babbling. He hated being nervous around other men. He needed to get the doctor talking. One, to shut himself up. Two, so he could listen to the slight accent the man had. “What about you? Been at the hospital long? Do you have a special focus in Orthopedics?”

“I do everything, but my interest really lies in adult spinal disorders and surgery of the spine. It’s delicate and intense work, but to see someone go from constant pain to minimal or no pain and have their quality of life improve is rewarding.”

“I get that. It’s wonderful to see the positive change in a person’s life when they heal.” A woman walked by and snagged the spot near the dumbbells, but a bench became available. “I want to do some presses. Willing to spot me?”

“Sure. Lead the way.”

Micha stood at the head of the bench and placed his hands out toward the bar but didn’t touch it. Cooper grasped the metal pole with fifty pounds worth of weight on either end and lifted it up and over the supports. As he executed a set of reps, he stared at the bulge in the front of Micha’s gym shorts.

The doctor’s cock… So close yet still so far away.

With a small sigh disguised in an exhale of exertion, he wondered how he would approach the subject of his and Micha’s sexual preferences, then mentally kicked himself. It wasn’t like this was his first go-round in the dating game. He had no idea why he was acting like a total noob.

Did the bulge in Micha’s shorts just get bigger?

Micha cleared his throat.

Cooper replaced the bar into the support section and gazed up at the man who was leaning forward and staring down at him.

“Mr. Hanes.” His mouth twisted upwards, not in a true smile but one he probably reserved for difficult patients in which he could silently say, I’m trying to be nice but you’re being irritating. Yet, there was an erotic naughtiness to the dark grin and shadow cast over his eyes. “Are you gay?” Micha’s low voice rolled with a beautiful Arabic tone.

He swallowed hard and made sure to meet Micha’s gaze full on. “Yes. You?”


A sudden sense of calm and ease filled Cooper, replacing the anxiety and filling him with a burst of confidence. Emboldened, he decided to be direct and very honest, feeling if he were to have a relationship with a doctor, this would be the best tactic to use. “Good. When we’re done here, I want to take you out for a drink and make out with you.”

For an instant, Micha’s gaze sharpened, seemed to ignite with passionate heat. “Why wait?”


Find Jacey Holbrand at
Evernight Publishing:
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Raven McAllan Talks Secrets

I love reading a series. Where I get the chance to meet new characters but be reacquainted with old ones.

So, I guess it was inevitable that once I found my voice and started to write, I’d enjoy writing series as well as reading them.

Diomhair, Gaelic for secret, began as a tiny seed of an idea, when I passed a ruined castle not far from where I live. In my mind, I could see it repaired and ready to be used for…


My mind went into overdrive. For a private BDSM club.

Once I thought that ideas hit me thick and fast. I went back to make sure it was really what I had in mind, and on my way out of the driveway, a white van came round the corner and missed me by inches.

The mystery was born.

So here we are at book four, Secrets Dispatched. Each book can be read as a standalone and shouldn’t spoil the others for you. The only real, common thread is *cue drum roll* the white van.

So Mr White Van Man, really your awful driving did me a favor. But you also took ten years off my life, so hey, don’t make a habit of it eh?


Secrets DispatchedBlurb…

What’s a girl to do when she finds herself stranded in a snow storm, in a BDSM club in a castle, with a Dom she’s lusted after for years?

At some time in their life, everyone has choices to make.

For Shane it could be a chance to rediscover her love of kink.

For Ross it’s the chance to tempt her to be his kitten

But Shane has to settle some demons before she can move forward.

Until then, well a little playing wouldn’t matter—would it?

However, play can become serious, and decisions have to be made that could change both their lives for ever.

This is their chance, to be together as Dom and sub or wave goodbye. But at Diomhair, nothing is as straightforward as you hoped, and Ross and Shane have a lot to do, before they can say yes…or no.


And a wee tease…

However, the one problem with sleet, Shane decided ten minutes later, was that it turned to snow. Heavy fat flakes that rapidly covered the windscreen, which the wipers had a hard time to dispel. Snow wasn’t something she encountered very often.  By then, she was travelling along a narrow drive, which according to the now annoyingly cheerful Sally, and a tiny discrete plaque on the gatepost, was the entrance to Diomhair, and was a private road—no trespassers. It was irritating to have to get out of the car to brush the snow off to read it, and debate on the wisdom of turning on to it. However, Shane was sure she’d read somewhere that there was no law of trespass in Scotland, even if Katrine hadn’t actually agreed with her when she’d asked the question earlier. Therefor, she ignored that bit as a warning to tourists and itinerant sales people.

Do you even get those these days? Isn’t it all telephone calls and spam emails? She was somewhat hazy on the subject and after all this was Scotland, not Australia. How was the net around here? Her phone, as well as the one she’d borrowed from the hotel was hovering on one bar of reception, and the radio in the car delivered very little music and almost total static.

Shane rounded a bend with care, and was relieved she had done so when the back of the car fishtailed and slid into a skid. She drove into the skid with competence and corrected it. She wasn’t an outback girl for nothing, even if she did live in the city now.

Ahead, almost hidden in the gloom, she could just make out a tall dark stone building with a turret.

A turret? Wow. It was a real castle it seemed and not some mock Victorian monstrosity. Shane hadn’t had time to research the history, or even if this Jess lived in it as her private home. Was it one house or apartments? Was it offices and a health club as well? Whatever it was, it was big and imposing and austere against the white of the snow. Shane fell in love with it there and then. How fantastic to live in it in any way.

The brief information she’d found on the net had been vague in the extreme. The car lurched over some unseen object, well hidden in the snow, and Shane brought her mind back to the alleged roadway. Wool gathering wasn’t a good idea in that sort of weather. She realised she was probably driving over the verge and not on the tarmac surface. If it was even tarmac, she had no way of knowing.

With hindsight she regretted setting off from the hotel without bringing an insulated mug of tea or one of the delicious looking cookies she’d spied to sustain her. Even though she’d had that big breakfast not long before her tummy rumbled and her mouth was dry. Apprehension or Excitement? A bit of both probably.

Nevertheless, by the time she pulled up outside a big wooden door, she was shaking and it wasn’t all down to the weather and lack of food. She decided she was scared. Scared that Jess might not be there, scared she was. Scared that Jess would hate her, not be prepared to talk and leave Shane unable to find completion. Shane switched off the engine, and watched the snow fall. It better slow down soon, or she’d be hiking back. Was it quicker cross country? How dare the snow defy the weathermen and come a day too soon?

Wuss, get out of the car. Or turn on the engine and go away for good and try to enjoy a cold wet holiday. She took a deep breath, did her coat up, pulled her hood over her head and stepped out of the vehicle. A blast of icy wind rocked her on her heels and almost took her breath away. The temperature had dropped considerably, and the snow was now so heavy her tyre tracks were almost obliterated.

Shane hoped to hell someone was at home, or she’d more than likely be found in spring as a frozen corpse inside her buried car. She moved toward the castle door with her breath making white, misty, spirals in the air and with snowflakes on her eyelashes. Thank goodness for contact lenses. Specs would be useless. Mind you she patted her pocket to make sure her lenses case and her glasses were there. She’d lost too many lenses in the past and ended up half blind not to carry specs around, annoying though it might be.

She looked at the walls of the castle and groaned. She had to get in there? Why not try something less challenging like breaking into the Royal mint wrestling with a croc.

 Okay you can do it. Deep breath and go.

The snow was piled up higher near those forbidding walls and even though she only had a few yards to trudge through it, her jeans were soaked by the time she searched for the doorbell. To her amusement it was an old fashioned tug rope type. Not that she felt much amused. Pissed more like. Could they not have an ordinary bell like everyone else? It would take a giant to get a good sound from it, not a five foot something woman.

She hauled and after a second or two, heard a deep clang echo inside the building.

“Come on, hurry up.” Shane pulled the bell again. “Please, please someone answer the bloody door.” She stamped her feet, and for the first time thought what an idiot she’d been to continue her journey to the castle once the snow started. Shane dipped her head to pull her hood further over her head in a vain effort to keep her hair dry. Already frizz-head hair had begun, and she’d have a devil of a job with it once she got it dried again. Not for the first time, Shane wished she’d kept it short in the style she’d cut it after the asshole experience, as she now called it. Instead, she let it grow, more as a way to show herself that Poisonous Pete the Plonker and his only long hair is acceptable diktat, wasn’t why it was long. The one thing she did do now, which he’d objected to, was using straighteners on it. Hence knowing that all her hard work was about to be ruined if no one answered the door.

“For fuck sake, open won’t you. What if I say open sesame? Or get on my knees and beg? Will that work?”

There was a grating noise, and a blast of heat hit her. Before Shane looked up someone spoke.

“Open sesame won’t. But I do like the idea of you on your knees and begging. I won’t make you do in in the snow though.”


Secrets Dispatched is available from:

Tomorrow it goes on general release and it will be available in paperback in Diomhair Vol 2

Happy days



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Mid Week Tease: “…please could you stop looking at me like that?” #MWTease

MWTease15Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease! This week, I’m sharing another snippet from Fired Up, which appears in the anthology, Uniform Fetish: Manlove Edition. Next week, I’ll probably switch to something new.

Uniform Fetish: Manlove Edition“Mate.” Greg waved his hand in front of Lucas’s face. “I understand you’re in shock, but please could you stop looking at me like that? I get it, really I do, but no amount of feeling sorry for me is going to help. I’ve had time to get used to it, come to terms with it, and I’m fine. Plus, when you have ever known me to give up? I’ve been told it’s unlikely I’ll ever walk again, but not impossible. So I’m clinging to that and clocking some serious time in the gym and with my physio. This is just temporary.”

Nodding slowly, Lucas replied, “Yes. Yes, you’re right. Okay, great.” The smile he conjured wasn’t a wide one, but it was genuine. “It really is good to see you, buddy.” He clapped Greg on the shoulder and turned to the woman. “And I’m really sorry for upsetting you, Mrs. Judd. I was just completely gobsmacked. Are you, um—”

“This is my sister, Violet,” Greg interjected. “Violet, this is Lucas Hartley, an old army mate of mine.” He continued as the other two nodded acknowledgment at each other. “I’m actually very independent, despite my predicament, but I thought it’d be a good idea to have Violet here while the smoke detectors were fitted. She’s much more sensible with this kind of stuff than I am.”

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25% Off Evernight Publishing Titles Until 5th April

Hi everyone,

I just spotted that All Romance eBooks is offering 25% off all Evernight Publishing titles until 5th April. And you know how much I like a bargain, so I just had to share!

You can bag the following Evernight anthologies containing my stories:

Happy Reading!
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Rumpled Between the Sheets by Kastil Eavenshade (@KEavenshade)

rumpledbetweenthesheets1mI must admit, I can’t help myself. Evernight Publishing’s Naughty Fairy Tale line is my favorite thing to write. I had the honor of having the first one with The Wolves of Argonne and I haven’t looked back. Unlike the first two, however, Witches & Lycans and Rumpled Between the Sheets are contemporaries with a little bit of an urban fantasy twist though the latter isn’t quite as prevalent. The female lead Mary dreams of something more than what a small mountain town full of secrets has to offer. Unfortunately for her, you can take the girl out of the backwoods but not the backwoods out of the girl. What inspired me for her is we all have these dreams of what we want to be in our lives. We work so hard to achieve that goal only to find that we’ve been chasing the wrong path. Fate has a way of twisting us in the right direction and for Mary, she finds what was missing.



Benjamin leaned against the elevator. His grimace pleased her. He obviously hated her choice of clothing.

“All the clothes I have for you and this is what you go with?” He flailed his fingers up and down her body.

“You’ll excuse me if I don’t believe fuck-me pumps like Ginger there is sporting are practical for being on your feet most of the day.”

He got closer to her. “You could always be on your back instead.”

“Uh, personal space?” She jabbed a finger into his stomach. Rock hard abs greeted her unpolished nail.

He backed off. “Of course.” The elevator opened. “After you.”

She rolled her eyes, a vain attempt not to fall for his arrogant charms. Mary hated men who were so forward. She’d been visually undressed by every man she came across in New York, and now here she was again with the same thing happening. Did it matter that he didn’t follow through on his innuendos? Or that he turned her legs to jelly when she locked onto his intense gray eyes?

They rode down in silence. She secretly snuck candid looks at him. His hand was in his pocket, making the jacket he wore ride up enough to reveal his taut buttocks. She feigned pushing her hair behind her ears when he glanced back. Ginger was her buffer. Without the woman riding along…

“Damn it,” she muttered. Benjamin should infuriate her yet the hum between her thighs craved his attention.

“A problem, Miss Becken?” Benjamin turned to her outburst.

She cleared her throat. “Nothing. I just remembered my favorite scissors are probably back at the shop.”

“I’m sure Miss Govern grabbed everything, per my direction.” He moved to the front of the elevator. “Welcome to your new workroom.”

The shiny metal doors parted and Mary had to contain her enthusiasm. While she loved her small workroom, Benjamin’s was ten times bigger than her whole shop. In the corner, looking drab against the white walls and tables, stood her favorite dress form. Her unfinished blue dress still adorned it.

“Miss Govern, large coffee and an egg salad sandwich on rye.” He snapped his fingers and shooed her with a flick of his wrist.

“And Miss Becken?”

“I’m not hungry, but some herbal tea would be great.” She picked through her fabrics, trying to ignore Benjamin.

“On your way, Miss Govern.”

Ginger paused, pursing her lips, before she hurried out of the room back to the elevator.

Mary snorted, not surprised by his crass behavior toward his employee. Maybe Ginger did mean to give him some competition. She walked past his highness and sat down in the corner area where the bulk of her materials were placed. On the table lay a hefty stack of papers. Her contract.

Leafing through the pages, she stifled a laugh. “You can’t be serious. Fifty pages?” She pushed it away.

“Well, we could come to some other agreement.” He sat on the edge of the table, clasping his hands together.

“Yeah. You could design your own collection and I could do mine and may the best person win.” She crossed her arms.

“If your fashion sense is anything like how you’ve dressed today, you haven’t a prayer without my guidance.”

“Well, they’re your designs, so obviously you don’t know how to make a cohesive collection.” She plucked at the top. “Tacky.”

“Have it your way.” He dug in his jacket and pulled out a check, placing in front of her. “For the materials you handmade for my use and enough for a ticket home.”

“I didn’t make this for you.” She ripped up the check, throwing the confetti in his face. “I made it for me.”

“Did I mention a sizeable sum has already gone into your bank account back in Bumfuck Hollow?” He shoved the contract her way. “I suggest you sit that pretty little ass of yours down and get reading. You do know how to read, right?”

“Fuck you, you arrogant bastard.”

He rounded on her and grabbed her by the waist. Her bottom hit the table and he positioned himself between her legs. “Is that what you want?”

“Wh-what?” She gasped as he bent her back, his body pressed against her. His hardness nestled between her legs and his hot breath teased her earlobe.

“I am willing to change the contract, Miss Becken, if you wish to be paid in another way.” He pushed her closer to his hard on. “You keep saying those words and that has me wondering something. What if I was to clip the buttons of this blouse off with my teeth one by one? Would you stop me or beg for me to continue?”

Beg. Definitely beg. “I—I—”



When Mary Becken’s mother passes away, she takes over her exclusive tailoring business. Not satisfied with the fabrics available, she unearths her mother’s loom and creates a new textile by weaving thin strands of gold. Soon her small mountain town of Beowulf Hollow is swarming with new customers and invitations come pouring in for New York Press Week.

Benjamin Elstiltzkin is downright ruthless when it comes to his fashion business, and no small town upstart is going to dethrone him as king of the fashion world. When he hatches a plan to force Miss Becken to work for him exclusively, the one thing he doesn’t expect is the temptation she poses to his never-ending bachelorhood.

With a deadline looming to gather his collection, Benjamin might have met his match in more ways than one.

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