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A Lick of Paint, Audiobooks and a Giveaway! #audiobooks #audible #giveaway

Hi folks,

Wow, it’s been a super-busy week here… but an exciting one, too.

First of all, you’ve probably already noticed that my website has been given a sexy new lick of paint – do you like it? I’ve also got matching Facebook and Twitter banners, as well as an email footer. I’m loving it! I just thought it was time to have a new look, and I’m really happy with the result.

Also, since I’m now into double figures with my audiobooks, I thought it’d be a good idea to make it easier for listeners to find them. Therefore I’ve created a new page listing all the audiobooks I currently have available, plus a lovely new button in the site’s sidebar which takes you to that page. To celebrate, I’m running a giveaway – five lucky winners can get their hands on one of my audiobooks – just use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Reading/Listening!

Lucy x

A Taste of Rome is Now Available in #audiobook format! #audible

Hi folks,

The third book in my World of Sin erotica series is now available in audiobook format! Narrated by the awesome Peter Revel-Walsh (he’s narrating another book for me soon – excited!), A Taste of Rome is now available for your audio delight from Audible, Amazon and iTunes.

Here’s what it’s all about:

Ryan Stonebridge and his friend Kristian Hurst have travelled to London and Paris on their “gap year” adventure, before starting university. Now it’s on to Rome.

The American girls they met in Paris are along for the ride, providing lots of sexy fun for the boys. But as no one in the foursome is looking for commitment, there’s still plenty of scope for hooking up with the locals. Voyeurism, cougars, risky outdoor sex and threesomes abound in the Italian leg of the boys’ European adventure.

Grab yours:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

I’m hoping to add more books to this fun series in the next few months. The pause came about due to publisher woes, which is unfortunate, but fingers crossed my Muse will co-operate and the boys can continue their sexy European adventures before too long!

Happy Listening,

Lucy x

A Taste of Paris is Now Available in Audio! #audio #audiobook #audible #erotica

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that book two in the World of Sin short erotica series, A Taste of Paris, is now available in audiobook format! Narrated by the fab Peter Revel-Walsh, it just landed on Amazon, Audible and iTunes for your listening pleasure. It will be followed closely by A Taste of Rome, which I’ve already approved – I’m just waiting on ACX to do their thing their end and approve it and make it available for sale.

So if you’re looking for a sexy, fun listen, then do consider checking out this series. I’m hoping to work on brand new books this year, which will be made available in both eBook and audio format.

Grab A Taste of Paris in audio:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
iBooks UK
iBooks US

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

Sweet Spot is Now Available in Audiobook Format! #audio #audible #audiobook

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to be stopping by to let you know that Sweet Spot is now also available in audiobook format! Narrated by the super-skilled Xanthia Bloom, you can hear the story brought to life!

Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:

Virginia Miller is an up-and-coming tennis star. She’s gone from a ratty tennis court in a park in south London, England, to the world’s top training facility—Los Carlos Tennis Academy in California. In awe of the talent around her, Virginia is all the more determined to make the most of the opportunity and show that she’s worthy of her place there. Her mentor, Nadia Gorlando, has every faith in her.

But Virginia finds herself distracted—Nadia, as well as being a top-notch tennis player, is seriously sexy, and Virginia’s mind keeps wandering where it shouldn’t. Will her crush get in the way of her career, or can she find a way to push the other woman out of her mind before it’s too late?

Download Sweet Spot in audio format: Amazon UK | Amazon US | Audible UK | Audible US| iTunes UK | iTunes US

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

Introducing Lea Bronsen’s First Audio Release (@LeaBronsen)

Thank you for hosting my first audio release, the erotica anthology SURPRISING MYSELF!

Surprising Myself

What is your secret fantasy? That one thing you dream of doing but have never had the chance to fulfill in real life… Thirteen writers present sexy, steamy stories of women getting the chance to live out their personal fantasies. What’s yours? Whether it’s several lovers at the same time for a pulse-pounding ménage scene or the allure of getting caught in public, these stories will set your mind ablaze. From voyeurism in a sex club to swinging, cuckolding to cosplay, SURPRISING MYSELF brings you stories from thirteen hot new writers to watch out for and just might make you think about fulfilling your own wildest fantasy.



Lorna, a young American reporter, travels to a port town in France to cover a yacht race. She hopes she’ll be able to experience her wildest fantasy on the beach – sex in public. Due to getting on the wrong train, she has an argument with the controller, who she finds both immensely sexy and annoyingly arrogant.

When he brings her to the engine, pretending to restrain her but instead getting intimate with her, she sees the opportunity to live out her fantasy…






If lucky, I might even meet a handsome Frenchman with whom to spend Saturday night. I’m single, have been for the past few months, and at twenty-three, the lack of sex for such a long time is driving me half-nuts. An interlude with a local hotness on one of the warm beaches of Sables sounds like an irresistible idea. Yes, a beach, or any other public place. The eBook I’m reading features a heroine getting the fuck of her life in an open park at night against a tree in full view of passersby. I want that kind of excitement, too. The three boyfriends I’ve had in the past few years were good in bed but not daring enough. I yearn for someone to do something crazy and a little forbidden with me, in public visibility. Surely, that hint of dangerousness, the possibility of being caught by the authorities, should increase the sexual experience—and our orgasms—tenfold.

For now, I’ll have to do with checking out the cute Maghrebian controller while waiting for him to examine my ticket. Row after row, he walks the narrow aisle toward me, distributing polite smiles to the passengers and answering questions. Tall and broad-shouldered, he has the looks and build of a soccer player. A black tribal tattoo appears below the short sleeve of his purple shirt and travels down his sun-kissed, muscular forearm. Beneath his gray cap, he sports a short buzz cut, and two or three days’ worth of black beard stubble covers his cheeks and chin, just enough to make him…oh, God, immensely sexy. With full lips, a strong nose, and black olive-shaped eyes, he’s a gem of North Africa, an exotic, roughly polished jewel. He would definitely fit in my fuck-on-the-beach fantasy.


Audio: Insatiable Press / Amazon

EBook: Amazon.com / Amazon.uk / Barnes & Noble / Kobo

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I like my reads hot, fast, and edgy, and strive to give my own stories the same intensity. After venturing into dirty inner-city crime drama with my debut novel Wild Hearted, I divide my writing time between psychological thriller, suspense romance, and erotic contemporary romance.

I love to hear from my readers! Write to leabronsen@yahoo.com or meet me on:

Website / Lea’s Crazy Nights Blog / Facebook profile / Facebook page / Twitter / Amazon


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Desert Heat & Native Tongue Now Available in Audio Format! #gay #romance #audiobook

Hi everyone,

I’m delighted to announce that Desert Heat & Native Tongue are now also available in audiobook format, narrated by the amazing Joel Leslie! This is a new thing for me, so I’m really excited to see how it goes. I actually had a discussion over the weekend with someone about audiobooks, who pointed out that as well as being great for people when they’re commuting, they’re good for the visually impaired and people with dyslexia. I admit I hadn’t even thought of that side of things before, so I’m pleased to be potentially widening my market in this way. I’m in talks with various narrators to get more of my books made available in audio. It’s quite a long process, but do watch this space!


Desert Heat:

Their love is forbidden by rules, religion and risk. Yet still they can’t resist.

Captain Hugh Wilkes is on his last tour of duty in Afghanistan. The British Army is withdrawing, and Wilkes expects his posting to be event-free. That is, until he meets his Afghan interpreter, Rustam Balkhi, who awakens desires in Wilkes that he’d almost forgotten about, and that won’t be ignored.

Native Tongue:

They may be back on British soil, but the battle isn’t over.

When Captain Hugh Wilkes fell for his Afghan interpreter, Rustam Balkhi, he always knew things would never be easy. After months of complete secrecy, their return to England should have spelt an end to the sneaking around and the insane risks. But it seems there are many obstacles for them to overcome before they can truly be happy together. Can they get past those obstacles, or is this one battle too many for their fledgling relationship?

Grab your audio copy:
Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

Confessions of a Chocoholic on Audio by London Saint James (@LSJRomance)

coacaudiosmGenre(s): M/F Contemporary Erotic Romance, Humor

Heat Level: 3

Narrated by Laura King

Listening Time: 1 hr and 15 mins


Like countless single mothers, Lexi Collins wears many hats. Loving daughter. Big sister. Sole breadwinner. Freelance photographer. Graphic designer. Best friend. But while those roles are fulfilling, the one thing that eludes her is finding the right partner in life.

When Colton Westmore, the sexy owner of the popular dating site, LoveMatch.com sweeps Lexi off her feet, her chances of finally grabbing that golden ring increase exponentially, but a bleached blonde bombshell threatens to put an end to Lexi’s new found happiness.

Are her assumptions about Colton wrong? And if so, there’s only one woman who can ruin the magic between them, and that woman is Lexi herself.



Colton took the few steps it required to cross the space, put his drink on the table behind me, and took the camera from around my neck. He placed it on the plush banquette tucked around the table. “I’ve been thinking about this all day,” he said.

“You’ve been thinking about removing my camera?”

“No.” He dipped his head, and brushed his lips across mine in a whisper-soft touch. A burn started and seemed to smolder between my legs. “I’ve been thinking about tasting your lips.”

Unable to stop myself, I dropped my unopened can. It made a dull thud when it hit the floor beside me. I stood up on my tiptoes, wrapped my arms around his strong neck, and pressed my lips to his.

His large hand rested between my shoulder blades and the other on my lower back. I actually hated the shirt I had on. Even though it was lightweight, the barrier of the material kept me from feeling his flesh on mine. My thoughts quickly changed back to his tongue as it traced along the curve of my upper lip. He nibbled at me. His hand slipped up to the back of my moist neck. He twined his fingers into my curls and tugged gently at the base of my hair, pulling my head back. He kissed my jaw. My exposed throat. Nuzzled his nose in the hollow there.

“You taste salty sweet,” he said in a voice that tantalized.

Feeling lightheaded, I moaned when he did a combination of open mouth caresses and teeth-nibbles on my skin. But, when he swept his lips up to my ear and drew the fleshy lobe into his mouth, I wanted to crumple.

“That feels so good,” I said. I shuddered in his arms.

“You’re beautiful, Lex.”

His warm breath gusting across my hot flesh and his words were enough to make chills ripple down my spine.

I slid my hands along the back of his shirt, feeling the muscles I had to see. I tugged at the bottom, lifting. “Take this off,” I said in a breathless pant, throwing any pretense of caution to the wind.

Colton brought his head up from my neck. Without hesitation, he ripped the T-shirt from over his head and dropped it. Tanned skin, immense biceps, large pectorals with small, pebbled, copper-colored nipples, and a slab of abdominal muscles greeted me.

I reached for him and fingered the ripples on his stomach before I kissed his flesh, peppering his chest with hot kisses. When I flicked his nipple with my tongue, the muscles beneath my hand and mouth jumped. I lightly bit. He groaned and moved the hair from my face. I glanced up at him from beneath my lashes. He was looking at me with an intensity that shook me for a moment, but I didn’t have time to dwell upon the emotion because he picked me up and sat my backside down on the table. My legs dangled over the edge. My flip-flops took a nosedive.

“Are you sure you want this?” Colton asked.

“What if I said I never wanted anything more?”

He unbuttoned my shirt and folded back the cotton fabric. “What if I said, I know.” It wasn’t a question.

Audio Buy Links:

Audible: http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Confessions-of-a-Chocoholic-Audiobook/B01DWVSDT8

Audible UK: http://www.audible.co.uk/pd/Fiction/Confessions-of-a-Chocoholic-Audiobook/B01DWVUDKK/

Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Confessions-Chocoholic-Romance-Go/dp/B01DWVSEU6/

Amazon UK: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Confessions-Chocoholic-Romance-Go/dp/B01DWVSO7O/

iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/audiobook/confessions-chocoholic-romance/id1101464919


Download for Free when you sign up for an Audible 30-day free trial



Audio Sample Direct Link: https://soundcloud.com/londonsj/confessions-of-a-chocoholic-audio-sample


About London:

London Saint James is an award-winning, bestselling author. She lives in the beautiful Smoky Mountains of Tennessee with her husband and their fat cat who thinks he owns them. You can find out more about London and her work on her website, www.londonsaintjames.com, her blog at http://londonsj.blogspot.com, or follow her on Twitter @LSJRomance.