Guest Blogger: Sierra Cartwright

On His TermsCan you keep a secret?

I’ve got a confession to make.

Before I ever had the opportunity to experience a taste of BDSM, I was a voracious reader. That was in the days before electronic readers, when you had to go into a small, tucked-away section of a bookstore to find adult material. Often there were men browsing the same shelves. And I always loved carrying my purchases to the front of the store. The cash registers always felt like they were a long way off!

A lot of the material that I found didn’t appeal to me, but some of it did. I found the Story of O, along with the Marketplace series. I devoured these books and wanted more.

And here’s my secret…I wondered what it might be like to go through BDSM training.

In my fantasies, a trainer is a Dom with super powers. Rather than getting involved in a relationship, they’re committed to helping form a submissive’s thoughts and ideas as well as her actions. There was something about that dispassion and commitment that spoke to me on a very personal level.

In On His Terms, my latest book from Total-E-Bound, I was able to explore some of those dynamics. I took a very strong, ambitious heroine, Chelsea, and pitted her against a Dom of my dreams.

Master Alexander is a no-nonsense man. He’s a Dominant who used to train submissives. Chelsea has had a taste of submission, and she wants to capture the attention of Evan C, an up-and-coming rock star. Evan C is also a Dom who has found Chelsea’s skills to be lacking.

With the same determination that this PR go-getter has brought to every area of her life, Chelsea figures out a way to meet Master Alexander, determined to convince him to train her.

Chelsea soon learns that he’s not like most of the men she knows. She soon realises that being with him means that everything, everything, will be on his terms. He won’t settle for anything less than her abject surrender. He won’t let her off the hook until he knows her every bit as well as she knows herself.

As for Master Alexander, something about this particular woman intrigues him. Before her, he never had a problem training a sub just to hand her over to another man. But the more they interact, and the better he gets to know her, the less he wants to see her with Evan C, or any man for that matter…

I hope you enjoy this peek at the first interchange between Chelsea and Master Alexander, where she learns just how uncompromising he can be. (Oh, did I mention, he’s definitely a Dom who stole my heart?)


When one of the servers came near, Chelsea signalled for a glass of wine. She was going to need the fortification. She had no problem at all promoting others or her firm. But exposing her secrets? That required courage.

She took a long drink of her wine, then gripped the stem as if it were a lifeline. “I didn’t know I liked kink until one of my boyfriends blindfolded me.”

“What did you like about the experience?”

Several Doms and subs moved into the living room, and she looked around nervously.

“Eyes on me,” he instructed.

Damn. He was relentless. She caught a glimpse of what he might be like as a trainer, and it terrified her as much as it intrigued her.

“Or excuse yourself now.”

She looked up from where she’d been staring into the depths of her wine.

He missed nothing.

“I liked that I had no idea what would happen next. My hearing seemed heightened. And when he touched me, the sensation was magnified.”

“Go on.”

“One guy would sometimes swat my bottom when I passed him.” She had no idea this would be so embarrassing. There was nothing sexual about the conversation, rather, the facts were somewhat clinical. But that didn’t stop her from blushing. “Last Halloween, I attended a BDSM party. Compared to this…” She swept her hand around. The gathering at Master Damien’s house was for people who lived the lifestyle. “Well, most of us were just dabbling. We wore outfits we bought at the costume store, but afterwards my date tied me up for the first time. It was just to his bed, and he used a light whip on my ass. I liked it. Well, enough to explore more. I wanted more experiences, but he said it really hadn’t worked for him all that well. He didn’t like hurting me. Even though I promised him he hadn’t.”

“You’re telling me most vanilla guys aren’t interested in spanking an ass like that?”

She blinked.

“I noticed you when you first came in, and you wore that skirt hoping I would.”

“Yes,” she admitted. “I did.” It was one size smaller than she bought for business meetings, and she’d never wear it out in public. The material hugged her rear so tight she was nervous about sitting down.

“So show me.”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Lift your skirt to your waist, turn around, spread your legs as far as you can, then bend over and grab your ankles.”

For a moment she could hardly breathe. He said nothing further, and he looked unconcerned, as if it didn’t matter to him one way or another whether she did as he said. She recognised it as a test, though.

He extended his hand to accept her glass. That was probably for the best—she was suddenly afraid of dropping it. He slid the stem onto the mantelpiece, then used his thumb to tip back his cowboy hat.


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  1. Jessie L

    May 10, 2013 at 8:19 pm

    I enjoyed reading your post. So true. I have found it a little awkward to just go to the erotica section of the bookstore & the walk in mine is just as long. Sometimes I have wanted to just flip the book over on it’s cover. I like the convenience of the electronic readers now. Don’t have to get all red faced & break out in a sweat. I like the excerpt from this book. Definitely going to read it. Thank you!