Sunday Snog – A Problem with Authority

Sunday Snog

Coming Together: In The TrenchesWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’m sharing something a little different this week – a sexy snogging snippet from my story, A Problem with Authority, which appears in Coming Together: In The Trenches. This anthology releases tomorrow, and I’m particularly proud to be a part of it, as the proceeds are going to a worthy charity – Protect Our Defenders. So make sure to grab it for your eReader!

Soon, he could take no more. His hand stung like fuck, and if he didn’t do something with his cock soon he was probably going to come in his underwear. Raining a few more blows down on her for good measure, he then grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her upright and spun her round.

Her face was red, her eyes wide. But she hadn’t been crying, and she didn’t look angry. In fact, she looked as horny as he felt, her lips parted enticingly. Taking advantage, he slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her with all the need and arousal he was experiencing, hoping like hell she wouldn’t decide he’d gone a step too far.

Thankfully, she didn’t. She returned the embrace, slipping her arms around his neck and kissing him back with a bruising ferocity. So it seemed she did like the pain. That was something clearly worth knowing. Their tongues brushed together, explored, tickled and fought until Jesse was dizzy with need. Pulling away, he gasped for air, then said, “Roxanne, I really need to fuck you, but I don’t have a condom.”
A coquettish smile taking over her lips, she replied, “It’s okay, I do.”

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