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Sunday Snog – A Problem with Authority

Sunday Snog

Coming Together: In The TrenchesWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’m sharing another snippet from A Problem with Authority, which appears in Coming Together: In The Trenches. The anthology is available now in print and eBook format and is already selling well. Be warned, though, this is a seriously, seriously hot snog.

Capturing her lips once more, he poured everything he had into pleasuring her. A long, hard, sensual kiss. Varying movements on her bud, and alternate fast and shallow, then slow and deep pumps of his cock. He’d find out what worked for her and exploit it to the extreme. In the meantime, he had to hang on to his own orgasm. He would not come until she did. Absolutely not.

Soon, he found the perfect formula. Suckling on her bottom lip, he pressed hard on her clit and fucked her fast and furiously. Her moans grew louder, then quieter as she remembered where she was. It wouldn’t do either of them any good to get caught.

Suddenly, Roxanne’s internal walls gripped him so hard he thought she’d pull his cock off. The pressure was intense, constant. Then she pulled her face away from his, yanked the collar of her shirt into her mouth and bit down as she tumbled into bliss.

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Guest Blogger: Robert Buckley

The late military historian Sir John Keegan posed a question about soldiers in war: How do they do it? How do they function under horrific, terrifying stress? His conclusion in his landmark work, “Face of Battle,” was that soldiers don’t die for their country; they don’t sacrifice themselves, risking death and debilitating injury, for Mom, apple pie, or even the girl/boy next door. They do it for their friends, their band of brothers and recently sisters who face the same perils together. Platoons become families, as much as one’s biological family, and perhaps even more so.

Imagine the sense of betrayal, then, when a family member turns on you? I’ve been a frequent contributor to the Coming Together series. Can’t think of better ways to put licentious literature to work. When I found that “In The Trenches” would be dedicated to Protect Our Defenders, I was onboard in a heartbeat. They are the folks who are trying to expose and prevent sexual violence in the military. I can only hope that soon the culture that looks the other way when a soldier is violated will come around and see that everyone ought to have the right for defend his and her country, notwithstanding gender or sexual orientation, no more than having a different color skin precluded heroic service.

My story, “Once Upon a Thursday,” focuses on a military family too. During the American Civil War a squad of federal soldiers is assigned to protect a train of supply wagons. The wagons carry the makings of a feast for the first official Thanksgiving Day in the United States.

Unfortunately, they get separated from the wagon train and become lost in the woods of Northern Virginia. Taking another cue from Keegan, who determined that the sphere of combat is actually very small and limited to the average soldier, my soldiers are lost, unable to see what’s ahead or behind them, even unsure of what direction to follow. But, as they blunder blindly through the forest they encounter another family, a young woman and seven elderly men, living in a ramshackle tobacco barn.

There is no logical reason for these people to be in the middle of nowhere, but really, there’s no logical reason why young men from faraway places should be blundering through there too. Like war itself, it just doesn’t make a lot of sense.

That these two groups join in a family feast speaks to the human need to make connections, especially in the midst of the chaos of war.

I am very proud to be in this anthology and in the company of some outstanding, imaginative writers.


Grab your copy of Coming Together: In The Trenches here.


Robert Buckley is a frequent contributor to the Coming Together series of anthologies, including a single-author “Coming Together Presents Robert Buckley.” His stories have also appeared in multiple editions of “Mammoth Book of Best New Erotica.” He is senior fiction editor for the Erotica Readers and Writers Association http://www.erotica-readers.com/ERA/index.htm, where many of his stories are archived.

New Release: Coming Together: In the Trenches

Hi everyone,

I’m incredibly happy and proud to say I’m a part of this anthology. Coming Together: In the Trenches is a military erotica/erotic romance anthology which has all proceeds going to the Protect Our Defenders charity. So what better day to release the anthology than Remembrance Day?

Here’s the details:

Coming Together: In the Trenches is a military-themed collection of erotica and erotic romance edited by Lady Grey. All proceeds will benefit Protect Our Defenders.


Once Upon a Thursday by Robert Buckley
During the American Civil War a squad of Union soldiers gets lost in the woods of northern Virginia. They find their way to a forlorn tobacco shed wherein dwell an enigmatic woman and a group of elderly men who have no sense of time.

Half a Day from the Front by Skilja Peregrinarius
Claire works in an inn close enough to the front lines to hear the guns in the night. She can’t fight, so she does what she can to support those who do.

This is Me Holding You by Annabeth Leong
As Carin’s life as a soldier again calls her away from her family, her husband Jun searches for a way to bind her to him. In the final hours of her leave, he gifts her with ropes he made himself, twisted from milkweed he gathered while thinking of her.

When He Comes Home by Di Topaz
Natalie catches Vance’s eye at the beginning of her college career. After a four-year game of cat and mouse, she finally admits her feelings for him. Their newfound romance is interrupted when Vance decides to join the Army.

Report on the Heart by Yvette Hines
After a career as an Air Force public affairs sergeant, Maria Locket has separated from the military and moved close to her hometown, where the biggest story she figures will be the local society events. Her plans for a smooth future are interrupted by the unexpected appearance of someone she thought was gone forever.

A Problem with Authority by Lucy Felthouse
Corporal Roxanne Grey has bawled Private Jesse Bagnall out one too many times during drill instruction. Jesse complains to his friends about the Corporal’s mistreatment, loudly enough that she overhears his rant. Commanding him into the guardroom, Roxanne divulges some information which makes it very easy for the two of them to get back on an even keel.

Comando Especial by Kimber Vale
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Rojas commands Navy SEAL trained soldiers in a special anti-narcotics division of the Colombian military, facing deadly enemies on a regular basis. But when Alex’s ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord, the usual high-octane mission becomes personal. If Alex and Luz get out of the dangerous situation alive, Alex doesn’t plan to let Luz walk away a second time.

Dutch & Lobo by Aliyah Burke
A Marine finds passion in the jungle, enlisting the help of his lover to save a fellow Marine. Will Dutch ever see her again or will his memories be all he’s allowed of the mercenary Lobo?

So if you want to grab an excellent anthology and also know you’re giving money to an excellent cause, check out the book page here for buy links. Also swing by tomorrow for an excellent guest post on this very anthology from Kimber Vale.

See you then!

Lucy x

Sunday Snog – A Problem with Authority

Sunday Snog

Coming Together: In The TrenchesWelcome back to Sunday Snog. I’m sharing something a little different this week – a sexy snogging snippet from my story, A Problem with Authority, which appears in Coming Together: In The Trenches. This anthology releases tomorrow, and I’m particularly proud to be a part of it, as the proceeds are going to a worthy charity – Protect Our Defenders. So make sure to grab it for your eReader!

Soon, he could take no more. His hand stung like fuck, and if he didn’t do something with his cock soon he was probably going to come in his underwear. Raining a few more blows down on her for good measure, he then grabbed her by the shoulders, pulled her upright and spun her round.

Her face was red, her eyes wide. But she hadn’t been crying, and she didn’t look angry. In fact, she looked as horny as he felt, her lips parted enticingly. Taking advantage, he slanted his mouth over hers and kissed her with all the need and arousal he was experiencing, hoping like hell she wouldn’t decide he’d gone a step too far.

Thankfully, she didn’t. She returned the embrace, slipping her arms around his neck and kissing him back with a bruising ferocity. So it seemed she did like the pain. That was something clearly worth knowing. Their tongues brushed together, explored, tickled and fought until Jesse was dizzy with need. Pulling away, he gasped for air, then said, “Roxanne, I really need to fuck you, but I don’t have a condom.”
A coquettish smile taking over her lips, she replied, “It’s okay, I do.”

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