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It’s Time for Blisse Bunnies!

blissebunnies1bunny2Spring has sprung and in all the excitement Mr Blisse has let all the baby bunnies escape, oh no! They’ve scattered around the interwebz and we need you to seek them out for us. There’s a list here of all the places they’ve escaped to, please visit each site and count up the bunnies you find. When you’ve got the grand total Enter the Competition which is running from the 21st April to the 26th April. You could be in with the chance to win lots of fabulous prizes! Good luck, and have fun! 🙂


I’m the sort of person that always has a lot of balls in the air – I writeI run my own business, I edit… I’m often ask how I do it all. The simple answer is: I have to. In terms of the editing and the running of the business, I need the money to live. And the writing, well, I do that because I love it. Writing’s not something you do because you feel like it. It’s because you love it, because you have to. Because it’s damn hard at times, and sometimes there’s very little reward.

Which brings me neatly onto taking on new challenges. This is what writing is all about for me – each new project is a new challenge. Whether it’s in a new genre, whether the story itself is challenging, whether I need to do a lot of research before I start, whether the book is linked to another I’ve written… you get the idea.

Yes, some days writing is easier than other days, but it’s always a challenge, I feel. You have to get your backside in the chair, your fingers on the keyboard and all that stuff out of your head and onto the page. Occasionally it’ll just flow, with not too much effort. Other times it’s a slow process. But, for me, it’s always, always satisfying, because I know eventually I’ll get to the end, and I’ll have a finished product. Not necessarily finished as in it can be sent to a publisher or editor, but having a tale down from beginning to end. Then it can be polished, expanded, cut, whatever’s necessary to make it shine. And therein is the next challenge!

This isn’t a complaint, though. Far from it – I’ve always been the type of person to rise to a challenge. Perhaps if writing was easy, I’d get bored of it. Currently, though, I can’t see that happening. I’m always looking for the next thing to work on, the next genre to tackle, the next character to fall in love with, to hope readers fall in love with… it’s a never ending cycle, and I love it 🙂 I wouldn’t do it otherwise.

Happy Hopping!

Lucy x


Latest Release:

When lonely insurance broker, Bailey, gets himself a new hobby, he ends up exchanging letters with a war zone. But he’s not expecting what happens next…

Bailey Hodgkiss is lonely and dissatisfied with his boring life as an insurance broker. In an attempt to insert some variety, he signs up to a website to write to serving soldiers. He’s put in touch with Corporal Nick Rock, and over the course of a couple of letters, the two of them strike up a friendship. They begin to divulge their secrets, including their preference for men.

Nick encourages Bailey to add more interests to his life. As a result, Bailey picks up his forgotten hobby, photography, and quickly decides to team it up with his other preferred interest, travel.

Booking a holiday to Rome is his biggest gesture towards a more exciting existence, and he eagerly looks forward to the trip. That is, until Nick says he’s coming home on leave, and it looks as though their respective trips will prevent them from meeting in person. Is there enough of a spark between them to push them to meet, or will their relationship remain on paper only?

More info, excerpt and buy links: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/letters-to-a-war-zone/

Add to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20722128-letters-to-a-war-zone

Blisse Bunnies Week

So, another fabulous event from Mr. and Mrs. Blisse is here. It’s time for Blisse Bunnies! The idea is, a bunch of authors get together and post on the theme of new beginnings, and our wonderful readers hop (no pun intended) around from post to post gathering the information they need to be entered into the prize draw. So, without further ado…

New beginnings – a theme that is often ripe in the romance genre; i.e. new relationships, marriage, divorce, having children… the possibilities, for a writer, are endless. I haven’t covered them all, not by a long shot, but I’m getting there! My absolute favourite story about new beginnings is Loose Ends. It’s an erotic romance short story about two people that have known one another for years, but for various reasons have never gotten together. The story is about giving them another chance, a chance at happiness, a chance for a happy ever after. Here’s a snippet:

Soon I remembered why I hadn’t been up for this in the first place. The busybody was driving me up the wall. My face and neck hurt from all the smiling and nodding. Jenny, or whatever her name was, was currently on maternity leave from her (wonderful) job. Her “perfect” husband had stayed home to look after their “delightful” children so she could come to the reunion and see how everyone was getting on. Despite this statement, she hadn’t asked any of us a single question. She was too busy talking about herself.

I zoned out of Jenny’s inane chatter and stared into the middle distance. Suddenly, something moved into my line of sight that snapped me back into the land of the living. Or should I say someone.

“Fuck!” I exclaimed, gaining a disapproving look from Mrs. Busybody and puzzled ones from the girls.

“He’s fucking here!”

If you want to read about the characters and their new beginning, there’s more info and buy links here. Then, don’t forget to head back to Blisse Bunnies to see who else is playing.

Happy Hopping!

Lucy x