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Sex Toy Review: Ann Summers Rampant Rabbit G-Pulse Remote

G-Pulse Remote VibratorI’m lucky (or should that be mucky) enough to have been chosen by Ann Summers to get an exclusive sneak preview of their latest Rampant Rabbit! Not released until 7th June 2010, the Rampant Rabbit G-Pulse Remote claims to be the ultimate rabbit experience.

It looks similar in design to the original [intlink id=”1736″ type=”post”]Rampant Rabbit G-Pulse[/intlink], except the base is a different colour and this version comes with a remote control! As well as the remote, the new addition to the rabbit family has the following features:

  • The rabbit ears can  now be controlled independently from the vibrating shaft
  • The motors of the three internal bullets are even more powerful

The new and improved toy is excellent. I’ve seen a few remote controlled vibrators and rabbits in the past, and they’ve always seemed a little cheap and tacky, and like they’d break easily. The G-Pulse Remote, however, is typical Ann Summers – high quality and built to last. It looks good, appears to be robust and is, of course, orgasmic!

The vibe, although it has quite a large girth, is still good for small girls as the shaft is very pliable and bendy, so it feels comfortable once it’s ‘up there.’ When manoeuvred into place, the end of the shaft should be doing a lovely job of tickling your g-spot. So you ladies who are already well-versed in playing with your g-spot should find yourself cumming in no time. Those who’ve decided they’d like to experiment with finding or manipulating their g-spot, you can’t go wrong with this toy. It’s what it’s designed to do, but you’ve also got the “back up” of the bunny ears if you’d also like to experience a clitoral orgasm. Perhaps you’re even like to have a go at experiencing the ultimate orgasm – g-spot and clitoral at the same time?! If it’s going to happen to you, it’ll happen with this vibrator!

So, basically this baby is wonderful even without the remote control, but naturally having this extra element can make it so much more exciting for couples’ play! All of the controls are still on the base of the vibrator, but they’re repeated on the remote control, so you can use either. I think probably if you’re on your own, you’d just use the vibe as you would normally, but giving your guy (or girl) the chance to control your climax(es!) will bring a whole new dimension to fun in the bedroom.

My only criticism of the toy is that the bunny ears are a little soft, which can make it more difficult to achieve an orgasm. However, the extra power of this cool gadget should soon get you there! Just give this rabbit (and its remote) 6 AAA batteries, 4 for bunny, 2 for remote and you’ll soon be bouncing off the ceiling!

Overall I think this is a top-notch addition to Ann Summers’ Rampant Rabbit range and it will do well for them. It’s different, but not so different that girls won’t be sure if they want one. It’s also only £49.99, which is pretty good when compared to the more ‘standard’ rabbits in the range. It looks nice, feels nice… and boy, does it do the job! If you’re after a new bunny, look no further. Even if you’re not – I’d still fork out the fifty quid. So when it hits the stores and website, get your hands on one – you won’t regret it.

NB: It’s available now! Get yours here!

Sex Toy Review: Rudy Ring

Rudy RingsOn sourcing these for review from the manufacturer, I wasn’t aware that they are actually supposed to be for gay couples – I expect their PR Manager was very confused! Anyway, the Rudy Ring is a stretchy silicone cock ring with a seam down the middle – hence the sharing factor. As a heterosexual female, though, this didn’t apply. So my other half and I just split it down the seam and used it the way straight couples do! I did get sent two, though, so maybe next time we won’t split it and just use it for ‘extra support’ as per the manufacturer’s website. On to the review…

The Rudy Ring is, as promised, a stretchy ring. It’s too large to just be worn around the penis, unless you twist it around, but then you’d be in danger of it being too tight and your fella ending up in A&E or something! Its size is ideal to be placed over the penis and the ball-sack, further delaying ejaculation. I have it on good authority that it was comfortable to wear; and from a female perspective it didn’t chafe my bits. It did, however, rub against my clitoris when indulging in woman-on-top penetration, but because the material is so soft, it was definitely a pleasurable sensation!

A non-vibrating cock ring such as this one doesn’t give direct pleasure to the woman (except for the aforementioned point), but it does obviously delay ejaculation for the man – enabling him to go faster and harder (should you want him to!) whilst engaging in sex. It also has the added bonus of trapping more blood in the genitals, keeping him harder, and also providing a more explosive climax when it does arrive. Therefore, it indirectly gives pleasure to the woman because her bloke is harder and can last longer – brownie points all round I’d say!

The rings don’t come cheap for what they are, but because of their material there’s nothing stopping you washing them and re-using them again and again – which does give them an edge over their vibrating counterparts whose batteries usually aren’t replaceable.

If you want to give them a try, grab yours now from LoveHoney.co.uk.