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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Announcement – Mia’s Surprise! #reverseharem #whychoose #rh

Mia's Surprise

Hi lovelies,

I’m totally thrilled to announce this surprise (pardon the pun) release! I originally wrote this bonus story (part of The Heiress’s Harem series) for the Men of Summer anthology. Since that collection is no longer available, this story was just sitting on my hard drive, all lonely, so I decided to get it a gorgeous cover and launch it into the world! It hits digital shelves on the 6th November, and is available for pre-order now.

Here’s the blurb:

A bonus scene from The Heiress’s Harem completed contemporary series.

It’s a beautiful, hot, August afternoon and Mia Harrington is relaxing in her garden with her men and their dog. Everything seems perfect, until a surprise is sprung on the group. But is it the good kind of surprise, or the bad kind? There’s only one way to find out…

Note: This bonus scene is set during the timeline of Mia’s Choice, which makes it spoilery if you haven’t read the other three books in the series. You have been warned. It was also previously published in the Men of Summer anthology.

Grab yours here:
Amazon UK
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Barnes & Noble
Eden Books
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iBooks UK
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Happy Reading!

Lucy x

New Release: Good With His Hands #erotica #romance #erorom

Hi folks,

I’m delighted to announce the release of Good With His Hands, a steamy short story which first appeared in the Down and Dirty anthology, and is now available as a standalone with a totally luscious cover. If you read it as part of the set, the story is the same, so there’s no need to purchase it again – unless you want to, of course! Otherwise, feel free to exercise your clicking finger on this short read which is perfect for squeezing into a relaxing break during this hectic time of year. I’m British, so I especially recommend it with tea and biscuits 😉


Layla is enjoying a beautiful moorland walk in the English countryside when suddenly, clouds start to roll in. The weather was forecast to be fine all day, so Layla is woefully unprepared when the heavens open and her visibility is reduced to next to nothing. Trying hard not to panic, she carefully makes her way towards a remote hut she spotted before the fog descended. When she arrives, though, she discovers park ranger Stuart already there, and luckily for her, he’s much more prepared than she is, and they soon find a way to pass the time until the storm blows over.

Buy links here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/good-with-his-hands/

Add to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/43089291-good-with-his-hands

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

New Audiobook: What I Would Give to See You Again by @JewelQuinlan

A Reverie Resort Vacation


Visit Reverie Resort, a luxury hotel on a tropical island where vacationers come to enjoy their wildest dreams but get more than they ever expected…

Vampire Ahram Bahar comes to Reverie Resort to experience his deepest wish; to relive a moment he had with a woman over one hundred years ago. In 1892, he was reunited with Angelica Meitner, his childhood friend and soul mate. It was a moment of deep love, exquisite tenderness, and a horrifying ending that has haunted him ever since. Now, he wants a chance to savor the good without the bad, but did he remember to tell the resort hosts?

Audiobook Details:

Listening Time: 1 hour 30 minutes

Narrated by: Dene Woods

Listen to a sample on SoundCloud:



Where to buy the audiobook:

Audible  |  iTunes  |  Amazon


Want the ebook instead? Get it here:

Amazon  |  iTunes  |  Kobo  |  Nook

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Enjoy this excerpt:

“I have to confess something, Angelica. I’ve never forgotten about you. As a boy, I remembered having feelings for you that were more than friendship, not that I could have said what they were. But seeing you now, I know it was the real thing. I loved you then and I still do now. I was really the one who pushed for this trip, not Serapis. I thought, if we came here, I might be lucky enough to find you. And I was, though in a completely unexpected way.”

She blinked rapidly and lifted the shawl from beside her to blot at the tears squeezing from the corners of her eyes. “This has to be a dream.” She sniffled. “You being here so suddenly…saying all the words I’ve imagined you saying.” She took in a shaky breath and looked up at him. “I never married because of you, you know.”

Ahram felt again the overwhelming surge of love that consumed him. It was twice now what it had been before because of all the longing he’d stored up for her over the past century. It was a tidal wave of emotion. He drew her into his arms and kissed her soft lips, felt her full breasts press against his chest, again memorizing the precious feel of her and the sensation of her lips against his. Unexpectedly, she parted her lips for him and their tongues slid against each other. Ah, she tasted so wonderful…delicious…

He broke the kiss.


About the Author:

Restless by nature, Jewel Quinlan is an avid traveler and has visited sixteen countries so far. Lover of ice cream, dark beer, and red wine she tries to stay fit when she’s not typing madly on her computer concocting another romance novel. In her spare time, she likes to do yoga, hike, learn German, and play with her spoiled Chihuahua, Penny.

For more information about Jewel Quinlan

Website | Facebook | Twitter  | Tumblr | Goodreads | Amazon | Instagram

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Cover Reveal and Pre-Order Announcement! #lesfic #ff #lesbian #romance

Hi folks,

I’m delighted to announce that I have another book releasing very soon. Another Dance is a lesbian romance short story that appeared in an anthology a while back. I now have the rights back, so am releasing it as a standalone tale. I have this amazing cover from Studioenp

Another Dance

Here’s what it’s all about:

Can another dance help them forget the pain of the past?

Eden and Janine were best friends throughout their childhood and early teenage years. Then something happened that shattered their friendship, leaving Eden devastated and confused. Ever since her efforts to sort things out with Janine failed miserably, Eden has avoided her ex-best friend. Unfortunately, she can’t avoid her forever, since Eden’s sister is marrying Janine’s brother.

Thrown together in the same room for the first time in years, can the two women finally put their issues behind them and move on? Or is their shattered friendship beyond repair?

You can pre-order this book now in time for release day on the 14th December. For some reason, at the time of writing this post, the pre-order hadn’t yet gone live on Apple/iBooks, but I’ll update the book page as soon I have the links.

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Amazon AU
Amazon CA
Amazon DE
Barnes & Noble

I will also have some more cover reveal/s and book news very soon. For brand new books, too. So watch this space…

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Timeless Desire is Available in Audiobook Format!

Hi everyone,

Hot on the heels of my first audiobook release (Desert Heat & Native Tongue), I’m delighted to announce my second. My paranormal erotic romance short story, Timeless Desire, is now also available to listen to. This one has been narrated by Louisa Middleton.


Here’s some information about the book:

Emily arrives at Westbury Hall with a job to do. She’s to clean and conserve all of the books in their impressive library, preserving them for future generations. Not long into her stay at the house, she bumps into the night guard, George. She’d expected an old, balding guy with a comb over, so the hunky chap she actually meets is a very pleasant surprise. The introductions complete, George leaves Emily in peace to get on with her job. But when a falling photograph sets off a chain reaction of ghostly events, Emily and George are thrown together in order to find out who—or what—is causing them. Their investigation uncovers a tragic past, a lost love, and a stunning secret.

Grab the audio version:

Amazon UK
Amazon US
Audible UK
Audible US
iTunes UK
iTunes US

Regular eBook buy links are here, if you wish: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/timeless-desire/

I’m hoping to have more audiobooks available for those of you that enjoy them very soon. In the meantime…

Happy Listening!

Lucy x

Evil Plans and Stuff…

Evil Plans and StuffYou like my notebook? Me too… it was a gift from the lovely Kay Jaybee and when I was thinking about writing this blog post, I couldn’t resist snapping a photo of it to include. It seemed fitting, somehow 😉

So, I’ve been mega busy just lately with various projects on the Writer Marketing Services side of things, and have also been squeezing in some serious writing time, too. As a result, I haven’t posted an update on here for a while, so I thought I would let you in on a few exciting bits of news…

Firstly, I just finished (literally, this evening) the first draft of a long short story (hey, almost 12k is long for me) which will be the start of a series, if it’s accepted. I’m aiming it at a particular publisher, who I won’t name just in case I jinx it! But rest assured, you will have more information as and when there’s anything to tell. It’s called A Taste of London, and I think the title gives you a fair hint as to what it might be about. Want to know more? Check out the Pinterest board I created for it.

Secondly, there’s lots of news concerning uniforms! Mmm, my favourite! Anyway, I found out recently that Uniform Behaviour is going to be available in paperback from the end of August, woohoo! I’m told it will be available worldwide, but at the moment, there’s only a pre-order link up on Amazon UK, so feel free to place your order, or if you’re feeling like giving the book some “like” and tag love, I’ll be forever grateful.

Another piece of uniform-related news – I just had an email from Kristina Wright to say that my short erotic romance story, Passing Out Passion was accepted for her upcoming Duty & Desire: Military Erotic Romance anthology, which will be coming out in the autumn. Hurrah! 😀

Finally, I just wanted to post a quick reminder about the two anthologies I’m co-editing with Victoria Blisse. We’re still seeking submissions for Smut by the Sea (closing date 1st June) and Smut in the City (closing date 1st August). We’re hoping to launch the books (they’ll be available in print, too) at The Book Show in Luton in September. Check out the website for more details. It sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic event!