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Guest Blogger: Kimber Vale

Thanks so much, Lucy, for hosting me today!

I’m so excited to be here talking about Coming Together: In the Trenches. Let me just start by saying that I love Coming Together. They’ve given me the opportunity to say that I, Kimber Vale, write smut for a good cause. How awesome is that? All the proceeds from Coming Together anthologies go to a worthy cause of choice. The wonderful people behind the scenes donate their time and talent to edit, format, create lovely covers for, and publish these fantastic themed collections—and all in the name of charity. I’m so grateful for all they do, and always thrilled to see a Coming Together submission call that sparks a story idea or jibes with a tale I have sitting on my hard drive just waiting for a good home.

Coming Together is the best home.

So, this Veterans Day—and every day—please take the time to connect with those you know who have fought for our freedom. Please spare a thought or a prayer for those brave heroes who are no longer with us. And, if you love a spicy story about a man or woman in army green, please pick up Coming Together: In the Trenches. Sales of this collection benefit Protect Our Defenders, an organization which “educates the public and policymakers on the crisis of sexual violence in the military.”

The contributing authors to Coming Together: In the Trenches provided a sweet mix of historical, contemporary, and high-octane erotic romance for your reading pleasure. He’s a look at what’s inside:

Once Upon a Thursday by Robert Buckley
During the American Civil War a squad of Union soldiers gets lost in the woods of northern Virginia. They find their way to a forlorn tobacco shed wherein dwell an enigmatic woman and a group of elderly men who have no sense of time.

Half a Day from the Front by Skilja Peregrinarius
Claire works in an inn close enough to the front lines to hear the guns in the night. She can’t fight, so she does what she can to support those who do.

This is Me Holding You by Annabeth Leong
As Carin’s life as a soldier again calls her away from her family, her husband Jun searches for a way to bind her to him. In the final hours of her leave, he gifts her with ropes he made himself, twisted from milkweed he gathered while thinking of her.

When He Comes Home by Di Topaz
Natalie catches Vance’s eye at the beginning of her college career. After a four-year game of cat and mouse, she finally admits her feelings for him. Their newfound romance is interrupted when Vance decides to join the Army.

Report on the Heart by Yvette Hines
After a career as an Air Force public affairs sergeant, Maria Locket has separated from the military and moved close to her hometown, where the biggest story she figures will be the local society events. Her plans for a smooth future are interrupted by the unexpected appearance of someone she thought was gone forever.

A Problem with Authority by Lucy Felthouse
Corporal Roxanne Grey has bawled Private Jesse Bagnall out one too many times during drill instruction. Jesse complains to his friends about the Corporal’s mistreatment, loudly enough that she overhears his rant. Commanding him into the guardroom, Roxanne divulges some information which makes it very easy for the two of them to get back on an even keel.

Comando Especial by Kimber Vale
Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Rojas commands Navy SEAL trained soldiers in a special anti-narcotics division of the Colombian military, facing deadly enemies on a regular basis. But when Alex’s ex-girlfriend is kidnapped by a ruthless drug lord, the usual high-octane mission becomes personal. If Alex and Luz get out of the dangerous situation alive, Alex doesn’t plan to let Luz walk away a second time.

Dutch & Lobo by Aliyah Burke
A Marine finds passion in the jungle, enlisting the help of his lover to save a fellow Marine. Will Dutch ever see her again or will his memories be all he’s allowed of the mercenary Lobo?

So come on and get your fatigue freak on! We’ve done our part—now how about you? Read a book for the old Red, White, and Blue!

Kimber Vale writes romance of all stripes, from hetero sci-fi to hot man love. Find her M/M work published under K. Vale. Come for the sex. Stay for the story. www.kimbervale.com