My Sexy Saturday #18 – #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is I feel sexy. Enjoy this snippet from Stately Pleasures, my M/F/M BBW BDSM erotic romance novel.

Milliseconds later, the rich scent of chocolate hit her nostrils and she felt a lot better. Chocolate she could handle. The only downside to this task was the fact she’d rather the roles were reversed – she would much rather be licking and sucking chocolate from Jeremy and Ethan’s bodies, and she’d bet her last pound any other straight female who met them would feel the same. Unless they didn’t like chocolate, in which case they were crazy anyway.

‘Close your eyes, Alice.’ Ethan murmured, and she did as he asked. She had no reason not to, after all. She trusted him. Trusted both of them.

Now she relied on her other senses to tell her what was happening. Her ears picked up the pinging of cutlery. She could still smell the chocolate, and ohhh, now she could feel it being drizzled over her breasts. They’d melted it, and were pouring it over her body. The sensation was ticklish – as well as incredibly sensual – and she did her absolute best not to move. She didn’t want to spill any of the confectionery from her curves – she wanted every last drop to be licked or sucked off by a warm, wet mouth.

Some clanging and scraping noises were audible, and then Alice got her wish. As if they’d signalled to one another, both men closed their mouths over one of her nipples at the same time.

She gasped. Her sense of touch – or, rather, feel – was in overdrive. Lips on her tits, hands stroking her thighs, cooling chocolate trickling down the sides of her breasts … It was heaven. Soon, chocolate wasn’t the only thing trickling towards the table – her pussy was wet and ready, eager for a tongue, fingers, or, even better, a cock. Juices seeped from her core and gravity did its job, leading them down her arse crack and onto the wooden surface beneath her.

But it seemed Jeremy and Ethan had more teasing in mind before she’d get the touch she wanted; no, needed. Once they’d laved her skin clean of the sweet goo, they grabbed their bowls and spoons to repeat the process, trickling it over her boobs, stomach and thighs. They’d obviously decided to use it all up on her skin before it solidified in the bowls.

Alice writhed on the table – no mean feat given how tightly she was restrained – as the sensations swarmed through her body. She’d given up on trying to stay still – it was just impossible. Then Jeremy and Ethan began licking and sucking once more. Jeremy clambered up onto the table and knelt between her legs, bending down to clean the sauce from her thighs and lower abdomen. They’d deliberately not allowed any to get onto her pussy – either because they were concerned about the health implications, or because they knew how much it would drive her crazy to lick and suck all around the area without actually touching it. It was probably a combination of both.

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