Sunday Snog – Garden of Eden

Sunday Snog

HIS: Manlove EditionHere’s a very sexy snog from my m/m BDSM erotic romance story, Garden of Eden. It was just released as part of the HIS: Manlove Edition anthology from Evernight Publishing. Enjoy!

Instead of replying, Dale pulled Lee more tightly to him and kissed him. It was closed-mouth for barely a second, then both men parted their lips, eager for more. Lee put his arms around Dale’s neck, holding them both steady as their tongues battled, danced, explored. The younger man was blissed-out and overwhelmed all at once. Sensations battered him—arousal, ecstasy, a frisson of danger as Lee’s stubble brushed against his skin, reminding him that their union would not be all sweetness and light. It would be new, different, exciting and no doubt challenging.

He couldn’t wait to get started. He poured everything he felt into the kiss, hoping to say to Lee with his lips and tongue everything he couldn’t voice. He was on a natural high, he felt good, so damn good. Every nerve ending was alight, every millimeter of skin aching for more, his cock pressing so hard, so insistently against the inside of his boxers and trousers that he thought it might figure out how to undo the zip by itself.

Lee’s cock was much the same, an iron bar of need pressed against his groin, making him want to drop to his knees and take it in his mouth, worship it, love it. But that would come in time, he knew it would. It had to.

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