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Erotica 2013 – A Mad Weekend of Smut, Strippers and Submissives

Phew. I. Am. Exhausted. My Erotica journey started on Wednesday, where I dropped off the dog with the boyfriend, then headed down to London on Thursday. A cheeky Twitter conversation meant that the lovely John Tisbury (fantastic erotic photographer) ended up taking my books down to London, leaving me slightly less laden down – and there’s my first thank you of the post – thanks John! Victoria Blisse and I had a fairly chilled out Thursday evening, which is just as well, as it’s been insanity ever since.

(Click on any of the photos to enlarge)

003Friday saw us wandering East London in search of the venue, the Tobacco Dock shopping centre, which we’ve since discovered was actually built by Harrods. Fortunately, I have a good sense of direction and am handy with a map, so we found it with no trouble. We picked up our passes and went in search of our stand, which gave us a peek at the venue – a real place of two halves. Downstairs is all vaulted ceilings and is very dungeon-like, which fit in really well with the kinky stalls and shows. Upstairs is much lighter, and that’s where we were. In a fabulous spot opposite the Television X and Get Adult stands, to be exact.

004Victoria and I were alone to start with, setting up the stand and putting up posters, laying out promo materials, etc. But soon we were done and the show opened with crowds filtering through straight away. We were soon joined by the fantastic Zak Jane Keir, who I’d never met before, but very soon we were chatting nineteen to the dozen! Zak added books, badges and promo stuff to the table, and we were away. Soon we were chatting with people interested in erotic fiction – even some people who weren’t! – selling books, having a laugh, seeing some very interesting sights and generally having a good time. Friday was busier than I expected it to be, and we made a good dent in our stock before the day was out.

002Saturday was always going to be the busiest day. The most visitors and the most authors appeared that day, including Zak Jane Keir, K D Grace, Kay Jaybee, L C Wilkinson, Cara Sutra, Toni Sands, Aoife Brennan (who made the trip all the way from southern Ireland!) Ashe Barker and Kristina Lloyd. The stand itself was mad busy, with lots more books being sold, and the Smutty word spread far and wide. We did plenty of readings, managing to scare the crap out of people (one guy happened to be right next to the speaker when I started) and turn them on (one of the scantily clad Bondara boys said Victoria’s reading turned him on) and of course entice them to our stand for goodies and reading material. The day flew by in an insane daze and while I spoke to tons of people, there were others I didn’t get chance to chat to. But it’s always the way 🙂

1377031_10152315195217786_1811657273_nSunday was busier than Friday, but not as busy as Saturday. As our sales were so fabulous on Saturday, we put out an SOS to K D Grace’s lovely hubby to bring more books to sell, so we popped them on the stand and we were away! We were joined once again by Aoife Brennan and Ashe Barker, and we also had good friend and super Sh! girl, Renee, helping us out. She was a genuine wonder as Victoria and I were getting a little worn out by our long weekend, but Renee was a sales whizz, handing out free lube, postcards and business cards to receptive passers-by. She of course touted our smutty books, too, recommending ones she’d read and enjoyed and generally being bloody awesome. I don’t know how we’d have managed without her. Thanks, Renee, you have our undying gratitude!

1377276_10152315195857786_138216817_nSo, our stand was all about erotic fiction and spreading the smutty word, but I suppose you want to know what the strippers and submissives were all about, don’t you? Well, okay, here goes…

The Erotica show had everything from a stand selling regular jewellery (not a collar in sight!) to a mostly-naked woman covered in sushi, glamour models to porn stars. Any kink was catered for. As a result, we of course saw people in very different outfits. Lots of people were dressed in regular clothes, others were slightly kinkier, and others were mostly naked. The mostly naked includes both visitors and the male strippers, who myself and the other attendees to our stand had the benefit of watching wander in and out of their changing room, which was next to our stand. They were pretty smiley guys, and I managed to grab one and have a photo taken. We also had eye candy in the form of the Bondara boys (there were bunny girls, too, for the boys to look at!), who were a lovely bunch, very friendly, fun and totally okay with being stared at and photographed. But I suppose they could hardly be anything else in those outfits! There were lots of submissives being led around on leads, and I remember one very shy guy who wore a Spiderman t-shirt and a skunk tail who was a sweetheart.

1390703_10152315195547786_661436014_nOther things I remember seeing – a man with actual fangs, which was probably the most surprising thing I saw all weekend. A pony and trap, with the pony being human. Guys in rubber puppy outfits, including collars, leads and tails. Lots and lots of flesh, some of it a bit too much, I must confess. A random lap dance which was not very sexy at all, sorry. Some very cool outfits, and also some totally wacky ones. Fire play, knife play, wiggling and thrusting, spanking… the list goes on. If you weren’t there, I’m sure you can use your imagination 😉

1395441_10152315195362786_542107371_nBut, lest you think the show was all total filth, here’s something to make you change your mind. I met some of the loveliest, most genuine, kind-hearted, generous souls I have ever come across at the show. Including a woman who was looking for gay erotica for her son. He’d just come out and she was incredibly proud and eager to make sure he knew she supported and loved him. That definitely plucked at my heartstrings. The wonderful Chris Hermon, a lovely, lovely man of many talents who was very interested in what we did and how we may be able to work together. The gentleman who works for a charity that rescues trafficked women and told us some horrendous stories (look out for an anthology in future that donates proceeds to that very worthy charity) – he left Victoria and I shocked and determined to do something to help.

1394387_10152315194222786_1450426062_nIt was, of course, a fabulous opportunity to put faces to Twitter handles, with sometimes surprising results. I confess to not expecting a priest to be following me on Twitter 😉 I also met people I’d communicated with in the past but never physically met. Spent some time with folk I don’t see very often and generally had a wicked – literally – time. I was incredibly happy to be there – don’t I just have the most fantastic job?!

The only downer on the weekend, really, was the travel chaos getting home. A storm blowing across the south of England screwed myself and Victoria – and many others, of course – up in terms of getting back home. We both managed it eventually, but not before wandering between Euston and St. Pancras several times, popping into King’s Cross (where I happily visited the Harry Potter platform 9 and 3/4 shop), getting stampeded several times and trying hard not to lose our rag. We also made the effort to be very nice to the rail staff who were getting the brunt of the bullshit, despite it not being their fault. I also found that because thousands of people were in the same situation, it made them very, very kind. Strangers smiled at one another, helped one another out, gave up seats for older folk, carried heavy bags for one another and generally restored my faith in the kindness of humans. We can be very horrible to one another, but on Monday, we were very nice. It was humbling, and I’m glad I did my bit and helped out someone. I’m also very lucky that I was just delayed – people’s houses and businesses got damaged and destroyed, and people lost their lives. So getting home a day late is nothing at all.

1382311_10152315194072786_1326805651_nI know I’m missing stuff out here, but I could go on for ages and ages. So I’ll wrap up with my thank yous. Thanks, obviously, to Victoria, my fellow Northern Bird, partner in crime, for being so awesome. We did it, mate! To Kev, who helped lots with organisation and did the banners, posters, postcards and lots of other things for the cause. Thank you to House of Erotica for your support – wish you could have been there! Thank you to Kay Jaybee, K D Grace, Aoife Brennan, Zak Jane Keir, Toni Sands, L C Wilkinson, Kristina Lloyd, Ashe Barker and Cara Sutra for being there, for supporting us, helping us and of course being lots of fun! You all rock 😀 Thank you to the guy that got us there in the first place, Lee Schofield, and Lisa Gilbride. To Totally Bound for being fun, helpful, supportive and letting us steal your pens 🙂 Thanks again to John Tisbury, to Barry, the awesome sound guy who got us rigged up for reading, to Renee for helping us on Sunday out of the goodness of her heart, to everyone that stopped by and chatted with us, made us laugh, kept us going when we were running out of energy, and of course, bought books and took our promo stuffs. You’re all fantastic, and we couldn’t have done it without you. I’m very sorry if I missed anyone, blame my exhaustion.

Now, I’m off to bed for a few weeks, then onto planning next year!

Lucy x

Guest Blogger: Renee from Sh!

Hey there lovely,

ReneePlease may I take this opportunity to introduce myself: my name is Renee, and I work at Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium in East London. I manage a team of fun, feisty females known as the ‘Sh! Girlz’ – a team of super-friendly sexperts who offer freshly-brewed cups of tea and useful advice whilst showing women & couples around tables full of sex toys.

Sh! is the UK’s first and still only truly female-focused erotic boutique, and we’re often referred to as the “best sex shop in London” (I’d say “best in UK” but I suspect I’m biased). Being female-focused means we ask that men be accompanied by a female – be that a friend, a wife or an open-minded auntie – when visiting the store (Lucy’s OH has this down perfectly ~ he even brings us yummy home-baked goods whenever he visits!) or visit during one of our weekly Gent’s Evenings.

My job is fun and varied, and I get to meet so many amazing people every day. It can be anything from women buying their first vibrators, to couples looking for inflatable anal toys (we don’t sell inflatables by the way, though we can certainly rustle up a good selection of gorgeous butt plugs), to Mistresses bringing in their slaves and ordering them about just for fun.


A naughty submissive recently begged me to tell his Mistress that he had behaved badly (he hadn’t) so he would receive a longed-for caning. I fibbed and told Mistress that her sub had interrupted me whilst I was chatting to a customer, and surely such audacious behaviour must be corrected. Mistress was not happy, and I expect her sub was on the receiving end of some delightfully sharp swats once back home. (And if Mistress reads this I’ll probably get a spanking too – for lying!)

Part of my job involves offering help and advice to journalists looking for exciting products to write about, or the best tips for multiple orgasms. Most recently I received a brief asking for “the right balance of sexual education and wank material”. I did my very best and offered up several paragraphs with 4-letter words thrown in, but no doubt that the journo will have to embellish my efforts (too much of the first, and not enough of the latter!). I think I best leave the erotic writing to the likes of Lucy as she does it so much better!

And talking about writing ~ we host sexy reading events where awesome authors read their hot smut whilst the rest of us sit back and relax with a glass of bubbly and a cupcake or two… As it happens, the next event takes place on 20th April, when KD Grace and Kay Jaybee will be holding a joint book launch, and I’d love it if you could join us!

shop-corner-hi-resThe Sh! Girlz and I teach classes on a number of useful topics, such as sensual spanking and awesome oral sex (expertly managing a large manhood is a skill, you know!). The classes are fully dressed (behave!) and are all about empowering women and giving the guests the confidence to strut out of the classes like the amazing Sex Goddesses they are. We have had some wonderful reviews, but the best one was a lovely email from a lady who, after 20 years of marriage, finally bit the bullet (so to speak) and attended our most popular class, Blow His Mind. After applying her new-found tricks at home, hubz was so pleased he could barely walk…

And that, people, is what Sh! is all about – finding your inner sexual confidence and not being afraid of trying something new. Play, have fun, enjoy ~ as long as it’s safe, sane and consensual, sex & sexual pleasure in all its various forms is gloriously beautiful and so much fun!

Follow the Sh! Girlz for all the latest fun & frolics:

Twitter: @ShWomenstore

Facebook: Sh! Hoxton

The Smut and Magic Extravaganza!

I’ve only just had chance to sit down and write about the fantastic launch which took place last Saturday. Luckily, I’ve had some fabulous guest bloggers to keep you entertained!

So, 27th October brought the Smut and Magic Launch to Sh! Hoxton. And what a night it was! Myself, Victoria Blisse and K D Grace shared the launch, with myself and Victoria launching Smut in the City, and K D launching Lakeland Heatwave Book 2: Riding the Ether. There were readings, there were prizes, there were laughs, and of course, goodies and fizz!

It all started out with a mad dash across London which always happens, no matter how early we set out! We managed to get into the hotel room and back out again in around 20 minutes which is amazing considering I had to get changed and put makeup on. Then we headed up to Hoxton and the Bluu Bar where we all converged, and I lubricated my throat with a couple of vodka and cokes 😉

Jo Takes ChargeThen it was over the road to Sh! where we had a lovely warm welcome from the Sh! Girlz, as always. Jo quickly took charge, handing out balloons (which I’ll explain later) and helping us give out smutty sentences for the giveaways. Fizz and whoopie pies were consumed and soon it was time to begin.

Victoria Reads from Smut in the CityThe lovely Jo introduced the launch and the books in question, and then it was time for the readings to begin! My fellow Northern Bird and partner in crime, Victoria Blisse read some of her story from Smut in the City. It’s set in Manchester and is all about a dull conference and what a couple of attendees do to liven it up. As usual with Victoria’s writing there were funny parts which brought laughs from the audience.

K D Reads from Riding the EtherK D Grace then went all spooky on us by reading a passage from Lakeland Heatwave Book 2: Riding the Ether. It was sexy, saucy, ghostly and demonic, and that’s all I’m saying. I’ve read the book so I, of course, knew what happened but it was still fab to hear it read out by the author in her usual engaging way.

Then, a break. Sh! Lady Renee (who sadly couldn’t be there with us that evening, and was sadly missed) had arranged a Sh! giveaway, whereby we all had a balloon each. Each balloon contained a raffle ticket. Jo drew a ticket and the corresponding ticket popped from a balloon was the winner. And would you believe the winner was…. me! I won a gorgeous Sh! pack with love balls, lubes, massage oils and other luscious goodies – thanks Ladiez!

I honestly don’t remember if we also drew the other raffle at the same time, so I’ll tell  you about it now anyway. Victoria, K D and I all contributed prices to two giveaways, as well as sponsorship from our publishers (thank you Xcite Books and House of Erotica!) which enabled us to also giveaway some Sh! vouchers. We’d all selected sentences from our work, which Victoria kindly printed and brought with her. One sentence was given out, and the other popped into the draw bag. Jo again drew sentences and two lucky winners were presented with their prizes; vouchers, sex toys, books, author swag and much more.

Me Reading from Smut in the CityNext, it was time for my reading from Smut in the City. My tale is set in Rome, which I visited in May. I told the audience this, and the fact that the story was further proof that I’m getting to the stage where I can turn almost anything into a story. I also emphasised that although the story is based in truth (i.e. the setting), I did not, in fact, have sex in the Colosseum. I don’t think anyone (except for the one person that can verify the truth) believed me, but oh well! Anyway, I started to read my tale and although I definitely had not intended certain parts of it to be funny, the filthy minded audience giggled anyway, which of course started me off. Then almost any word or sentence that could be construed in a naughty way, was! I punished my misbehaving listeners by stopping before I got to the sexy part 😉 Ha!

Q & AFinally, K D gave the audience the choice of two readings. The majority voted for the demony part, which I thought was rather fitting, considering how close it was to Halloween. She wrapped it up and then we had a Q&A session. We had quite a few questions from the crowd, which was great. And also lots more laughs! I also signed several copies of Smut in the City and Smut by the Sea (which Sh! also have in stock, as well as Uniform Behaviour, if you’re in the area and want a copy!) which always makes me smile.

Then it was off for dinner and more drinks in Byrons burger bar, just down the road. The fun didn’t end until the wee hours of the morning, and I think everyone was glad that the clocks changed and gave us an extra hour to sleep!

So, to wrap up, I’d like to say a huge thank you to Victoria and K D for being my partners in crime. Many, many, thanks to the girls at Sh! for being such wonderful hosts. And last but not least, thank you to friends, husbands, partners and new friends for attending and supporting us. I appreciate every one of you.

P.S. More thanks to R, especially since I stole some of your photos to add to this blog post 😉

A Display of Our Books

A Pride Reading at Sh! Hoxton

As most of you know, Kay Jaybee and I descended on Sh! Hoxton on Saturday evening to regale the audience with readings from a selection of our gay and lesbian titles. And what a fabulous evening it was! The lovely Jo did her introductory bits and Kay took to the pink seat and told us a naughty tale from Xcite’s Boy Fun anthology which went down a storm. The Basic Rules of Anal Sex was delivered only after we’d been given a copy of said rules to accompany the deliciously dirty story.

Next up was yours truly with my tale from Ravenous Romance anthology I Kissed A Girl. Show Me Yours is a sexy story about two girls and their various sex toys and we had a good giggle as just as I was talking about a buzzing Rampant Rabbit, some crazy vibrating noises came from the upstairs of the store – talk about sound effects!

Then it was over to Kay again who read another yummy m/m story to us from her lush book, The Collector (which you should totally read, it’s HAWT).

My stage time was concluded with a snippet from my f/f erotic romance, Bite with 

Lucy Felthouse & Kay Jaybee

Height. I was worried that the audience had gone deadly silent. I thought perhaps I’d sent them to sleep, but I have it on very good authority that they were merely hanging onto my every word, as the section I’d chosen to read was particularly tense. The tale is too long to read in its entirety, but I hope I whetted enough appetites that people will dash and buy the eBook to find out what else happens!

Ms. Jaybee concluded proceedings with a bonus story from The Collector at the request of one Jacqueline Applebee, who was in attendance. Jo then wrapped everything up and presented Kay and I with a little present from the Sh! Girlz (thanks, ladiez!).

Jacqueline Applebee, Lucy Felthouse, Kay Jaybee, K D GraceSadly, Kay wasn’t able to join us for dinner, but myself, my OH, K D Grace and her lovely hubby and Jacqueline Applebee retired to an eatery just around the corner from Sh! to continue the fun. I enjoy that part of the evening just as much as the readings because it means there’s lots more chat to be had, and since I hadn’t really had chance to speak to Jacqueline Applebee much beforehand, it was great to get to know her a little. We had some writer chat, and quite the discussion on comic book movies and the abundance of totty they’ve been filled with this year.

Overall, a very fun evening! Can’t wait to do it all again! 🙂 I did mention a potential Seducing the Myth reading to Jo… so watch this space!