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My Sexy Saturday #47 – I’m Too Sexy #MySexySaturday

My Sexy Saturday

Welcome back to My Sexy Saturday. This is where writers post either 7 words, 7 sentences or 7 paragraphs from their published work or work in progress, sticking to the week’s theme. This week’s theme is I’m too sexy. I’m sharing a sexy snippet from my upcoming anthology, Multi-Orgasmic, which is due for release on the 18th November. It’s available for pre-order now, and will also be available for free to Kindle Unlimited users. Enjoy!

“W—want me? You want me?” His heart pounded, and his brain raced to keep up with what she was saying. Did she really mean what he thought she meant? Was there a way he could have misunderstood her words? He didn’t think so. “You mean, like, want me in the sex way?” He knew his phrasing was ridiculous, but he couldn’t think of anything better right at that moment. His brain was too fried.

Corporal Grey laughed, her blue eyes sparkling as crinkles appeared in their corners. It was adorable and sexy all at once, and Jesse’s cock surprised him by hardening.

“Yes,” she said. “I mean in the sex way. But I guess you know now why I’ve been behaving the way I have? Can you forgive me? I didn’t mean to make you feel like a useless sack of shit. I’m sorry.”

“Yeah, I can forgive you. But only if you make it up to me.” It seemed his cock had taken over control of his mouth now, because as the words floated into the air, he realised he had no idea what he actually meant.

“Oh yeah?” Moving her hands to her hips, Corporal Grey adopted a saucy stance. “And how am I supposed to do that?”

Jesse cast his gaze about the room rapidly, hoping for inspiration. Thankfully, he spotted something that would serve his purpose perfectly. Standing, he gently pushed past her and retrieved the pace stick that was propped up in the corner. Designed for marking time in parades and similar, when it was open it formed a ‘V’ shape; closed it was just a wooden stick. One he could use to get his own back on Corporal Grey. And he really had to stop thinking of her as Corporal Grey, especially considering what he was about to do. She was Roxanne.

Turning back to her, he stifled a grin when he saw the look on her face. She obviously hadn’t been expecting that. Pointing to a nearby table, he commanded, “Pull your skirt up to your waist and bend over.”

You can pre-order Multi-Orgasmic here.

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Happy Reading,

Lucy x

More Sapphic Sexiness for Your eReader! #lesbian #erotica #ff #sapphic

Hi everyone,

Things are utterly crazy with me just now, so I’m just flying by to let you know about two new lesbian anthologies that have hit the virtual shelves that I’m part of. They released on the exact same day and are already causing quite a stir!

Sapphic SmutSapphic Smut is an anthology I co-edited and also contributed to. It contains my story, Don’t Walk. Here’s the skinny:

Light hearted, sexy Sapphic smut is the theme of this erotic anthology, edited by Lucy Felthouse with assistance from Kev ‘Mitnik’ Blisse.

From coffee shops to exotic Indian adventures to cosy cabins in France, Sapphic Smut has it all. Fun with sugar, naughty spankings, seductions by strangers, seductions by friends, cougars and even a twist on a fairy tale abound in this exciting collection of lesbian stories from erotica’s finest authors.

This delicious girl-on-girl anthology contains stories from Lucy Felthouse, Kay Jaybee, Louisa Bacio, Sallyanne Rogers, Vanessa de Sade, Tabitha Rayne and Elizabeth Coldwell.

Grab your copy herehttps://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/sapphic-smut/

Add to Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23459114-sapphic-smut


CougarsCougars is another collection from Ladylit, which I’m honoured to have been asked to contribute to. It contains my story, Returning Riley. Here’s the skinny:

Mature women are on the prowl in ‘Cougars’, Ladylit’s new collection of lusty lesbian tales in which older ladies seduce younger ones… or the other way around. An ageing rock star has it bad for the singer of the latest hit band in Harper Bliss’s ‘Reunion Tour’. In Cheyenne Blue’s ‘Gorgon and Goat’ cheese plays its part in bringing two women together, while in Laila Blake’s ‘The Girl Next Door’ it’s a blackout in an apartment building that does the trick. Erzabet Bishop and Lucy Felthouse bring their usual light-heartedness to their stories of, respectively, an airplane passenger in first class who has an older flight attendant all to herself, and a girl walking her dog who needs to return a stray pup she encounters on her path. ‘Cougars’ contains five mature tales of lesbian desire, in which gray strands of hair are a turn-on, and age and experience are celebrated, not ignored.

Caution: This title contains graphic language and mature f/f sex and is suitable for adults only.

Grab your copy herehttps://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/cougars/ – this book is available for FREE to Kindle Unlimited members.

Add to Goodreadshttps://www.goodreads.com/book/show/23482988-cougars

Happy Reading!

Lucy x

Padre Kino and “The Pulse of the Earth” by Evey Brett

tourbutton_fiftyshadesofgreenLiving in southern Arizona and having done some research into its history, it was natural to set “The Pulse of the Earth” back in the days when missions and missionaries first came to the area, which back then was called Pimeria Alta, or “upper land of the Pimas.” One of the most influential missionaries was the intrepid Jesuit, Father Eusebio Kino, an astronomer and cartographer who started his career in 1687 and traveled over 50,000 miles on horseback, founded twenty-four missions, interacted with sixteen indigenous tribes and proved that Baja, California was not an island by conducting an overland expedition. He brought twenty cattle with him to establish the first of nineteen Rancherias (villages), and the herd eventually grew to over 70,000, essentially making him the first rancher in the area.

Padre Kino also introduced European fruits, grains, and seeds to aid in agricultural endeavors and worked to abolish the slavery forced upon the indigenous people. In my story, Brother Jacinto is a victim of the brutality that festered under Spanish rule. Wounded and blinded, he nonetheless has made a life for himself as a healer priest in a mission using the plant cures he learned as a boy. When the injured trader Andreas ends up in his care, Jacinto is initially distrustful, but Andreas’s kindness eventually wins him over. It’s in Jacinto’s treasured garden where they both find the healing they need.

Many indigenous people weren’t so lucky; disease and slavery ended up killing over two-thirds of the native population. The introduction of livestock damaged the land and forever changed their way of life. Kino’s legacy remains, most notably in the form of the missions, several of which still exist and are active. His remains are located in a crypt in Magdalena de Kino in Sonora, Mexico.


—Evey Brett


Excerpt from Fifty Shades of Green “The Pulse of the Earth”

Of course the meeting had to be here, the one place where Brother Jacinto felt most at ease. From his garden came nothing but love and healing, and Andreas was determined to keep it so.

They sat together on the blanket, the heat of their bodies warding away the chill. Brother Jacinto dipped his fingers in one of the oils and slowly rubbed it into Andreas’s skin. The sharp green scent relaxed him. It must have calmed Brother Jacinto as well, because he began to speak.

“I was apprenticed to be a curandero. A healer. My teacher was known for many miles, and dozens of people came to him for help. When the soldiers came looking for food, we gave it to them. They demanded more than we had, and grew angry when we could not produce it. So instead they forced us to build their forts and roads with almost nothing to eat. When we grew weak they called us lazy and beat us or . . . worse. When I called them ugly, they slashed my eyes. If Padre Eduardo hadn’t arrived when he did and freed us, I would be dead. I was the one who told him which herbs to use and how.”

The tale roused both sympathy for Brother Jacinto and ire against his captors. Andreas struggled against the instinct to take him in his arms and never let him out of his sight lest something terrible happen again. But when he tried to do just that, Brother Jacinto shook his head.

“I didn’t ask you here to be my protector.”

The rebuke, light as it was, still stung. For a long time, Andreas wasn’t sure what his role in this was. “I’m no fighter. I’m just a simple trader.”

“Not so simple. Driven to a solitary, wandering life because you never fit anywhere, but I don’t think you want to be alone any longer, do you?”

The priest knew more than Andreas had ever admitted to himself. Andreas held his breath as Brother Jacinto removed his linen shirt and drawers, leaving him wonderfully, gloriously nude. Lamplight flickered across his body, highlighting both scars and unbroken skin.

“One thing you must understand. I will never, ever belong to a man again. I will let no one but the Creator use me.”

And that was why he’d dedicated his life to the Creator and his garden. It was his choice, and neither would hurt him. In giving himself to Andreas, he trusted that Andreas would respect him and take nothing that wasn’t offered. “I understand.”

“Good.” Brother Jacinto smiled and drew him in for a kiss. Lust jolted through Andreas’s body. As quickly as he could he shed his smallclothes so that he was as naked as Brother Jacinto. He felt no shame, since the priest already knew his body so intimately.

Brother Jacinto urged him down onto his back. His hand flopped onto the dirt. This time, when he touched the ground, he felt the earth throbbing beneath his palm. At his swift intake of breath, Brother Jacinto laughed. “It’s amazing, isn’t it?”

Amazing wasn’t enough to cover everything Andreas felt. Life and energy poured through him and he was suddenly desperate to share everything with Brother Jacinto.


Fifty Shades of GreenBlurb and buy links

Fifty Shades of Green is a garden of naughty delights!
Within our pages you’ll discover:
– Virile gods and their mortal conquests.
– A community garden’s secret (and very dirty) fertility ritual.
– An Edwardian dominatrix living out her sadistic garden fantasies.
– Student/teacher lessons in horticultural hotness.
– Young lovers seeking the help of green witches.
– A beautiful, blind priest who helps an injured traveler.
. . . and so much more.

Peek inside the garden gate.

(You know you want to.)

A dozen racy tales await.

Fifty Shades of Green is a collection of twelve delicious and erotic short stories with gardening themes. What you’ll find in these pages is hotter than the hottest pepper on the Scoville index of heat! And smart, not smutty. Well . . . maybe a little smutty.


To Buy Fifty Shades of Green (it’s on sale, just for you):

Amazon.com UK

Amazon.com US


Author Bio

Evey Brett has numerous sci-fi/fantasy and paranormal romance e-books published with Loose Id, Ellora’s Cave and Carina Press. She also has fantasy and erotica stories forthcoming with Lethe and Cleis Press.

Evey Brett’s website


FREE Sample Stories!

To sample two free stories from Fifty Shades of Green visit our Garden Shorts website.

If you sign up for our newsletter you will be sent “Seed” (our sexy story about a community garden’s secret fertility ritual).

To read “Phallus Impudicus,” (a tale about the horny god Pan’s visit with a lonely gardener) just click on the Fifty Shades SAMPLE! tab

It’s My Birthday! – News and Celebrations

Hi everyone,

Since it’s my birthday (hip hip hooray!), I thought it would be a good excuse to swing by and give you some updates. There have been so many that I haven’t been able to squeeze them in amongst all my awesome guest bloggers and other posts – I like to only post one thing a day on here, if possible. Social media, of course, is fair game. As you probably already know, I waffle on rather a lot over there 😉

Firstly, today is the release of the WTRAFSOG box set number four, of which I’m excited to be a part. It’s a bundle of previously-released stories, including mine, Weekend at Wilderhope Manor. There’s a Facebook party taking place all day, and it’d be fantastic if you could swing by and say hello. It’s here.

Next up… just in case you missed it amongst all the insanity, these new books hit the shelves:

Smut by the Sea Volume 3 – co-edited by myself and Victoria Blisse, and containing my story, Hermit.

The Big Book of Submission – contains my story, Without Question.

Can’t Get Enough – contains my story, When He Gets Home.

Summer Loving – this one deserves a special mention. Not because the others are rubbish or anything, far from it, (trust me, click the links, check out the pages and read the reviews!) but because every single sale of this book is going to help Sommer Marsden and her family. Her husband, “the man” as he is affectionately known, has pancreatic cancer, and as such the family’s finances have been drastically reduced – as if the situation wasn’t stressful enough. So a bunch of fantastic writers have donated stories, with Alison Tyler compiling and editing them, and Selena Kitt’s eXcessica publishing them. And every penny goes to help Sommer and her family. That’s why I love the erotica and erotic romance community so much. Well, one of the many reasons, anyway! So please, if you can only buy one book, make it this one. My story is called Heat Upon Heat.

Also, the popular Alpha’s Claim: Manlove Edition anthology from Evernight Publishing is now available in paperback format. Links here.

As if all that wasn’t exciting enough… I have two upcoming releases which I’d like to share (well, I have more than two, but these are the ones I can dish the dirt on!).

In just FOUR DAYS (told you I was excited) my second novel, Pack of Lies, will be released. It’s a paranormal erotic romance with both M/F and M/M pairings. I absolutely adored writing this book and hope that my readers enjoy it. There will be more information on Wednesday, of course,  but for now, here’s the blurb (and don’t you just love that cover?!):

Werewolf brothers Matthew and Isaac have lived in the peaceful village of Eyam all their lives. The villagers know what happens every full moon, and are happy to keep their secret. But their privacy comes at a cost—neither brother has taken a lover in almost four hundred years.

Then at the full moon, a sheep is slaughtered on Eyam Moor, by what could only be an animal. A large, vicious animal. Even the brothers’ staunchest supporters begin to have their doubts. Meanwhile Isaac is smitten by a handsome newcomer to the village, while a vivacious visitor is happy to offer Matthew her all.

As they indulge their lust, they must clear their names and convince their neighbours that they aren’t also letting their baser instincts out to play.

Inside Scoop: This book contains sizzling scenes of both M/M and M/F sex.

I’d love it if you could add it to your Goodreads shelves here.

And last but certainly not least, here’s some information on another bundle I’m taking part in. Unconditional Surrender is a M/M military erotic romance collection containing sixteen brand new novellas, including mine, Desert Heat, which is about a British Army soldier and his Afghani interpreter. Yum 😀 It’s due onto digital shelves in October. Here’s the blurb:

Strong. Sexy. Sizzling.

There’s nothing like a man in uniform, and sixteen of today’s hottest gay romance authors are celebrating military heroes and the men brave enough to love them.

These brand-new novellas feature all branches of the service and offer something for every reader. Almost 300,000 never before published words!

Contains stories from Cat Grant, Cassandra Carr, Annabeth Albert, Brien Michaels, L.A. Witt, E.M. Lynley, Lia Davis, Sasha Devlin, Sam Schooler, Lucy Felthouse, Rhi Etzweiler, Kerry Adrienne, Amelia Gormley, Keira Andrews, VJ Summers and Brit Blaise.

Add it to your Goodreads shelves here.

Think that lot will keep you going for a while? Hope so – I’m off to collapse in a corner with a cold drink 😉

Happy Reading,

Lucy x

Mid Week Tease: “I do it without question” #MWTease

MidWeekTease2Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease. This week I’m sharing a tease from The Big Book of Submission, an anthology that was just released by Cleis Press. It contains my story, Without Question.

I do it without question. Every single thing she asks of me. I relinquish all power, all responsibility. It is wonderfully freeing. It is sublimely beautiful. Just like her.

“Kneel,” she barked. I did it. I dropped to my knees before her perfect form. Part of me wanted to look up, to drink in the sight of her standing there, hands on her hips, her body encased in shiny black leather. I knew I wouldn’t lift my gaze, though. I couldn’t. I have the utmost respect for my Mistress and never want to do anything to displease her. Especially since my Mistress is also my wife.

Ever since I got back from Afghanistan and met her in a restaurant, she’s been testing me. Then, it was teasing my cock under the table while she was wearing sharp stilettos, bringing me to the very edge of climax, right there in the restaurant. Now, she occasionally takes over the role of my ex-commanding officer and treats me like some kind of new recruit.

“Now drop and give me twenty. No, scratch that. Make it forty.”

It was clichéd, totally unoriginal, but it got me harder than I’d ever been in my life. After so long taking orders without question, it was impossible to change that aspect of my personality, which is why I’m so grateful that Cassie came into my life—permanently—when she did. She took over the role of the Army, directing me here, there and everywhere, helping me to move forward, to adjust to civilian life. Together, we took baby steps, and when I felt able to cope, she scaled back her bossiness and reserved it strictly for the bedroom. Or, you know, anywhere else we had sex. Which was everywhere.

You can get your copy of The Big Book of Submission here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/the-big-book-of-submission/

And add it to your Goodreads shelves here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18668197-the-big-book-of-submission

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Mid Week Tease: “He Was About to Get Laid” #MWTease

MidWeekTease2Hi everyone,

Welcome back to Mid Week Tease. This week I’m sharing a tease from Can’t Get Enough, an anthology that released yesterday from Cleis Press. It contains my story, When He Gets Home.

Owen’s body jerked as he responded to the shock of the back support disappearing from behind him. Nina’s expression still looked strange—yet eerily beautiful—and when she rested a palm on his chest and shoved him, he landed on the now-flat backrest with a thump which knocked the air out of his lungs. “W—what are you—” His hastily spoken words were cut off when Nina straddled his lap and silenced him by leaning down and pressing her lips to his.

Nina couldn’t help but find Owen’s reaction amusing. He looked as though he thought she was going to kill him, or something. Despite that, she felt his cock hardening beneath her and was glad her husband’s body was ready, even if his brain couldn’t quite catch up. She knelt up enough so she could slide her hand between their bodies and cup his crotch, squeezing and stroking his rapidly growing erection.

Owen’s eyes widened as his wife played with his hard on through his suit trousers, then abruptly tugged down his fly, slipped her hand through the gap and manoeuvred his cock out through it. Part of him wanted to say something about the fact the edges of the zip might scratch his shaft, possibly even draw blood, but the rest of him told him to shut up complaining—he was about to get laid. In the car, no less!

You can get your copy of Can’t Get Enough here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/cant-get-enough/

And add it to your Goodreads shelves here: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/18668160-can-t-get-enough

Don’t forget to check out all the other blogs taking part!


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Sexy Just Walked Into Town Now in Print!

Hi everyone,

I’m just stopping by with some fabulous news – the Brit Babes anthology, Sexy Just Walked Into Town, is now available in print!

The eBook version is free, and will continue to be free, but if you prefer to hold a physical book in your hands while you’re reading sexy stories, then we can help out there, too! If you’re going to be at Smut by the Sea in June, we’ll have copies available there. If you can’t make it, you can bag a copy at the link below.

Here’s a reminder of what it’s all about:

Sexy Just Walked Into TownSexy Just Walked Into Town is a collection of delicious erotic and romantic stories from the Brit Babes. These eight British authors have put together a book of tales to tease and tantalise you, each one a sample of the individual Babes’ voices and styles. You’ll find contemporary, BDSM, same-sex loving, ménage a trois, paranormal, sporty, military, Rubenesque and more. There’s something to suit everyone here including a few Brit Babe collaborations.

Ranging from sweetly vanilla to so-hot-it-will-blow-your-mind, the Brit Babes aim to please in every literary fantasy department. Their heroes are strong, determined and soul-achingly divine and their heroines sassy, sexy and not afraid to grab what they want. Passion and pleasure is the name of the game, romance and raunch a top priority and it all comes with a delightful sprinkle of kink.

With a whole host of awards, best-sellers and accolades between them, the Babes just know you’ll find something in this anthology that will keep you turning the pages and squirming on your seat. Then, if you like what you read here, check out the individual authors’ websites to investigate their collection of published works. Also visit the Brit Babes’ home on the web which acts as a library for the hundreds of books published by them. Tell your friends, spread the word, because one thing you can be sure of, is when the Brit Babes arrive, sexy has just walked into town!

Grab your copy here: https://lucyfelthouse.co.uk/published-works/sexy-just-walked-into-town/

Add it to your Goodreads shelves: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/20784067-sexy-just-walked-into-town

Also, while I’ve got you, don’t forget that Letters to a War Zone is on blog tour this week. Check out the posts here, and remember to enter the giveaway!

Happy Reading!

Lucy x